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Check the video performance of any YouTube user or channel. View the daily YouTube analytics, analyze subscriber and view growth, get audience demography data and content analyses.

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In-depth YouTube Analysis

In-depth YouTube Analysis made with
machine learning algorithms

Basic info and Contact details

Get to know where an influencer lives, what type of content they produce and the contact details to reach them

On the HypeAuditor report, you can also find the place of a particular influencer in country, global and category rankings.

  • Country and city
  • Content topics
  • Email and phone
  • Local & Global Rank

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YouTube channel’s Basic info and Contact details

Channel Performance Analyses

Check YouTube views and subscribers’ growth and get daily stats. Find out the number of average views per video and compare it with the previous period. Analyze how engaged the influencer’s audience.

  • Subscribers Growth
  • Total Views
  • Average views
  • Average engagement

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YouTube Channel Performance Analyses

Estimated Integration Price

With the help of a machine learning algorithm trained with market values, we calculate a price for video integration based on average video views, audience location, attitude, content virality, and an influencer’s popularity on Instagram.

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YouTube Estimated Integration Price

Audience Demographics

With HypeAuditor YouTube report, you can get in-depth information about an influencer’s followers. Including country and city, age and gender distribution and audience languages.

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YouTube Audience Demographics

Video Analyses

Analyze video performance with the content analytics section of the report. Check influencer comment rate, reaction rate, and audience attitude. Find the most viewed and most engaging YouTube videos and compare all data with industry benchmarks.

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YouTube Video’s Analyses

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