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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category From Italy Followers Auth Eng from IT
1 Niall Horan @niallhoran

Niall Horan

Music Modeling Photography 1.3M 24M 19.9K Free report
2 Tony Lopez (LOPEZ BROTHERS) @lopez_tony


Photography Lifestyle 359.8K 6.3M 45.9K Free report
3 National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

National Geographic Travel

Nature & landscapes Photography Travel 2M 39.3M 7.6K Free report
4 Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 @perrieedwards

Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻

Art/Artists Fashion Music Modeling Photography 395.3K 10.4M 14.6K Preview
5 Hype House @thehypehousela

Hype House

Photography 259.7K 5.9M 31.7K Preview
6 Megan Fox @meganfox

Megan Fox

Photography Modeling Adult content Cinema & Actors/actresses 345.4K 8.9M 14.8K Preview
7 Sascha Burci - Anima @lookatsascha

Sascha Burci - Anima

Art/Artists Travel Photography 1.6M 2.3M 61.8K Preview
8 Call me Anfony @luvanthony

Call me Anfony

Photography 190.1K 4.7M 25.1K Preview
9 BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS @beautifuldestinations


Photography Travel 857.2K 13.4M 8.1K Preview
10 Natasha @natalee.007


Photography Modeling 339.8K 5.3M 18.4K Preview
11 EstherAcebo @estheracebo


Photography 482.4K 6.2M 14.2K Preview
12 Ondreaz Lopez🌀(LOPEZ BROTHERS) @ondreazlopez

Ondreaz Lopez🌀(LOPEZ BROTHERS)

Photography 191.1K 4.1M 22.3K Preview
13 Diego Lazzari 🤘🏻 @diegolazzari_

Diego Lazzari 🤘🏻

Photography Lifestyle 596.3K 935.9K 77.4K Preview
14 LeDonatella • SHOWGIRLS👯• DJ🎧• @ledonatellaofficial

LeDonatella • SHOWGIRLS👯• DJ🎧•

Family Photography 936K 1.4M 37.5K Preview
15 GoPro @gopro


Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Photography 718.4K 17.2M 3.2K Preview
16 Wonderful Places @wonderful_places

Wonderful Places

Photography Travel 506.9K 13.6M 4.2K Preview
17 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 @robertazacchero


Photography 580.4K 805.3K 54.9K Preview
18 Cristiano Caccamo @cristianocaccamo

Cristiano Caccamo

Lifestyle Photography Cinema & Actors/actresses 612.4K 905.7K 48.8K Preview
19 Riae @riae_


Photography Modeling 299.3K 3.3M 12.3K Preview
20 Cecilia Zagarrigo 🎀 @cecilia_zagarrigo

Cecilia Zagarrigo 🎀

Photography 631.9K 860.6K 29.6K Preview
21 Doutzen Kroes @doutzen

Doutzen Kroes

Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Photography Fashion 412K 6.5M 3.6K Preview
22 Nature @nature


Nature & landscapes Photography Travel 242.8K 5.1M 5K Preview
23 BEST VACATIONS - Travel @bestvacations


Photography Travel 254.4K 5M 4K Preview
24 Kimi Räikkönen @kimimatiasraikkonen

Kimi Räikkönen

Racing Sports Photography Trainers & Coaches Cars & Motorbikes 174.4K 1.9M 11K Preview
25 Steve McCurry @stevemccurryofficial

Steve McCurry

Photography 413.1K 3M 6K Preview
26 Francesco Nappo @francesconappoph

Francesco Nappo

Photography 348.5K 6.3M 1.7K Preview
27 Keegan Allen @keeoone

Keegan Allen

Music Lifestyle Photography 437.7K 6.7M 2.1K Preview
28 Catia Braccio 🎀 @white.essence

Catia Braccio 🎀

Photography Humor & Fun & Happiness 323.8K 438.2K 28.1K Preview
29 Ludovica Martino @ludovicamartino

Ludovica Martino

Lifestyle Photography Cinema & Actors/actresses 360.1K 534.5K 22.3K Preview
30 MAVRIN @mavrin


Photography 302.5K 3.3M 3.7K Preview
31 Federica Pacela @federica_pacela

Federica Pacela

Photography Fitness & Gym 450.3K 724.3K 11.4K Preview
32 Emanuele Ferrari @emanueleferrari

Emanuele Ferrari

Humor & Fun & Happiness Photography 218.2K 332.1K 22.5K Preview
33 Fotografie Della Storia @fotografie_della_storia

Fotografie Della Storia

Family Photography Humor & Fun & Happiness 360.9K 545.6K 13.5K Preview
34 National Geographic Adventure @natgeoadventure

National Geographic Adventure

Travel Photography 288.3K 7.5M 1.2K Preview
35 Eva Henger @eva_henger

Eva Henger

Photography 600.8K 945.5K 6.9K Preview
36 MARTINA SMERALDI @martinasmeraldiofficial


Photography 201.5K 323.1K 20.2K Preview
37 Nat Geo in the Field @natgeointhefield

Nat Geo in the Field

Photography 619.9K 12.7M 646.212 Preview
38 ITALIA 🇮🇹 @ig_italia


Photography Travel 365.2K 979.5K 6.2K Preview
39 MURAD OSMANN @muradosmann


Photography 150.8K 4M 1.6K Preview
40 Magnum Photos @magnumphotos

Magnum Photos

Art/Artists Cinema & Actors/actresses Photography Modeling 265.9K 3.6M 1.7K Preview
41 Clara Felicia Lindblom @clara_lindblom

Clara Felicia Lindblom

Photography 98.6K 2.1M 2.9K Preview
42 MARIO TESTINO @mariotestino


Music Photography 280.8K 4M 1.3K Preview
43 🚫𝐴𝑑𝑎𝑚𝑠🚫 @chiaraadamuccio_


Photography 203.5K 276.6K 18K Preview
44  @vegilates

Photography 64.9K 935.8K 5.3K Preview
45 Rocco Fasano @rocco_fasano

Rocco Fasano

Photography Cinema & Actors/actresses 177.1K 276.5K 17.5K Preview
46 Gianmarco Tocco @tmblurrr

Gianmarco Tocco

Humor & Fun & Happiness Shows Lifestyle Sports with a ball Photography 220.7K 307.8K 15.3K Preview
47 SIMONE BERLINI @simoneberlini


Photography Lifestyle 164K 283.6K 14.5K Preview
48 Lea Cuccaroni @leonciino

Lea Cuccaroni

Photography 302.3K 445.6K 8.4K Preview
49 🇮🇹PHOTOSHOPPARE🇮🇹 @photoshoppare


Humor & Fun & Happiness Photography 254.1K 345K 10.6K Preview
50 Cesare Cantelli @cesolololo

Cesare Cantelli

Photography 143.8K 186.2K 19.1K Preview
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