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Top Most Subscribed Movies and TV Youtube channels in Italy

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 100 most subscribed Movies and TV YouTubers and channels in Italy. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in Italy and get a list of the most popular Movies and TV YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From Italy Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 YouTube Fa Cagare @YouTube Fa Cagare

YouTube Fa Cagare

Movies and TV 81.89% 680.2K 151.7K 25.6K 2.5K Preview
2 MrPoldoAkbar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @MrPoldoAkbar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MrPoldoAkbar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Movies and TV 75.68% 239.5K 132K 25.7K 1.4K Preview
3 Enzuccio @Enzuccio


Movies and TV 69.39% 710.5K 273.5K 20.3K 926 Preview
4 Casa Surace @iscrivitisubito

Casa Surace

Movies and TV 73.08% 969.2K 324K 19.5K 238.5 Preview
5 Stefano Baglio @thebazardous

Stefano Baglio

Movies and TV 85.59% 139.5K 137.9K 9.4K 274 Preview
6 Minimad @minimadseries


Movies and TV 79.48% 315.6K 110.9K 9.9K 224.5 Preview
7 I Sansoni @I Sansoni

I Sansoni

Movies and TV 70.34% 252.5K 87.8K 10.6K 289 Preview
8 Snitecs @iffsnitecs


Movies and TV 65.4% 505.6K 91.5K 9K 330 Preview
9 Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo Ufficiale @aggcanaleufficiale

Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo Ufficiale

Movies and TV 81.16% 824K 170K 6.5K 189 Preview
10 Tutti a Tavola @Tutti a Tavola

Tutti a Tavola

Movies and TV 57.58% 427.1K 193.2K 4.5K 290 Preview
11 MrPrank @MrPrank


Movies and TV 70.79% 197.5K 62.4K 5.9K 350 Preview
12 Polpetta & Cotoletta @Polpetta & Cotoletta

Polpetta & Cotoletta

Movies and TV 52% 120.1K 55.3K 3.5K 358.5 Preview
13 The Terrons @The Terrons

The Terrons

Movies and TV 64.31% 133.4K 94.1K 4.2K 124 Preview
14 Antony Di Francesco @Antony Di Francesco

Antony Di Francesco

Movies and TV 65.08% 1.1M 37.6K 4K 183 Preview
15 Marghe Giulia Kawaii @Marghe Giulia Kawaii

Marghe Giulia Kawaii

Movies and TV 47.57% 350.4K 20.6K 1.5K 719.5 Preview
16 Daniele Doesn't Matter @DoesntmatterPodcast

Daniele Doesn't Matter

Movies and TV 83.49% 1M 25.3K 2.9K 138 Preview
17 Stefano Piffer @stefanopiffer74

Stefano Piffer

Movies and TV 84.08% 62.7K 18.2K 1.4K 285.5 Preview
18 Carmine Migliaccio @CarmineMigliaccio

Carmine Migliaccio

Movies and TV 59.53% 370.4K 21.6K 1.9K 131 Preview
19 Italian Fairy Tales @Italian Fairy Tales

Italian Fairy Tales

Movies and TV 63.16% 301.1K 55.6K 922 70 Preview
20 Princess Peters @Princess Peters

Princess Peters

Movies and TV 22.22% 18.5K 45.1K 1.2K 160.5 Preview
21 Masha e Orso @Masha e Orso

Masha e Orso

Movies and TV 63.64% 2.9M 295K 3.1K 0 Preview
22 Ludo Thorn @LudoThornDoppiaggio

Ludo Thorn

Movies and TV 75.31% 123.5K 7.1K 622 73 Preview
23 Canzoni Per Bimbi.it @canzoncineperbambi

Canzoni Per Bimbi.it

Movies and TV 64.65% 1.4M 136.9K 1.7K 0 Preview
24 Peppa Pig Italiano - Canale Ufficiale @CanaleUfficialePeppa

Peppa Pig Italiano - Canale Ufficiale

Movies and TV 44.19% 1.1M 218.7K 2.1K 0 Preview
25 Ilaria Trucco @Ilaria Trucco

Ilaria Trucco

Movies and TV 60.4% 335.5K 5.6K 402 58 Preview
26 I Dalton @I Dalton

I Dalton

Movies and TV 57.83% 75.5K 83.3K 1.7K 0 Preview
27 Geppo Show @Geppo Show

Geppo Show

Movies and TV 66.67% 125.4K 11.1K 683 13 Preview
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