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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category From Italy Followers Auth Eng from IT
1 Ferrari @ferrari


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 1.7M 19M 19.6K Free report
2 Charles Leclerc @charles_leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 729.2K 3.3M 50.1K Free report
3 Maserati @maserati


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 856.9K 11.1M 6.5K Free report
4 Scuderia Ferrari @scuderiaferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 738.1K 5M 11.6K Preview
5 Daniel Ricciardo @danielricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 227.6K 3.3M 10.4K Preview
6 Aston Martin @astonmartinlagonda

Aston Martin

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 442.7K 9.6M 2.6K Preview
7 Kimi Räikkönen @kimimatiasraikkonen

Kimi Räikkönen

Racing Sports Photography Trainers & Coaches Cars & Motorbikes 174.5K 1.9M 11.3K Preview
8 Mercedes-AMG F1 @mercedesamgf1

Mercedes-AMG F1

Racing Sports Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 258.2K 4.9M 3.4K Preview
9 Ducati Motor Holding @ducati

Ducati Motor Holding

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 371.8K 3.2M 5.2K Preview
10 Sebastian Vettel @vettelofficial

Sebastian Vettel

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 226.6K 1.1M 12K Preview
11 Pagani Automobili Official @paganiautomobili

Pagani Automobili Official

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 224.4K 3.6M 2.8K Preview
12 Fabio Wibmer @wibmerfabio

Fabio Wibmer

Shows Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 72.1K 1.7M 5.8K Preview
13 Alfa Romeo @alfaromeoofficial

Alfa Romeo

Cars & Motorbikes 394.8K 1.7M 3.2K Preview
14 Harley-Davidson @harleydavidson


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 175K 4.9M 1.1K Preview
15 KTM @ktm_official


Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 165.1K 1.7M 3K Preview
16 Alberto Naska @albertonaska

Alberto Naska

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes Shows 182.6K 252.9K 13.6K Preview
17 Top Gear @topgear

Top Gear

Cars & Motorbikes Shows 177.5K 4.1M 955.3632 Preview
18 Ducati Instagram @ducatistagram

Ducati Instagram

Racing Sports Travel Cars & Motorbikes 188.9K 1.4M 2.2K Preview
19 NICO ROSBERG @nicorosberg


Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 130.6K 1.6M 1.8K Preview
20 Andrea Pirillo [22] 🔝 @andreapirillo.22

Andrea Pirillo [22] 🔝

Cars & Motorbikes 179K 248.8K 9.5K Preview
21 Alessandro Johan Donzella @donze093

Alessandro Johan Donzella

Cars & Motorbikes 149.1K 336.1K 6.8K Preview
22 Akrapovič Exhaust System @akrapovic

Akrapovič Exhaust System

Cars & Motorbikes 128.2K 1.1M 1.9K Preview
23 Luca Salvadori @lucasalvadoriofficial

Luca Salvadori

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 137.4K 198.8K 8.1K Preview
24 Scrambler Ducati @scramblerducati

Scrambler Ducati

Cars & Motorbikes 35.5K 246.3K 6.4K Preview
25 Maverick Viñales @maverick12official

Maverick Viñales

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 95.3K 1.2M 1.4K Preview
26 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP @yamahamotogp

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes Sports with a ball 141.6K 1.5M 1K Preview
27 Audi Italia @audi_italia

Audi Italia

Photography Cars & Motorbikes 183K 273.2K 4.2K Preview
28 Lamborghini Squadra Corse @lamborghinisc

Lamborghini Squadra Corse

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 187.2K 3.6M 382.8348 Preview
29 Barbara Pedrotti @barbarapedrotti

Barbara Pedrotti

Travel Cars & Motorbikes 178.2K 260.1K 4.2K Preview
30 Vespa @vespa


Lifestyle Cars & Motorbikes 41.9K 503.9K 2.1K Preview
31 WRC | World Rally Championship @officialwrc

WRC | World Rally Championship

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 119K 1.4M 869.897 Preview
32 Casey Stoner @official_cs27

Casey Stoner

Lifestyle Cars & Motorbikes 94K 387.2K 2.7K Preview
33 Cal Crutchlow @calcrutchlow

Cal Crutchlow

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 78.6K 596.2K 1.6K Preview
34 Graham Jarvis @gforcejarvis

Graham Jarvis

Cars & Motorbikes 43.1K 904K 955.0971 Preview
35 Jenson Button @jensonbutton

Jenson Button

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 57.2K 1.1M 891.4 Preview
36 BMW Motorrad @bmwmotorrad

BMW Motorrad

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 68.9K 1.2M 775.5644 Preview
37 Z E D @zedsly


Cars & Motorbikes 25K 745K 1.1K Preview
38 MINI @mini


Cars & Motorbikes 73.3K 1.4M 578.448 Preview
39 AutoPlay️ - Millennials Auto @autoplay

AutoPlay️ - Millennials Auto

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Luxury 138.7K 3.4M 227.8938 Preview
40 Romain Grosjean @grosjeanromain

Romain Grosjean

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 59.3K 812.8K 861.619 Preview
41 Car&Vintage @car_vintage


Cars & Motorbikes 85.1K 564.5K 1.2K Preview
42 Spavald92 @spavald92


Cars & Motorbikes 85K 117.6K 5.3K Preview
43 Singer Vehicle Design @singervehicledesign

Singer Vehicle Design

Cars & Motorbikes 33.7K 761.9K 839.8 Preview
44 PassioneMotori @passionemotori


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Cinema & Actors/actresses 91K 127.5K 4.9K Preview
45 Petrolicious @petrolicious


Travel Luxury Fashion Cars & Motorbikes Lifestyle 46.5K 746.4K 721.6832 Preview
46 Kate Courtney @kateplusfate

Kate Courtney

Racing Sports Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Cars & Motorbikes 26.5K 412.2K 1.3K Preview
47 Marco 🇮🇹 @marchettino

Marco 🇮🇹

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 92.8K 137.3K 3.8K Preview
48 Triumph Motorcycles @officialtriumph

Triumph Motorcycles

Cars & Motorbikes 45.5K 943K 532.61 Preview
49 Supercar @supercar


Cars & Motorbikes 54.2K 1.1M 455.8686 Preview
50 Bisaro Niccolò @bisaro_niccolo

Bisaro Niccolò

Racing Sports Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Cars & Motorbikes 76.6K 123.1K 3.9K Preview
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