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Top 100 Movies and TV Youtube channels in Philippines

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Philippines. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Philippines Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments


Movies and TV 50% 4.5M 2.7M 37K 3.7K Preview
2 Cong TV @lincolnvelasquez

Cong TV

Movies and TV 78.65% 3M 756K 37.9K 4.4K Preview
3 Tukomi @Tukomi


Movies and TV 68.4% 2.8M 638.1K 21.4K 4.8K Preview
4 BNT Production @BNT Production

BNT Production

Movies and TV 62.31% 1.1M 149.7K 6K 1.1K Preview
5 Filipino Fairy Tales @Filipino Fairy Tales

Filipino Fairy Tales

Movies and TV 51.82% 1.8M 697K 5.3K 199 Preview
6 sweetest love @sweetest love

sweetest love

Movies and TV 18.6% 44.3K 557.2K 9K 360 Preview
7 Mc Jeremy Barrera @Mc Jeremy Barrera

Mc Jeremy Barrera

Movies and TV 53.27% 754K 144K 4.6K 947 Preview
8 Baninay Bautista @Baninay Bautista

Baninay Bautista

Movies and TV 66.15% 1.5M 131.2K 4.8K 777.5 Preview
9 Jik Arceo @Jik Arceo

Jik Arceo

Movies and TV 75.59% 677.4K 55.4K 8.1K 778 Preview
10 Kramer Ford @Kramer Ford

Kramer Ford

Movies and TV 63.56% 247.2K 88.2K 3.8K 716.5 Preview
11 Ry Velasco @macororowanders

Ry Velasco

Movies and TV 79.44% 512.2K 117.8K 4.5K 364 Preview
12 Mang Jun & Kasatsat Family @Mang Jun & Kasatsat Family

Mang Jun & Kasatsat Family

Movies and TV 54.87% 289K 55.7K 4.4K 1.1K Preview
13 Madam Kilay @Madam Kilay

Madam Kilay

Movies and TV 51.68% 638K 62.9K 3.3K 1.2K Preview
14 KRMStudioZ @KRMStudioZ


Movies and TV 15.79% 103.1K 160K 4.2K 1K Preview
15 Limuel Huet @Limuel Huet

Limuel Huet

Movies and TV 65.43% 124.2K 65.7K 3.3K 669 Preview
16 Erika Embang @Erika Embang

Erika Embang

Movies and TV 63.8% 565.1K 28.8K 1.8K 2.7K Preview
17 Mikey Bustos @MikeyBustosVideos

Mikey Bustos

Movies and TV 42.57% 1.1M 54.7K 4.5K 515 Preview
18 Bani Logrono @banzski

Bani Logrono

Movies and TV 73.14% 105.6K 90.7K 2.9K 252 Preview
19 Yow @Yow


Movies and TV 82.27% 335.4K 54.1K 3.1K 342.5 Preview
20 PH Stolen Memes Official @PH Stolen Memes Official

PH Stolen Memes Official

Movies and TV 61.71% 48.1K 197.2K 2.1K 176 Preview
21 Auntie Bangit @17addo

Auntie Bangit

Movies and TV 54.44% 206.5K 77.3K 2.7K 324 Preview
22 Chad Kinis @chadkinis

Chad Kinis

Movies and TV 69.43% 355.1K 66.1K 2.3K 306 Preview
23 Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing @Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing

Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing

Movies and TV 55.17% 43.6K 57.2K 3K 335 Preview
24 Theweakest Craft @Theweakest Craft

Theweakest Craft

Movies and TV 54.55% 105.2K 213.5K 3.4K 57 Preview
25 Raphiel Shannon @Raphiel Shannon

Raphiel Shannon

Movies and TV 62.76% 629.1K 33.1K 2.8K 360 Preview
26 Dwaine Woolley @Dwaine Woolley

Dwaine Woolley

Movies and TV 56.92% 736.1K 43.2K 2.4K 308 Preview
27 Noun Blaze @BenniQLOW

Noun Blaze

Movies and TV 10.69% 172.5K 222.2K 4.5K 108 Preview
28 Franchezka Manabat @Franchezka Manabat

Franchezka Manabat

Movies and TV 58.8% 343.1K 39.2K 2.1K 227 Preview
29 Poklung TV @Poklung TV

Poklung TV

Movies and TV 60.11% 174.5K 120.8K 1.7K 89 Preview
30 johanzcraft @johanzcraft


Movies and TV 16.33% 194.1K 225.5K 2.9K 88 Preview
31 Team MOS @Team MOS

Team MOS

Movies and TV 74.42% 53.9K 68.1K 1.1K 93 Preview
32 Fil-Am Living Simply In America @Mrsbokni77

Fil-Am Living Simply In America

Movies and TV 40.96% 169.6K 31.7K 1.3K 273 Preview
33 Ara Pineda @Ara Pineda

Ara Pineda

Movies and TV 78.37% 44.5K 6.1K 893 994 Preview
34 Andi Manzano @andimanzano

Andi Manzano

Movies and TV 70.53% 115.4K 29.1K 1.5K 127 Preview
35 LuisYoutube @luisduque23


Movies and TV 58.61% 135.5K 34.4K 1.2K 153 Preview
36 Black Sheep @Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Movies and TV 67.92% 143.6K 23.5K 1.3K 151 Preview
37 Kids Planet Filipino @Kids Planet Filipino

Kids Planet Filipino

Movies and TV 52% 82.6K 216.8K 1.3K 21 Preview
38 Meunnie Cullantes @Meunnie Cullantes

Meunnie Cullantes

Movies and TV 78.94% 118.6K 26.2K 1.3K 101 Preview
39 MegaToon TV @MegaToonTV

MegaToon TV

Movies and TV 53.71% 374.1K 25.7K 1K 125.5 Preview
40 Marcelo TV @Marcelo TV

Marcelo TV

Movies and TV 72.38% 200.5K 12.6K 1.3K 114.5 Preview
41 Kramcheese Animations @Kramcheese Animations

Kramcheese Animations

Movies and TV 17.57% 70.9K 29.7K 1.3K 148 Preview
42 Jiro Morato @Jiro Morato

Jiro Morato

Movies and TV 54.33% 471.5K 8.4K 674 138 Preview
43 Jo Koy @Jokoy

Jo Koy

Movies and TV 40.38% 621.2K 27.6K 716 60.5 Preview
44 Wealand Ferrer @Wealand Ferrer

Wealand Ferrer

Movies and TV 63.64% 15.2K 8.9K 636 79.5 Preview
45 RunningMan Animation @RunningMan Animation

RunningMan Animation

Movies and TV 33.33% 30K 23.4K 558 73 Preview
46 beverly cumla @beverly cumla

beverly cumla

Movies and TV 65.2% 241K 7.3K 775 88.5 Preview
47 ALEX CALLEJA @alexcalleja


Movies and TV 83.33% 30.1K 19.3K 432.5 28.5 Preview
48 Coraleen Waddell @Coraleen Waddell

Coraleen Waddell

Movies and TV 53.01% 322.4K 9.3K 479.5 51 Preview
49 Monshiiee @Monshiiee


Movies and TV 17.65% 450.5K 23.4K 670 37.5 Preview
50 Bitoysz Cortez @Bitoysz Cortez

Bitoysz Cortez

Movies and TV 58.74% 370.6K 6.9K 498 63 Preview
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