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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category From India Followers Auth Eng from IN
1 Lamborghini @lamborghini


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 5M 27M 69.3K Free report
2 Ferrari @ferrari


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 2.3M 19M 22.8K Free report
3 Mercedes-Benz @mercedesbenz


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 4.9M 27.9M 12.5K Free report
4 Audi USA @audi

Audi USA

Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 2.2M 15.9M 22.1K Preview
5 Porsche @porsche


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Luxury 1.9M 21.9M 15.4K Preview
6 BMW @bmw


Cars & Motorbikes 2.4M 27.7M 10.8K Preview
7 BUGATTI @bugatti


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.6M 12.7M 20.5K Preview
8 Alex - that girl with the cars @supercarblondie

Alex - that girl with the cars

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Luxury 869.3K 6.3M 19.3K Preview
9 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars @rollsroycecars

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.2M 7.4M 12.3K Preview
10 Bentley Motors Official @bentleymotors

Bentley Motors Official

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.5M 8.8M 11.1K Preview
11 Maserati @maserati


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 1.1M 11.1M 8.3K Preview
12 Movlogs @movlogs


Cars & Motorbikes Modeling Fitness & Gym Fashion 828.5K 2.9M 29.8K Preview
13 Mercedes-AMG @mercedesamg


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.1M 13.1M 6.6K Preview
14 Aston Martin @astonmartinlagonda

Aston Martin

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.3M 9.6M 7.8K Preview
15 McLaren Automotive @mclarenauto

McLaren Automotive

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.3M 8.3M 6.3K Preview
16 BMW M GmbH @bmwm


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 605.6K 7.5M 6.9K Preview
17 Jaguar @jaguar


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 2.9M 11.4M 4.9K Preview
18 Land Rover @landrover

Land Rover

Cars & Motorbikes Travel 1.8M 7.8M 6.5K Preview
19 Big Boy Toyz @bigboytoyz_india

Big Boy Toyz

Cars & Motorbikes 1.1M 1.4M 27.9K Preview
20 Volkswagen @volkswagen


Cars & Motorbikes 1.4M 9.6M 4K Preview
21 Jaguar India @jaguar_india

Jaguar India

Cars & Motorbikes 3.2M 4M 10.1K Preview
22 Jeep @jeep


Cars & Motorbikes 703.4K 6.4M 4.7K Preview
23 Royal Enfield @royalenfield

Royal Enfield

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Photography Travel 1.8M 2.4M 11.6K Preview
24 Ducati Motor Holding @ducati

Ducati Motor Holding

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 580.2K 3.3M 8.2K Preview
25 KTM India - Ready To Race @ktm_india

KTM India - Ready To Race

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 1M 1.3M 17.2K Preview
26 Arun_smoki @arunsmoki


Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 385.8K 495.4K 39.4K Preview
27 Mercedes-Benz Deutschland @mercedesbenz_de

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 576.1K 6.9M 3.2K Preview
28 Mercedes-AMG F1 @mercedesamgf1

Mercedes-AMG F1

Racing Sports Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 295.7K 4.9M 4.1K Preview
29 Harley-Davidson @harleydavidson


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 705.6K 4.9M 4.4K Preview
30 Pagani Automobili Official @paganiautomobili

Pagani Automobili Official

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 365.5K 3.6M 4.6K Preview
31 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars @rollsroycecarseurope

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 562.3K 2.7M 5.9K Preview
32 McLaren @mclaren


Racing Sports Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 272.8K 5.8M 2.5K Preview
33 Lexus @lexususa


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 441.1K 3.7M 3.2K Preview
34 Priyanka Kochhar @bikewithgirl

Priyanka Kochhar

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 357.8K 451.5K 19.7K Preview
35 Top Gear @topgear

Top Gear

Cars & Motorbikes Shows 459.1K 4.1M 2.5K Preview
36 Koenigsegg @koenigsegg


Cars & Motorbikes 136.4K 2.3M 4.3K Preview
37 KTM @ktm_official


Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 264.1K 1.7M 4.7K Preview
38 Volvo Cars India @volvocarsin

Volvo Cars India

Cars & Motorbikes 173.5K 216.8K 31.1K Preview
39 Ranjit Sundaramurthy @ranjitsundaramurthy

Ranjit Sundaramurthy

Cars & Motorbikes Lifestyle Luxury 390.6K 823.1K 9.1K Preview
40 Nissan @nissan


Cars & Motorbikes Photography 459.9K 5.4M 1.4K Preview
41 AMIT SADH @theamitsadh


Cars & Motorbikes Lifestyle Cinema & Actors/actresses 603.4K 836.8K 7.1K Preview
42 Piyush Nagar @piyushnagar77_official

Piyush Nagar

Cars & Motorbikes Lifestyle 273K 445.6K 11.3K Preview
43 Lamborghini Squadra Corse @lamborghinisc

Lamborghini Squadra Corse

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 710.4K 3.6M 1.5K Preview
44 Honda @honda


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 351.4K 4.2M 1.1K Preview
45 Land Rover India @landrover_in

Land Rover India

Travel Cars & Motorbikes 510.7K 653.2K 6.1K Preview
46 Mercedes-Benz India @mercedesbenzind

Mercedes-Benz India

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 990.2K 1.3M 3.6K Preview
47 Maxabout India Official @maxabout.india

Maxabout India Official

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 269.1K 331.1K 11.9K Preview
48 Autocar India @autocar_india

Autocar India

Cars & Motorbikes 417.9K 514.4K 7.2K Preview
49 Strell @iamstrell


Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity 149.6K 188.7K 19.3K Preview
50 TOYOTA @toyota


Cars & Motorbikes 245.8K 1.7M 2.5K Preview
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