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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category From France Followers Auth Eng from FR
1  @xsqueezie

Music Shows Lifestyle 2.9M 6.4M 277.7K Free report
2 madison beer @madisonbeer

madison beer

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses 668.7K 19.6M 33.4K Free report
3 Mister V @yvick

Mister V

Music 2.3M 4.2M 111K Free report
4 Mcfly @levraimcfly


Music 1.6M 3.1M 139K Preview
5 Elizabeth Gillies @lizgillz

Elizabeth Gillies

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses 609.5K 11.2M 21.1K Preview
6 djsnake @djsnake


Music 1.4M 7.6M 31.4K Preview
7 Angèle @angele_vl


Music 1.2M 2.8M 87.8K Preview
8 Ninho Sdt @ninhosdt

Ninho Sdt

Music 1.1M 3.1M 46.8K Preview
9 Andrew Bachelor @kingbach

Andrew Bachelor

Music Art/Artists Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling 785.3K 19.8M 5.2K Preview
10 Zola HellcatBoy @binkszola

Zola HellcatBoy

Music Fashion 512.3K 1.1M 94.1K Preview
11 🅹🆄🅻 📀👽💿 @juldetp

🅹🆄🅻 📀👽💿

Music 1.4M 2.3M 49.9K Preview
12 Lisa and Lena | Germany® @lisaandlena

Lisa and Lena | Germany®

Music 669.4K 15.4M 6.3K Preview
13 Matt Pokora @mattpokora

Matt Pokora

Music 1.2M 2.7M 33.8K Preview
14 Hatik @hatikyo


Music 546.7K 945.2K 73.5K Preview
15 Lacrim @officielacrim


Music 944.6K 2.5M 27.5K Preview
16 Bigflo & Oli @bigfloetoli

Bigflo & Oli

Music 1.3M 2.3M 34.5K Preview
17 KAARIS @kaarisofficiel1


Music 1.1M 3.1M 19K Preview
18 soolkingofficiel @soolkingofficiel


Lifestyle Music 808.6K 6.1M 10.8K Preview
19 Tyler Blackburn @tylerjblackburn

Tyler Blackburn

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Lifestyle 374.8K 7.5M 7.1K Preview
20 Roméo Elvis @elvis.romeo

Roméo Elvis

Music Lifestyle 718.2K 1.5M 38.2K Preview
21 DADJU @dadju


Music 1.1M 4.4M 12.1K Preview
22 NEVERL🎡ND 🎆 @rkofficiel_77


Music 680.6K 1.4M 32.6K Preview
23 VALD @valdsullyvan


Music 751.3K 1.3M 37.8K Preview
24 Lomepal @antoinelomepal


Cinema & Actors/actresses Lifestyle Music 629.5K 1.2M 39.5K Preview
25 Jerome Niel @jeromeniel

Jerome Niel

Music 781.9K 1.3M 37.9K Preview
26 Shanna Kress @shannakress83

Shanna Kress

Music 1.3M 2.9M 16K Preview
27 David Guetta @davidguetta

David Guetta

Music Art/Artists 677.2K 8.6M 4.7K Preview
28 Oli le frère de Bigflo @oli_real

Oli le frère de Bigflo

Music 770.9K 1.3M 34.5K Preview
29 🐺🕷 @claramarz


Music 685K 1.2M 27.8K Preview
30 Maxenss 🌻 @maxence

Maxenss 🌻

Music Humor & Fun & Happiness 686.7K 1.3M 32.9K Preview
31 Maes LDS @maes_packm

Maes LDS

Lifestyle Music 709.6K 1.5M 25.1K Preview
32 Bigflo le frère de Oli @bigflo_real

Bigflo le frère de Oli

Lifestyle Music 776.3K 1.4M 30K Preview
33 Leighton Meester @itsmeleighton

Leighton Meester

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Fashion 256.5K 6.1M 4.4K Preview
34 jmoney @jorjasmith_


Lifestyle Music 159.3K 3.3M 6.5K Preview
35 ᎪDI✘IᎪ @adixia


Humor & Fun & Happiness Music 1M 1.8M 15.6K Preview
36 ❀ CHARLY JORDAN ❀ @charlyjordan


Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling 131K 3.3M 5.9K Preview
37 Capo Dei Capi 💯 @alonzofficiel

Capo Dei Capi 💯

Music 768.5K 1.8M 13.4K Preview
38 Amours solitaires @amours_solitaires

Amours solitaires

Music 470.7K 824.2K 23.1K Preview
39 Céline Dion @celinedion

Céline Dion

Music 382.1K 4.5M 5.3K Preview
40 Heuss L'enfoiré @heuss_lenfoire

Heuss L'enfoiré

Lifestyle Music 472.3K 1.1M 17.4K Preview
41 NAPS @napsofficiel


Music 379.1K 776.5K 22.4K Preview
42 Salif Gueye @salif_crookboyz

Salif Gueye

Music 362.7K 2.1M 7.6K Preview
43 Rilès @0riles


Music 286.9K 727.3K 18.6K Preview
44 Vai Chaves @vaimalamachavesoff

Vai Chaves

Music 349.8K 613.1K 20.7K Preview
45 La Fouine @lafouine78

La Fouine

Music Art/Artists 547.4K 2.1M 6.2K Preview
46 G I M S @gims


Music 477.8K 2.2M 5.8K Preview
47 Betch @bitch


Music Modeling 145.7K 5M 2.5K Preview
48 Jenifer @jeniferofficiel


Music 450.7K 816.5K 14.7K Preview
49 Bilal Hassani @iambilalhassani

Bilal Hassani

Lifestyle Music 309.1K 605.9K 19K Preview
50 Denitsa @denitsaofficiel


Music 428.5K 757.5K 15K Preview
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