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Spot the fastest-growing Twitter accounts

Check the audience size and follower growth of any influencer within the last 7, 30, or 90 days and discover the fastest-growing accounts. Partner with influential Twitter users who might soon become key opinion leaders in your niche.
Spot the fastest-growing Twitter accounts

See how well Twitter influencers perform

Analyze influencers’ performance and identify top Twitter accounts. See their Engagement Rate and the average engagement per tweet. Find out how actively other users like, retweet, and reply to their tweets to discover the most engaging accounts.
See how well Twitter influencers perform

Understand influencers’ posting frequency

Track posting activity on Twitter and see who gains the most traction. Find out how often an influencer posts content per week and month and check whether the tweet frequency is increasing or dropping.
Understand influencers’ posting frequency

Gain content insights and find the most engaging tweets

Learn more about influencers’ content on Twitter to understand better whether or not it aligns with your brand. See the percentage of tweets with images and video and quote retweets among their content. Find their most liked and retweeted tweets and tweets with the most replies.
Gain content insights and find the most engaging tweets

Questions and Answers About Twitter Analytics

How to see Twitter analytics?

You can get detailed analytics on any influencer’s account on Twitter with HypeAuditor’s Account Analytics. The report will give you access to their follower growth, performance, and tweet activity. You can use these insights to better understand how people engage with influencer’s content, discover the fastest-growing accounts, and their best-performing tweets.

How do you see follower growth on Twitter?

Understanding how a Twitter account grows helps you identify the fastest-growing influencers who might become the next big star in your niche. In HypeAuditor, you can check any influencer’s follower number and follower growth. What’s more, you can check if the growth rate increases or decreases.

What is tweet activity?

Tweet activity is usually considered a range of metrics related to the performance of a Twitter account. If you want to analyze how the tweets of an influencer perform, the Account Analytics report in HypeAuditor is the best place. The report will show you many metrics for influencer analysis, including tweet frequency, the overall Engagement Rate, the average engagement per tweet, and the number of likes/retweets/replies received. 

What is a good Twitter engagement rate?

Even though Engagement Rate is a vital influencer metric, it’s difficult to say for sure how good or bad a certain engagement level is without additional data. To better understand how engaging influencer’s content is on Twitter, it’s worth analyzing the influencer’s audience size and tweet frequency to get a complete picture of the account’s engagement. Also, it largely depends on the niche topic of the influencer. 

How can I analyze Twitter Stats for free?

In HypeAuditor, you can analyze your own Twitter account stats for free. If you’re looking for Twitter analytics for other accounts and influencer performance metrics, you can check out our pricing to choose what best suits your needs and goals. 

How to export Twitter analytics?

When analyzing influencer accounts on Twitter with the HypeAuditor Account Analytics report, you can easily export all the data to a PDF file. 

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