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Top 100 Most Subscribed Music Youtube channels in Philippines

March 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the Philippines. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Philippines Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Ex Battalion Music @ExBattalionMusic

Ex Battalion Music

Music 66.37% 2.5M 1.9M 70.2K 2.9K Preview
2 All About JaMill @All About JaMill

All About JaMill

Music 55.23% 805K 563.1K 31.3K 2.6K Preview
3 Kristel Fulgar @Kristel Fulgar

Kristel Fulgar

Music 60.77% 974.1K 507.1K 33.8K 1.6K Preview
4 Chloe Redondo @Chloe Redondo

Chloe Redondo

Music 67.3% 366.1K 836.6K 25.9K 1.1K Preview
5 Matthaios @Matthaios


Music 69.7% 723.1K 591.6K 16.5K 995.5 Preview
6 imlisarhee @imlisarhee


Music 15.23% 2.1M 793.3K 45.7K 1.2K Preview
7 kiyo @yukirubio33


Music 76.2% 369.1K 622.7K 13.5K 1.1K Preview
8 Daryl Ong Official @DarylOngOfficial

Daryl Ong Official

Music 58.83% 893.1K 262.7K 13.7K 1.7K Preview


Music 100% 11.6K 533.4K 7.6K 764 Preview
10 Geo Ong @Geo Ong

Geo Ong

Music 74.24% 510.1K 292.2K 12.1K 1.2K Preview
11 Bugoy Drilon @Bugoy Drilon

Bugoy Drilon

Music 62.55% 258.1K 412.8K 14.9K 522 Preview
12 Brusko Bros. @Brusko Bros.

Brusko Bros.

Music 53.24% 1.8M 256.8K 7.3K 1K Preview
13 ASTRO 아스트로 @ASTRO 아스트로

ASTRO 아스트로

Music 14.26% 2.1M 108.6K 27.2K 2.3K Preview
14 Music Travel Love @Music Travel Love

Music Travel Love

Music 23.56% 1.5M 294.7K 12.5K 981 Preview
15 Reneé Dominique @heyimreneeee

Reneé Dominique

Music 36.91% 1.1M 196.4K 18.3K 634 Preview
16 Elaine Duran PH @Elaine Duran PH

Elaine Duran PH

Music 69.31% 137.5K 112.7K 9.3K 1.1K Preview
17 Bugoy na Koykoy @bugoynakoykoymusic

Bugoy na Koykoy

Music 70.8% 424.1K 195.9K 7.8K 629 Preview
18 Makagago Wazzup Man @MakagagoOfficialMusi

Makagago Wazzup Man

Music 72.81% 1.2M 104.2K 5.9K 1.3K Preview
19 I Belong to the Zoo @I Belong to the Zoo

I Belong to the Zoo

Music 83.91% 485.5K 172.2K 6.3K 451 Preview
20 Agsunta @Agsunta


Music 76.34% 881.1K 163.2K 4.5K 519 Preview
21 Fatima Louise Lagueras @Fatima Louise Lagueras

Fatima Louise Lagueras

Music 69.29% 128.1K 91.4K 6.2K 622 Preview
22 Mikekosa BatangTondoTv @Mikekosa BatangTondoTv

Mikekosa BatangTondoTv

Music 73.08% 26K 140.7K 4.6K 475 Preview
23 Moira Dela Torre @moirarachelle

Moira Dela Torre

Music 60.79% 540K 106.7K 10.1K 331 Preview
24 ChocolateFactoryTV @ChocolateFactoryTV


Music 70.79% 313.1K 222.4K 5K 261 Preview
25 Ralph Jay Triumfo @ralphjay14

Ralph Jay Triumfo

Music 62.99% 570.1K 110.8K 5K 483 Preview
26 Yellow Room Music Philippines @TheYellowRoomPH

Yellow Room Music Philippines

Music 77.29% 129.5K 155.6K 4K 260 Preview


Music 78.57% 36.6K 138.4K 3.1K 254.5 Preview


Music 75.68% 30.6K 58.8K 4.3K 413 Preview
29 Aiana Juarez @Aiana Juarez

Aiana Juarez

Music 54.99% 645.5K 55.4K 6.4K 399 Preview
30 JohnRoa TV @JohnRoa TV

JohnRoa TV

Music 73.33% 371.1K 60.2K 4.5K 330 Preview
31 Roxanne Nebres @Roxanne Nebres

Roxanne Nebres

Music 69.57% 4.2K 238.3K 2.5K 142 Preview
32 Dasu @Akaruchii


Music 23.71% 62.5K 49.7K 6.3K 656 Preview


Music 91.29% 269.1K 45.1K 2.6K 444 Preview
34 Raphiel Shannon @Raphiel Shannon

Raphiel Shannon

Music 62.76% 669K 60.6K 2.5K 455 Preview
35 •ItzMarcus Playz• @•ItzMarcus Playz•

•ItzMarcus Playz•

Music 34.04% 17.4K 56.2K 4.7K 369.5 Preview


Music 70.45% 39.9K 52.3K 1.9K 446 Preview
37 Leeplay Orchestral @Leeplay Orchestral

Leeplay Orchestral

Music 14.29% 18.5K 66.1K 8.8K 359 Preview
38 KZ Tandingan Official @KZ Tandingan Official

KZ Tandingan Official

Music 65.61% 145.5K 37.3K 3.1K 350 Preview
39 Ysabelle @ychay21


Music 40.77% 1.7M 46.2K 4.2K 305 Preview
40 Rjay Ty @Rjay Ty

Rjay Ty

Music 100% 3.9K 81K 2K 148 Preview
41 Alisson Shore @Alisson Shore

Alisson Shore

Music 79.74% 88.5K 53.1K 2.6K 215 Preview
42 Js Enriquez @Js Enriquez

Js Enriquez

Music 100% 53.4K 66K 1.9K 186 Preview
43 autotelicmusic @autotelicmusic


Music 77.71% 63.1K 46.7K 2.7K 208 Preview
44 Neil Llanes @Neil Llanes

Neil Llanes

Music 30.98% 425K 54K 3.8K 283.5 Preview
45 Julie Anne San Jose @aybutchikik

Julie Anne San Jose

Music 47.04% 195.5K 21.3K 3.6K 375 Preview
46 geiko @geiko


Music 31.59% 155.5K 24.4K 3.9K 423.5 Preview
47 Ghetto Gecko @Ghetto Gecko

Ghetto Gecko

Music 100% 9.8K 66K 1.8K 108 Preview
48 PHP Music @PHP Music

PHP Music

Music 86.96% 3.9K 13.4K 1.3K 810 Preview
49 TNT Boys @TNT Boys

TNT Boys

Music 50% 48.2K 40.1K 2.2K 262 Preview
50 O/C Records @O/C Records

O/C Records

Music 78.75% 106.1K 30.1K 2.1K 226 Preview
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