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Top 100 Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Netherlands

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in the Netherlands. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Netherlands Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Jesse Hoefnagels @CjoelMovies

Jesse Hoefnagels

Movies and TV 66.32% 315.5K 322.4K 24.1K 836 Preview
2 Egbert Channel @Egbert Channel

Egbert Channel

Movies and TV 76.76% 47.7K 139.5K 10.5K 1.7K Preview
3 Mertabi @Realiteittijd


Movies and TV 60.58% 504.5K 227.8K 7.8K 329.5 Preview
4 Mees Dix @DutchADHDGaming

Mees Dix

Movies and TV 84.76% 89.9K 89.4K 4.5K 207 Preview
5 UnaGize @UnaGize


Movies and TV 39.81% 354.5K 66.8K 7.4K 299 Preview
6 Sophie Ousri @Sophielovelove

Sophie Ousri

Movies and TV 71.11% 105.5K 55.8K 2.5K 407 Preview
7 Moxi Best Movie Channel English @Moxi Best Movie Channel English

Moxi Best Movie Channel English

Movies and TV 98% 43.2K 142.8K 1.5K 64 Preview


Movies and TV 61.76% 165.5K 81.2K 2K 129.5 Preview
9 Sean Demmers @SeanTakesOver

Sean Demmers

Movies and TV 92.65% 22.8K 52K 2.7K 90 Preview
10 Quinsding @quinsding


Movies and TV 57.83% 282.5K 47.8K 3K 125 Preview
11 Marlous @77Marlous


Movies and TV 47.06% 4.9K 41.6K 899 320 Preview
12 Daan van Markus @Daan van Markus

Daan van Markus

Movies and TV 75% 128 25K 1.7K 161 Preview
13 Emma Wagemans @emmakeups

Emma Wagemans

Movies and TV 80.06% 32.8K 23.1K 1.3K 213 Preview


Movies and TV 78.26% 32.9K 34K 1.4K 130.5 Preview
15 Aflevering Gemist @Aflevering Gemist

Aflevering Gemist

Movies and TV 84.04% 9.8K 54.3K 527 198 Preview
16 Roxanne Kwant @Roxanne Kwant

Roxanne Kwant

Movies and TV 100% 6.4K 54.8K 1.1K 63 Preview
17 Youness Ouaali @Youness Ouaali

Youness Ouaali

Movies and TV 63.79% 13.8K 26.9K 570 364 Preview


Movies and TV 73.47% 50.4K 19.9K 1.6K 114.5 Preview
19 Sophie @sophie


Movies and TV 76.55% 298.5K 38.5K 1.2K 55 Preview
20 Toàn Tập Tạ @Toàn Tập Tạ

Toàn Tập Tạ

Movies and TV 50% 1.5K 71.2K 538.5 94 Preview


Movies and TV 50% 12.5K 19.8K 696 130 Preview
22 Jiya Qureshi @Jiya Qureshi

Jiya Qureshi

Movies and TV 84.21% 7K 19K 452.5 49 Preview
23 Najib Amhali @OfficialNajibAmhali

Najib Amhali

Movies and TV 77.07% 49.9K 37.5K 621 23 Preview
24 daniel doorakkers @daniel doorakkers

daniel doorakkers

Movies and TV 49.29% 34.8K 8.4K 1.3K 76 Preview
25 Michael en Naomi van der plas @Michael en Naomi van der plas

Michael en Naomi van der plas

Movies and TV 83.33% 22.3K 14.4K 308 101 Preview
26 Zaressa @Zaressa


Movies and TV 86.73% 24.4K 9.6K 761 67 Preview
27 Dellie @Dellie


Movies and TV 64.1% 13.1K 5.7K 806.5 87.5 Preview
28 Toren C @torenctv

Toren C

Movies and TV 69.23% 199.5K 33.6K 428.5 15.5 Preview
29 Cubical Animation Studios @Cubical Animation Studios

Cubical Animation Studios

Movies and TV 89.66% 1.3K 12.5K 296 62 Preview
30 Tom Tuning @Tom Tuning

Tom Tuning

Movies and TV 67.27% 23.2K 6.6K 291 50.5 Preview
31 Sidney Schmeltz @sidjeh

Sidney Schmeltz

Movies and TV 67.44% 84.9K 7.4K 393 48 Preview


Movies and TV 82.05% 3.4K 19K 140 42 Preview
33 Senna Bellod @Senna Bellod

Senna Bellod

Movies and TV 55.45% 158.5K 65.8K 2.8K 0 Preview
34 Pieter Derks @derkspieter

Pieter Derks

Movies and TV 92.68% 17.4K 14.1K 257 21 Preview
35 Blue Tiger Studio @Blue Tiger Studio

Blue Tiger Studio

Movies and TV 69.23% 6.2K 7.8K 362 69 Preview
36 Joel Borelli @Joel Borelli

Joel Borelli

Movies and TV 89.47% 3.1K 14K 262 21 Preview
37 Rowéna Verdaasdonk @Rowéna Verdaasdonk

Rowéna Verdaasdonk

Movies and TV 60% 10.8K 13.7K 261.5 26.5 Preview
38 fkri yhshena tv ፍቕሪ ይሓሸና ቲቪ @fkri yhshena tv ፍቕሪ ይሓሸና ቲቪ

fkri yhshena tv ፍቕሪ ይሓሸና ቲቪ

Movies and TV 29.41% 12.2K 10.3K 603 43 Preview
39 Peppa Pig Nederlands - Officiële Kanaal @Peppa Pig Nederlands - Officiële Kanaal

Peppa Pig Nederlands - Officiële Kanaal

Movies and TV 30.77% 549.1K 318.4K 1.5K 0 Preview
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