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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Spain

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Spain. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Spain Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 AuronPlay @AuronPlay


Movies and TV 20.15% 20.9M 7.3M 1M 39.6K Preview
2 Didac Ribot @Didac Ribot

Didac Ribot

Movies and TV 24.41% 2.1M 1.5M 88K 3K Preview
3 MostopapiTV @VIcenteNdongo


Movies and TV 30.77% 364.1K 1.3M 89K 2.4K Preview
4 Wismi2 @wismitwo


Movies and TV 32% 1.9M 456.3K 68.3K 2.1K Preview
5 Esttik @esttikSP


Movies and TV 33% 2.8M 693.3K 66.2K 1.2K Preview
6 La Resistencia en Movistar+ @La Resistencia en Movistar+

La Resistencia en Movistar+

Movies and TV 81.5% 1.8M 847.5K 14.3K 898 Preview
7 Fortfast WTF @FortfastWTF

Fortfast WTF

Movies and TV 78.77% 1.2M 383.5K 23.3K 1.1K Preview
8 Pantomima Full @Pantomima Full

Pantomima Full

Movies and TV 81.23% 226.1K 501.9K 16.2K 1.1K Preview
9 Pol Gise @Pol Gise

Pol Gise

Movies and TV 38.39% 812.1K 315K 33.3K 933 Preview
10 TiparracoSA @TiparracoSA


Movies and TV 58.43% 2M 246.4K 15.9K 1.3K Preview


Movies and TV 27.21% 1.4M 413.1K 26.4K 772 Preview
12 s y k o @s y k o

s y k o

Movies and TV 19.36% 118.5K 155.9K 16.6K 2.3K Preview
13 JDalmau @JDalmau


Movies and TV 48.19% 668.5K 251.4K 16.2K 551 Preview
14 Sowick @sowick


Movies and TV 32.95% 345.1K 154.9K 11.3K 1.6K Preview
15 Jorge Cremades @jorgescremades

Jorge Cremades

Movies and TV 43.43% 1.1M 180.1K 14.1K 513 Preview
16 WildHater @WildHater


Movies and TV 67.17% 657.5K 142.3K 9K 499 Preview
17 Yisus Oficial @YisusOficial

Yisus Oficial

Movies and TV 39.62% 581.5K 288.7K 8.9K 344 Preview
18 Y O L O ツ @Y O L O ツ

Y O L O ツ

Movies and TV 59.46% 59K 236.9K 7K 329 Preview
19 Agujeros de Guion @Agujeros de Guion

Agujeros de Guion

Movies and TV 28.48% 259.1K 120.4K 10.4K 637.5 Preview
20 Canal Random @elcanalrandom

Canal Random

Movies and TV 21.34% 728.1K 122.8K 10.5K 645 Preview
21 La yubitera @lolazeuscalitos

La yubitera

Movies and TV 58.14% 440.1K 148.5K 4.7K 386 Preview
22 NinchiBoy @NinchiBoy3


Movies and TV 49.38% 1.7M 78K 6.7K 376 Preview
23 Coca-Cola Journey España @CocaColaJourneyES

Coca-Cola Journey España

Movies and TV 85.29% 32.4K 1.6M 474 150 Preview
24 Corbacho @Corbacho


Movies and TV 58.93% 357.1K 74.6K 7.1K 263 Preview
25 Laura Rodero @Laura Rodero

Laura Rodero

Movies and TV 88.24% 21.6K 95.5K 4.4K 221.5 Preview
26 Venga Monjas @vengamonjas

Venga Monjas

Movies and TV 77.42% 101.5K 84K 3.4K 340 Preview
27 iLuTV @iLuTV


Movies and TV 26.89% 558.1K 56.6K 7.7K 580.5 Preview
28 Strip Marvel @Strip Marvel

Strip Marvel

Movies and TV 32.49% 673.5K 82.5K 6.2K 403 Preview
29 Mireda Producciones @miredaproducciones

Mireda Producciones

Movies and TV 21.49% 56.8K 78.9K 7.2K 498 Preview
30 soyrafaAnimacion @soyrafaAnimacion


Movies and TV 23.06% 280.5K 63.2K 6.8K 535.5 Preview
31 Escardi Fandubs @EscardiFandubs

Escardi Fandubs

Movies and TV 15.57% 1.8M 94.1K 8K 346 Preview
32 Sarita Queen @Sarita Queen

Sarita Queen

Movies and TV 29.55% 68.4K 87.8K 4.5K 295.5 Preview
33 Estudio Katastrófico @EstudioKatastrofico

Estudio Katastrófico

Movies and TV 22.79% 695.5K 64.5K 10K 226.5 Preview
34 orslok X @orslok X

orslok X

Movies and TV 49.52% 26.2K 58.1K 4.5K 252.5 Preview
35 WILBUR victor @WILBUR victor

WILBUR victor

Movies and TV 88.75% 19.5K 49.5K 2.8K 211 Preview
36 La botella de Kandor @La botella de Kandor

La botella de Kandor

Movies and TV 26.84% 384.1K 52.7K 4.9K 343 Preview
37 Shin chan @Shin chan

Shin chan

Movies and TV 35.63% 113.5K 146.8K 2K 205 Preview
38 Badoo en español @Badoo en español

Badoo en español

Movies and TV 86.11% 11.1K 109K 1.6K 131 Preview
39 Dani Parker @comoelninguno

Dani Parker

Movies and TV 21.38% 331.1K 30.3K 5.9K 512 Preview
40 Late Motiv en Movistar+ @Late Motiv en Movistar+

Late Motiv en Movistar+

Movies and TV 76.9% 683.1K 116.8K 2K 101.5 Preview
41 PUNYASO @SuperKonk6


Movies and TV 20.38% 224.1K 37.9K 5.5K 396 Preview
42 Carolina Iglesias - Percebesygrelos @Percebesygrelos

Carolina Iglesias - Percebesygrelos

Movies and TV 81.99% 75.2K 30.7K 1.8K 220 Preview
43 DesNite @DesNite


Movies and TV 66.56% 17.7K 56.9K 2K 108.5 Preview


Movies and TV 100% 7.9K 59.8K 1.5K 87.5 Preview
45 SensaCine @MiSensaCine


Movies and TV 41.29% 170.5K 35.8K 2.1K 220 Preview
46 Abona Bosques @Abona Bosques

Abona Bosques

Movies and TV 91.67% 3.7K 35.7K 1.4K 120 Preview
47 sugar fazbear @sugar fazbear

sugar fazbear

Movies and TV 24.24% 1.4K 39.2K 4.2K 113 Preview
48 Hakutsunee @Hakutsunee


Movies and TV 20.69% 1.6K 31.1K 4.8K 141.5 Preview
49 xurxocarreno @xurxocarreno


Movies and TV 32.52% 368.1K 46.1K 3.2K 90 Preview
50 Between My Clothes @Between My Clothes

Between My Clothes

Movies and TV 75.76% 38K 51.9K 1.7K 65 Preview
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