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Top 100 Comedy Youtube channels in Philippines

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Comedy YouTubers and channels in the Philippines. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Philippines Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Tukomi @Tukomi


Comedy 68.4% 2.7M 1.8M 45.7K 7.5K Preview
2 Cong TV @lincolnvelasquez

Cong TV

Comedy 78.65% 2.9M 803.2K 42K 5K Preview
3 BNT Production @BNT Production

BNT Production

Comedy 62.31% 1.1M 344.8K 11.8K 1.9K Preview
4 Baninay Bautista @Baninay Bautista

Baninay Bautista

Comedy 66.15% 1.5M 189.5K 7.4K 2.2K Preview


Comedy 84.61% 145.5K 118.4K 7.3K 1.4K Preview
6 Mc Jeremy Barrera @Mc Jeremy Barrera

Mc Jeremy Barrera

Comedy 53.27% 708K 192.7K 6.3K 1K Preview
7 Auntie Bangit @17addo

Auntie Bangit

Comedy 54.44% 188.2K 294.7K 6K 640 Preview
8 Erika Embang @Erika Embang

Erika Embang

Comedy 63.8% 519.2K 63.2K 3.5K 4K Preview
9 PaoLUL @PaoLUL


Comedy 72.05% 293.2K 89.8K 7.5K 1K Preview
10 Siquijor Viners @Siquijor Viners

Siquijor Viners

Comedy 65.18% 263K 249.2K 4.9K 450 Preview
11 Jericho Arceo @Jericho Arceo

Jericho Arceo

Comedy 75.59% 668.5K 53.6K 7.5K 825.5 Preview
12 Dwaine Woolley @Dwaine Woolley

Dwaine Woolley

Comedy 56.92% 691.1K 115K 5.9K 401 Preview
13 Madam Kilay @Madam Kilay

Madam Kilay

Comedy 51.68% 603.1K 75K 2.9K 755 Preview
14 Bitoysz Cortez @Bitoysz Cortez

Bitoysz Cortez

Comedy 58.74% 349.1K 98K 3.8K 206 Preview
15 Dyosa Pockoh @Dyosa Pockoh

Dyosa Pockoh

Comedy 59.39% 146.5K 95.1K 2.4K 246 Preview
16 Sean Gervacio @Sean Gervacio

Sean Gervacio

Comedy 63.71% 69.4K 17.2K 3.3K 343 Preview
17 Franchezka Manabat @Franchezka Manabat

Franchezka Manabat

Comedy 58.8% 319.5K 35K 2.1K 281.5 Preview
18 Ara Pineda @Ara Pineda

Ara Pineda

Comedy 78.37% 40.8K 26.3K 2.4K 252.5 Preview
19 Meunnie Cullantes @Meunnie Cullantes

Meunnie Cullantes

Comedy 78.94% 114.4K 31.6K 1.5K 212.5 Preview


Comedy 54.87% 182.2K 20.7K 1.9K 376 Preview


Comedy 63.62% 716.5K 23.3K 2.4K 167 Preview
22 Lee Sepagan @Kensepagan

Lee Sepagan

Comedy 81.47% 155.5K 23.7K 810 123 Preview
23 Ezzy Algabre @31ezzy31

Ezzy Algabre

Comedy 67.61% 19.5K 13.2K 622.5 169 Preview
24 Poklung TV @Poklung TV

Poklung TV

Comedy 60.11% 135.1K 43.5K 528 44 Preview
25 Jiro Morato @Jiro Morato

Jiro Morato

Comedy 54.33% 469.4K 6.3K 667 112 Preview
26 Bawal Malungkot TV @Bawal Malungkot TV

Bawal Malungkot TV

Comedy 52.84% 25.2K 22.9K 382 45 Preview
27 Samdotvlog @Samdotvlog


Comedy 39.6% 10.5K 3.6K 162 300 Preview
28 Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing @Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing

Dafaq Sagwa ng Dubbing

Comedy 55.17% 41.1K 5K 391 79 Preview
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