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Top 100 Sports Instagram Influencers in France

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December 2019

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# @username Topics From France Followers Auth Eng from FR
1 Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe

Kylian Mbappé

Soccer 6.2M 36.3M 170.2K Free report
2 Antoine Griezmann @antogriezmann

Antoine Griezmann

Sports Soccer 2.3M 29M 63.1K Free report
3 Paris Saint-Germain @psg

Paris Saint-Germain

Soccer Journalists Sports 4.5M 26.1M 31.4K Free report
4 Carla Moreau @carlamoreau_____

Carla Moreau

Lifestyle Sports 1.5M 2.6M 84.3K Preview
5 Ines Reg @inesregmec

Ines Reg

Lifestyle Sports 1M 1.8M 113.9K Preview
6 Karim Benzema @karimbenzema

Karim Benzema

Sports Soccer 3.6M 31.3M 31.1K Preview
7 Paul Labile Pogba @paulpogba

Paul Labile Pogba

Modeling Sports Soccer 1.8M 38.2M 20.9K Preview
8 Equipe de France de Football @equipedefrance

Equipe de France de Football

Soccer 3.1M 7.3M 27.2K Preview
9 Gambi @gambinojetski


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 581.8K 980.2K 99.9K Preview
10 LORENZO @el_larrygarcia


Lifestyle Sports 711.8K 1.3M 88.8K Preview
11 JOYCA @joyca


Lifestyle Sports 752.6K 1.4M 79.9K Preview
12 Julien Bert @julienbert42

Julien Bert

Lifestyle Sports 792.1K 1.4M 68.2K Preview
13 Kevin GUEDJ @kevinguedj


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 1.2M 2M 44.3K Preview
14 Netflix France @netflixfr

Netflix France

Lifestyle Sports 1.9M 3.4M 22.9K Preview
15 Mohalasquale @mohalasquale


Lifestyle Sports 543.3K 1.1M 76.8K Preview
16 aka Léna Situations @lenamahfouf

aka Léna Situations

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 553.2K 1M 65.9K Preview
17 Romane, pour les intimes* @romy

Romane, pour les intimes*

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 692.4K 1.2M 49.2K Preview
18 Maeva Ghennam @maevaa.ghennam

Maeva Ghennam

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 650.7K 1.2M 51.2K Preview
19 Mastu @mastuu_


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 518.5K 1.1M 54.5K Preview
20 Jesta ASSADI HILLMANN @jesta_hillmann


Lifestyle Sports 654.9K 1.1M 48.1K Preview
21 Roméo Elvis @elvis.romeo

Roméo Elvis

Soccer Lifestyle Sports 732.8K 1.4M 42K Preview
22 VARGASSS🎥🎬🤣 @vargasss92


Sports 888.2K 1.6M 36.3K Preview
23 Michou @michou_yt


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 412.8K 818.8K 46.9K Preview
24  @rubyguedj

Lifestyle Sports 349K 575.3K 64.4K Preview
25 Tiagotantifamily @tiagotanti


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 479.1K 825.2K 45.5K Preview
26 LeBron James @kingjames

LeBron James

Sports Basketball 1.1M 53.5M 16.6K Preview
27 A L I X @alix_dmx


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 577.7K 1M 49.1K Preview
28 Emy_ltr @emy_ltr


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 631.4K 1.1M 45.3K Preview
29 zidane @zidane


Sports Soccer 1.1M 24M 24.3K Preview
30 VodK 🐴 @vodkirl

VodK 🐴

Sports 694.5K 1.3M 36.2K Preview
31 Hillary @hillaryoff


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 838.7K 1.7M 30.8K Preview
32 Romain G - LeBouseuh @levraibouseuh

Romain G - LeBouseuh

Lifestyle Sports 522.7K 1.1M 41.3K Preview
33 Oli @oli_real


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 737K 1.3M 34K Preview
34 Bigflo_real @bigflo_real


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 718.2K 1.3M 32.4K Preview
35 Loi de l'attraction ⭕ @loi_de_lattraction

Loi de l'attraction ⭕

Lifestyle Sports 534K 926.4K 31.1K Preview
36 IbraTV @ts_ibra


Lifestyle Sports 557.5K 1.1M 32.9K Preview
37 Monsieur Sal ☠️ @niska_officiel

Monsieur Sal ☠️

Lifestyle Music Sports 933.7K 3.1M 20.3K Preview
38 📀📀&💿💿 @koba_lad


Lifestyle Sports 693.3K 1.8M 23.6K Preview
39 Inoxtag @inoxtagytb


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 348.5K 668.1K 38.3K Preview
40 Florian Thauvin @flotov

Florian Thauvin

Soccer 583.4K 1.1M 34.1K Preview
41 Presnel Kimpembe @kimpembe3

Presnel Kimpembe

Soccer 960.3K 2.6M 25.3K Preview
42 Nike Football (Soccer) @nikefootball

Nike Football (Soccer)

Soccer Sports Footwear 1.7M 43.3M 8.2K Preview
43 L'atelier de Roxane ~ Officiel @roxane.lmp

L'atelier de Roxane ~ Officiel

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 653.9K 1.4M 25.3K Preview
44 Cayden Correia👶🏻 @cayden_gcl

Cayden Correia👶🏻

Lifestyle Sports 282.4K 603.6K 34.7K Preview
45 Mel Dedigama @meldedigama

Mel Dedigama

Lifestyle Sports 421.4K 993.3K 27K Preview
46 N'Golo Kanté @nglkante

N'Golo Kanté

Sports 814.5K 6.5M 37.7K Preview
47 Neoxi @valentinyt


Lifestyle Sports Fitness 352.1K 694.2K 27.1K Preview
48 Blaise Matuidi Officiel @blaisematuidiofficiel

Blaise Matuidi Officiel

Soccer 988.8K 5.3M 11.5K Preview
49 Jaoued @tk_officiel78


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 366.5K 765.8K 24.7K Preview
50 Aurelie Dotremont 🌸 @aureliedotremont

Aurelie Dotremont 🌸

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 873.1K 1.7M 14.4K Preview
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