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October 2019

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# @username Topics From India Followers Auth Eng from IN
1 Pearl V Puri @pearlvpuri

Pearl V Puri

Dogs Fashion Modeling 1.1M 1.6M 56.1K Free report
2 Amyra Dastur @amyradastur93

Amyra Dastur

Pets Modeling 1.3M 1.7M 19.8K Free report
3 Kenny Sebastian @kennethseb

Kenny Sebastian

Dogs Actors 530.4K 729.4K 21.1K Free report
4 CJ Perry @thelanawwe

CJ Perry

Dogs Modeling Art 589.6K 3.5M 14K Preview
5 Rakshit Shetty @rakshitshetty

Rakshit Shetty

Pets Dogs 397.2K 449.5K 24.4K Preview
6 Ganesh @goldenstar_ganesh


Dogs Actors Singer 455.7K 505.6K 10.1K Preview
7 Louis Tomlinson @louist91

Louis Tomlinson

Music Singer Dogs 337.1K 13.9M 10.9K Preview
8 Aahna Sharma @xaahnax

Aahna Sharma

Dogs Modeling Actors 129.7K 155.8K 28.1K Preview
9 Kumar Sanu @kumarsanuofficial

Kumar Sanu

Dogs Music Singer 1.4M 1.8M 14.3K Preview
10 Bewakoof.com @bewakoofofficial


Pets Fashion 823.8K 973.1K 3.4K Preview
11 Pulkit Samrat @pulkitsamrat

Pulkit Samrat

Pets Modeling Fashion 499.6K 697.8K 5.2K Preview
12 Larissa🌴 Travel•Beauty•Style @larissa_wlc

Larissa🌴 Travel•Beauty•Style

Fashion Pets Lifestyle 306.8K 381.2K 10K Preview
13 Logic Detector™ @logicdetector

Logic Detector™

Pets 311.4K 582.3K 5.4K Preview
14 CHUL SOON 🌎 @chul_soon


Pets Dogs Fitness 287.4K 1.7M 3.9K Preview
15 Sonnalli Seygall (Sonali) @sonnalliseygall

Sonnalli Seygall (Sonali)

Pets Modeling 453.7K 573.3K 5.1K Preview
16 Couple by 9GAG @couple

Couple by 9GAG

Dogs Photography 314.5K 2.1M 4.8K Preview
17 Mirchi Senthil @mirchisenthil983

Mirchi Senthil

Pets Singer Music 242.4K 315K 6.5K Preview
18 Barked by 9GAG | Dog community @barked

Barked by 9GAG | Dog community

Pets Dogs 386.7K 4.5M 4.5K Preview
19 Ankit Tiwari @ankittiwari

Ankit Tiwari

Pets Singer Music 486.1K 561.2K 3.2K Preview
20 Tushar Kalia @thetusharkalia

Tushar Kalia

Dogs Pets Fashion 200.4K 266.5K 7.1K Preview
21 Swaggy Wolfdog ™️ @swagrman

Swaggy Wolfdog ™️

Dogs 119.9K 1.3M 1.8K Preview
22 Simmran K Mundi @simrankaurmundi

Simmran K Mundi

Dogs Pets Fashion 373.1K 506K 4K Preview
23 Urvashi Dholakia @urvashidholakia9

Urvashi Dholakia

Dogs Pets Fashion 463.4K 612.5K 3K Preview
24 Boopesh Reddy @bren_garage

Boopesh Reddy

Dogs Cars Racing 123.1K 144.9K 11.4K Preview
25 Sumith M B @sumithmb

Sumith M B

Dogs 95K 124.9K 14.2K Preview
26 MAYA THE SAMOYED @mayapolarbear


Dogs 121.1K 1.9M 8.7K Preview
27 Nakkhul Jaidev @actornakkhul

Nakkhul Jaidev

Pets Actors 162.7K 210.8K 6.4K Preview
28 Deeksha Khurana (Dee) @deekshakhurana

Deeksha Khurana (Dee)

Dogs Pets Fashion 333.1K 423.5K 3.1K Preview
29 Iain Hume @humey_7

Iain Hume

Soccer Dogs 155.7K 195.8K 6.5K Preview
30 Pet Foolery @pet_foolery

Pet Foolery

Pets Dogs 75.9K 2.1M 12.2K Preview
31 Animal Planet India @animalplanetindia

Animal Planet India

Pets Photography Nature 298.7K 796.5K 1.6K Preview
32 SwarnimArt @_itsahappyworld_


Dogs Pets Modeling 111.3K 147.6K 5.8K Preview
33 Harleen Singh @wander_leen

Harleen Singh

Pets Lifestyle Fashion 67.9K 78.3K 7.6K Preview
34 Milperthusky @milperthusky


Pets 115K 990.5K 5.8K Preview
35 @DOG @dog


Pets 101K 2.6M 8.5K Preview
36 Likee App @likee_official_global

Likee App

Dogs Modeling 607K 1.3M 1.1K Preview
37 Aarti Chabria Beedassy @aartichabria

Aarti Chabria Beedassy

Dogs Pets 425.9K 561.8K 1.2K Preview
38 Saweety Boora @saweetyboora

Saweety Boora

Dogs Pets Coaching 64.8K 74K 5.8K Preview
39 it's barbie cindy, bitch @barbiecindy1

it's barbie cindy, bitch

Dogs Pets 47.3K 473.3K 2.4K Preview
40 Sudharani @sudharanigovardhan


Moms Dogs Pets 117.5K 134.1K 3.3K Preview
41 Suzanna Mukherjee @suzannamukherjee

Suzanna Mukherjee

Pets Actors 255.9K 325.2K 1.6K Preview
42 Ponmutta @ponmutta_media


Dogs Pets 94.2K 114.4K 5K Preview
43 The Dodo @thedodo

The Dodo

Pets 216.1K 7.5M 3.3K Preview
44 Anush🍕 @anushkaranjan


Pets Dogs Modeling 149.9K 194.1K 2.5K Preview
45 Animal Aid Unlimited @animalaid_india

Animal Aid Unlimited

Pets Dogs 84.9K 249.4K 2.6K Preview
46 Nala Cat ™ @nala_cat

Nala Cat ™

Pets Cats 238.1K 4.3M 1.9K Preview
47  @universalcomedy_

Pets Dogs 214.6K 429.1K 451 Preview
48 David Babaii @davidbabaii

David Babaii

Dogs Pets N/A 514.4K 10.3K Preview
49 NAVV BAJWA @navbajwa_actor


Pets Music Producers 178.7K 234.6K 1.5K Preview
50 Gayathrie Shankar @gayathrieshankar

Gayathrie Shankar

Pets Dogs Modeling 70K 91.9K 3.6K Preview
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