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Empower Your Marketing with Twitch Influencer Discovery

Access hundreds of thousands of streamers

Get access to our 600,000+ database of Twitch channels. Narrow down your search results with a pack of helpful filters to find the best streamers for your specific business needs and wants.

Easily export your influencer list to a CSV file.

Access hundreds of thousands of streamers

Find the right Twitch channels based on their performance

Search for streamers based on your marketing goals. Specify their audience size and choose Twitch influencers with a performance level that suits your needs using filters like follower growth and average live views.

Sort out the results by their streaming activity to make sure you partner with creators who can best fit your brand and contribute to your goals.

Find the right Twitch channels based on their performance

Translate your brand message to a wider audience

Twitch is constantly expanding the score of videos on the platform allowing users to watch live streams of art sessions, podcasts, DJ sets, and more.

Search your candidates by topic with the ‘search by keyword’ option or filter them by games played to find Twitch creators who can effectively engage your audience.

Translate your brand message to a wider audience

Reach out to your potential partners

Find Twitch channels with influencer’s contact details. Use a specific filter to get a list of gaming creators with an email address or phone number displayed, so you can reach out to them.

Reach out to your potential partners
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Questions and Answers About Twitch Influencer Search

  • How to find influencers on Twitch?

    If you’re looking to expand your influencer program with Twitch streamers, influencer search tools are the best place. HypeAuditor’s Twitch Influencer Discovery offers a range of filters, so you can narrow down your results and pick perfect candidates for your campaign. You can filter channels by language, audience size, follower growth, streaming habits, and performance.

  • How to find local streamers?

    Twitch influencers can help you reach new audiences. However, searching for the right streamers can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for local streamers. First of all, search for Twitch creators who stream in a specific language. Let’s say you want to find French streamers. In HypeAuditor you can use the language filter and specify the language to see a list of Twitch channels with French.

  • Where can I find small streamers?

    Twitch is no longer associated with a solely gaming community, there are many types of streams you can watch on the platform like podcasts, art sessions, singing streams, and cooking videos, just to name a few. If you want to join other brands that already leverage the influence of Twitch creators, you can search for streamers who fit your brand. They don’t have to be celebrity gaming influencers, you can find small streamers and collaborate to promote your brand.

    In HypeAuditor’s Twitch Influencer Discovery, you can search streamers by their audience size. Use a specific filter and a follower number range, for example, between 5K and 10K followers, and get a list of channels that meet your requirements.

  • How can I find Twitch influencers for free?

    If you want to find Twitch influencers for free, Influencer Discovery is your indispensable tool. You can search for streamers for free using multiple handy filters to narrow down your results. All you need is to log in to your HypeAuditor account or create a free account if you don’t have one yet.

    Use helpful filters to find Twitch streamers by their language, audience size, follower growth, viewership trends, and streaming activity.

  • How do you ask a Twitch influencer for a rate?

    When you find a Twitch channel that seems like a good fit, you probably want to know about their rates. It’s worth getting straight to the point. You can send a short message to a streamer and ask them about their rates. In HypeAuditor, you can search for creators with contact emails with a corresponding filter, so you can reach out to them.