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Top 100 Most Subscribed Music Youtube channels in Pakistan

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the Pakistan. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Pakistan Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Sajjad Ali @SajjadAliOfficial

Sajjad Ali

Music 59.35% 416.1K 1.1M 37.3K 2.6K Preview
2 They-See Battle League @They-See Battle League

They-See Battle League

Music 62.88% 54.9K 532.8K 37.9K 3.7K Preview


Music 43.37% 344.2K 325.5K 34.4K 4.2K Preview
4 Faris Shafi @farisofficial

Faris Shafi

Music 59.64% 59.8K 230.1K 16.9K 2.3K Preview
5 Coffee Series @Coffee Series

Coffee Series

Music 33.33% 464K 795.4K 17.6K 472 Preview
6 Hafiz Tahir Qadri @Hafiz Tahir Qadri

Hafiz Tahir Qadri

Music 48.89% 1.8M 198.6K 15.5K 1.6K Preview
7 Bilal Khan @bilalsmusic

Bilal Khan

Music 64.62% 435.1K 203.8K 11.2K 915 Preview
8 GP Studio Music @GP Studio Music

GP Studio Music

Music 74.74% 1.1M 423.8K 6.8K 324 Preview
9 Vandana Nirankari @Vandyyo

Vandana Nirankari

Music 59.87% 106.5K 1.1M 2.9K 314 Preview
10 Ghani tiger the Rapstar @Ghani tiger the Rapstar

Ghani tiger the Rapstar

Music 61.76% 85.5K 84.3K 11.2K 1.1K Preview
11 Azhar khan Official @Azhar khan Official

Azhar khan Official

Music 71.14% 0 216.1K 7K 562 Preview
12 Beyond Records @BeyondRecordLabel

Beyond Records

Music 68.99% 901.1K 422K 6.6K 253 Preview
13 Shamoon Ismail @ShamoonTV

Shamoon Ismail

Music 62.61% 57.5K 219.2K 7.4K 477.5 Preview
14 Zubair Nawaz Official @Zubair Nawaz Official

Zubair Nawaz Official

Music 81.98% 0 190.1K 5.4K 461 Preview
15 Leo Productions by Dolly @Leo Productions by Dolly

Leo Productions by Dolly

Music 54.29% 282K 296.8K 6.6K 282 Preview
16 Sami Yusuf @ETMinternational

Sami Yusuf

Music 10.68% 1.6M 206.2K 11.7K 965 Preview
17 Naeem Dilpul @Naeem Dilpul

Naeem Dilpul

Music 70.67% 6.6K 90.6K 2.7K 430 Preview
18 Sahir Ali Bagga @sahir370

Sahir Ali Bagga

Music 47.47% 1.3M 112.1K 3.9K 320 Preview
19 Ali Hamza Official @Ali Hamza Official

Ali Hamza Official

Music 71.86% 101K 96.1K 2.9K 336 Preview


Music 65.48% 3.1K 49.3K 3.1K 615 Preview
21 ThisisJJ47 @thisisjj47


Music 80.53% 5.4K 42.3K 3.6K 356 Preview
22 Afshan Zaibe Music @Afshan Zaibe Music

Afshan Zaibe Music

Music 77.78% 274.5K 112K 2.4K 146 Preview


Music 73.23% 15.7K 40.2K 2.9K 316 Preview
24 Abdullah Qureshi @QureshiAbdullah

Abdullah Qureshi

Music 64.95% 49.8K 46.4K 3.2K 271 Preview
25 Islamic Releases @Islamic Releases

Islamic Releases

Music 47.86% 820.1K 58.1K 2.5K 277 Preview
26 Abida Parveen @Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen

Music 53.33% 199K 104.3K 2.2K 146 Preview
27 mosiani Edits @mosiani Edits

mosiani Edits

Music 75% 1.4K 70.5K 1.8K 136 Preview
28 Tehmina Tariq official @Tehmina Tariq official

Tehmina Tariq official

Music 44.44% 32.5K 52.3K 1.5K 281 Preview
29 KTown Killaz @KTown Killaz

KTown Killaz

Music 72.25% 6.9K 24.4K 1.9K 239 Preview
30 Areeqa Parweesha Sisters @Areeqa Parweesha Sisters

Areeqa Parweesha Sisters

Music 43.86% 24.7K 65.5K 1.1K 181 Preview


Music 62.7% 6.4K 15.6K 1.4K 376 Preview
32 Rao Brothers @raoasadaliasad

Rao Brothers

Music 51.84% 130.6K 25.4K 1.6K 258 Preview
33 Zahoor Ahmad Lohar Official @Zahoor Ahmad Lohar Official

Zahoor Ahmad Lohar Official

Music 88.89% 185K 52.1K 1K 103.5 Preview
34 Karan Khan @Karan Khan

Karan Khan

Music 81.43% 0 26.3K 1K 208.5 Preview
35 Sunny Khan Durrani @sunnykhandurrani

Sunny Khan Durrani

Music 70.43% 30.5K 13.2K 1.9K 266.5 Preview
36 Jennifer Grout @littlefig20

Jennifer Grout

Music 19.79% 49.9K 28K 2.4K 335.5 Preview
37 Best Urdu Poetry Collection @Best Urdu Poetry Collection

Best Urdu Poetry Collection

Music 69.31% 714K 21.4K 1.1K 270 Preview
38 Hafiz Abdul Qadir Official @Hafiz Abdul Qadir Official

Hafiz Abdul Qadir Official

Music 56.69% 262.4K 36.7K 1.8K 202 Preview
39 Hassan Sadiq @Hassan Sadiq

Hassan Sadiq

Music 76.38% 91.8K 32.8K 1.4K 112 Preview
40 Qurban Jafri Official @Qurban Jafri Official

Qurban Jafri Official

Music 81.13% 33.8K 39.8K 1.1K 107.5 Preview
41 Sami King @Sami King

Sami King

Music 79.46% 19.6K 11.9K 1.7K 203 Preview
42 The Dream Journey @The Dream Journey

The Dream Journey

Music 36.13% 66.4K 53.2K 1.4K 123 Preview
43 Zain Zohaib @Zain Zohaib

Zain Zohaib

Music 73.72% 22.5K 13.9K 1K 250 Preview


Music 79.09% 2.7K 11.8K 1.1K 251 Preview
45 All About Rap! @All About Rap!

All About Rap!

Music 38.74% 112.2K 25.6K 1.4K 180 Preview
46 Sid Rajput @Sid Rajput

Sid Rajput

Music 37.5% 6.8K 10.8K 1.6K 367 Preview
47 Akcent @TvAkcent


Music 16.36% 493.5K 27K 1.8K 251 Preview
48 USMAN BRBOfficial @USMAN BRBOfficial


Music 68.22% 8.7K 9.2K 1.2K 232 Preview
49 CityoftheSunVEVO @CityoftheSunVEVO


Music 100% 557 22.7K 1K 69 Preview
50 Roohani Media @Roohani Media

Roohani Media

Music 51.96% 314K 26.8K 1.2K 147.5 Preview
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