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Top 100 Sports Instagram Influencers in France

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June 2019

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# @username Topics From France Followers Auth Eng from FR
1 Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe

Kylian Mbappé

Soccer 7.7M 30.6M 235.2K Free report
2 3n310ta 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr @neymarjr

3n310ta 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr

Soccer 10.6M 121.1M 124.5K Free report
3 Paul Labile Pogba @paulpogba

Paul Labile Pogba

Modeling Soccer Sports 3.2M 35.5M 47.1K Free report
4 Karim Benzema @karimbenzema

Karim Benzema

Soccer Sports 4.5M 28.5M 43.7K Preview
5 Paris Saint-Germain @psg

Paris Saint-Germain

Soccer Journalists Sports 6.9M 22.2M 26.2K Preview
6 Equipe de France de Football @equipedefrance

Equipe de France de Football

Soccer 3.4M 6.7M 23.3K Preview
7 zidane @zidane


Sports Soccer 2.5M 22.7M 42.5K Preview
8 PNL @pnlmusic


Music Lifestyle Sports 1.1M 1.9M 70.9K Preview
9 Antoine Griezmann @antogriezmann

Antoine Griezmann

Soccer Sports 1M 25.2M 22.7K Preview
10 Carla Moreau @carlamoreau_____

Carla Moreau

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 1.5M 2.1M 42.7K Preview
11 BILLIONAIRE 💵 @iam_billionaire


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 877.2K 1.5M 55.8K Preview
12 JOYCA @joyca


Video Blogger Lifestyle Fashion Sports 610.9K 971.6K 55K Preview
13 Chelsea Correia 👧🏻 @chelsea_gcl

Chelsea Correia 👧🏻

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 440.5K 752.4K 72K Preview
14 RAPHAEL @raphoupeps


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 970K 1.6M 41.9K Preview
15 PNL @ademoofficiel


Music Lifestyle Sports 491.6K 990.3K 70.8K Preview
16 Presnel Kimpembe @kimpembe3

Presnel Kimpembe

Soccer 1.2M 2.4M 35K Preview
17 VARGASSS🎥🎬🤣 @vargasss92


Sports 928.3K 1.5M 38.3K Preview
18 Queen On Fleek @iam_evaqueen

Queen On Fleek

Lifestyle Sports 506K 797.9K 60.6K Preview
19 📀&💿 @koba_lad


Lifestyle Music Sports 630.2K 1.2M 47.7K Preview
20 Mohalasquale @mohalasquale


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 477.8K 788.7K 61.4K Preview
21 Edinson Cavani @cavaniofficial21

Edinson Cavani

Soccer 1.7M 6.5M 20.4K Preview
22  @romy

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 644K 983.4K 44.2K Preview
23 Jesta ASSADI HILLMANN @jesta_hillmann


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 548.1K 871.4K 40.4K Preview
24  @pnl_nos

Lifestyle Sports 581.8K 1.1M 59.4K Preview
25 Mastu @mastuu_


Lifestyle Soccer Fashion 500.2K 812.9K 43K Preview
26 Benji Samat @benji_samat

Benji Samat

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 847.3K 1.3M 31.3K Preview
27 Monsieur Sal ☠️ @niska_officiel

Monsieur Sal ☠️

Lifestyle Sports 893.4K 2.5M 28.3K Preview
28 Roméo Elvis @elvis.romeo

Roméo Elvis

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 676.9K 1.1M 42.1K Preview
29 A L I X @alix_dmx


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 526.7K 834.1K 39.5K Preview
30 Samuel Umtiti @samumtiti

Samuel Umtiti

Soccer Sports 761.6K 6.1M 15.7K Preview
31 Raphaël Varane @raphaelvarane

Raphaël Varane

Soccer Sports 1.2M 12.5M 10.4K Preview
32 ᎪDI✘IᎪ @adixia


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 1.2M 1.8M 22.6K Preview
33 🧸 @rkofficiel_77


Lifestyle Sports 555.5K 938K 37K Preview
34 Oli @oli_real


Lifestyle Sports 648.7K 1M 34.7K Preview
35 nike @nike


Sports Apparel Streetwear 2.7M 89.1M 6.9K Preview
36 aka Léna Situations @lenamahfouf

aka Léna Situations

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 432.2K 625.1K 40.6K Preview
37 Thiago Silva @thiagosilva

Thiago Silva

Soccer Sports 2.2M 15.4M 16K Preview
38 Maeva Ghennam @maevaa.ghennam

Maeva Ghennam

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 544.5K 835.2K 33.9K Preview
39 Benjamin Pavard @benpavard21

Benjamin Pavard

Soccer 625.2K 1.6M 35.1K Preview
40 VodK 🐴 @vodkirl

VodK 🐴

Sports 665.5K 1.1M 32.8K Preview
41 Julien Bert @julienbert42

Julien Bert

Lifestyle Sports Modeling 800.3K 1.3M 23.9K Preview
42 LeBouseuh @levraibouseuh


Video Blogger Lifestyle Sports Fitness 448K 745K 29.9K Preview
43 FC Barcelona @fcbarcelona

FC Barcelona

Soccer 1.6M 72.6M 10.2K Preview
44 Florian Thauvin @flotov

Florian Thauvin

Soccer 687.3K 1M 33K Preview
45 Marcos Aoás Corrêa @marquinhosm5

Marcos Aoás Corrêa

Soccer 1.2M 2.9M 19.8K Preview
46 Aurelie Dotremont @aureliedotremont

Aurelie Dotremont

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 990.7K 1.6M 20.9K Preview
47 Mel Dedigama @meldedigama

Mel Dedigama

Lifestyle Sports 555.3K 877.5K 24.1K Preview
48 IbraTV @ts_ibra


Lifestyle Sports 460.2K 874.2K 23.3K Preview
49 ZatiS 🇲🇦🇫🇷💍 @zatis92

ZatiS 🇲🇦🇫🇷💍

Actors Lifestyle Fashion Sports 527.1K 937.6K 23.4K Preview
50 Chloé Bleinc @chloebbbb

Chloé Bleinc

Lifestyle Soccer Fashion 505.3K 718.1K 27.6K Preview
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