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Top Most Subscribed Youtube channels in the United Kingdom

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 1000 most subscribed YouTubers and channels in the United Kingdom. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in the United Kingdom and get a list of the most popular YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From United Kingdom Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 KSI @KSIOlajidebt


Music 25.63% 21.6M 8.4M 385.3K 38.4K Preview
2 SIS vs BRO @SIS vs BRO


Entertainment 16.67% 13.2M 4.7M 141.9K 0 Preview
3 F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel @F2Freestylers

F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

Sports 25.98% 12.1M 6.8M 155.4K 4.2K Preview
4 Deji @ComedyShortsGamer


Entertainment 28.62% 9.9M 870K 93.1K 8K Preview
5 TheSyndicateProject @TheSyndicateProject


Video Games 35.16% 9.8M 106.9K 3.5K 176.5 Preview


Entertainment 36.67% 9M 20.1K 307 1.7K Preview
7 Miniminter @miniminter


Video Games 37.12% 8.6M 830.8K 65.6K 1.7K Preview
8 Sidemen @Sidemen


Entertainment 35.2% 8.3M 6.2M 342.6K 15.6K Preview
9 BBC News @bbcnews

BBC News

News & Politics 22.48% 7.8M 32.8K 743 6.6K Preview
10 YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon @BlueXephos

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

Video Games 34.55% 7.2M 166.5K 10.5K 486 Preview
11 BBC Radio 1 @bbcradio1

BBC Radio 1

Music 29.43% 6.8M 39K 1.3K 58.5 Preview
12 Vikkstar123 @Vikkstar123


Video Games 36.82% 6.3M 1.2M 35.9K 1.3K Preview
13 Joe Weller @nuevafilms

Joe Weller

Entertainment 51.75% 5.4M 488.8K 60.5K 3.1K Preview
14 ChrisMD @Sirhcchris2010


Entertainment 46.02% 4.9M 1.7M 73.5K 2.9K Preview
15 James Arthur @James Arthur

James Arthur

Music 17.85% 4.9M 265.7K 14.2K 759.5 Preview
16 Liverpool FC @LiverpoolFC

Liverpool FC

Sports 30.25% 4.8M 57.1K 1.8K 331.5 Preview
17 Ben Phillips @benphillipsuk

Ben Phillips

Entertainment 31.3% 4.6M 332.9K 26.2K 1.1K Preview
18 English with Lucy @English with Lucy

English with Lucy

Education 11.81% 4.3M 624.7K 43.1K 10.2K Preview
19 Roxxsaurus @Roxxsaurus


How-to & Style 25.29% 4.3M 269.8K 14.5K 890 Preview
20 MM7Games @MM7Games


Video Games 36.83% 4.3M 215.7K 11.3K 398 Preview
21 iBallisticSquid @iBallisticSquid


Video Games 34.77% 4.2M 90.8K 4.2K 810 Preview
22 Memeulous @memeulous


Movies and TV 32.32% 4.1M 835.5K 71.2K 5.4K Preview
23 carwow @carwow


Cars & Motorbikes 20.7% 4.1M 1.3M 36.2K 2.6K Preview
24 Behzinga @Behzinga


Entertainment 44.78% 3.8M 1.4M 132.4K 2.2K Preview
25 Alfie Deyes Vlogs @PointlessBlogTv

Alfie Deyes Vlogs

Entertainment 39.84% 3.7M 198.1K 10.4K 475.5 Preview
26 Kiera Bridget @Kiera Bridget

Kiera Bridget

Entertainment 27.7% 3.6M 350.3K 21.1K 1.7K Preview
27 FORMULA 1 @Formula1


Sports 14.07% 3.6M 35.6K 899 79 Preview
28 MoreSidemen @MoreSidemen


People & Blogs 37.35% 3.6M 2M 90.3K 3.9K Preview
29 Zerkaa @ZerkaaHD


People & Blogs 46.56% 3.6M 817.1K 61.5K 1.8K Preview
30 ThatcherJoeVlogs @ThatcherJoeVlogs


Entertainment 54.56% 3.6M 205K 12.1K 472 Preview
31 Morgz Mum @Morgz Mum

Morgz Mum

Entertainment 38.95% 3.6M 688.8K 26.6K 9.4K Preview
32 Callux @OfficialCallux


Entertainment 45.97% 3.4M 848.6K 73.7K 3.1K Preview
33 Calfreezy @Calfreezy


45.69% 3.4M 651.7K 45.4K 1.2K Preview
34 Ruby Rube @Ruby Rube

Ruby Rube

Entertainment 23.88% 3.3M 119.9K 4.4K 0 Preview
35 442oons @442oons


Sports 22.6% 3M 1M 85.1K 2.5K Preview
36 Lewis Capaldi @LewisCapaldi

Lewis Capaldi

Music 30.04% 2.9M 376K 29.5K 1.4K Preview
37 Adam B @TheNewAdamb99

Adam B

Entertainment 28.81% 2.9M 296.9K 18.6K 3.3K Preview

GRM Daily

Music 77.64% 2.9M 49.5K 864 68 Preview
39 Manchester United @Manchester United

Manchester United

Sports 29.03% 2.9M 694.5K 17.1K 809.5 Preview
40 Ubisoft @ubisoft


Video Games 11.5% 2.9M 16.7K 872 187.5 Preview
41 Car Throttle @CarThrottle

Car Throttle

Cars & Motorbikes 28.04% 2.8M 424.2K 13.3K 710 Preview
42 BT Sport @BTSportOfficial

BT Sport

Sports 32.05% 2.8M 21K 340 97 Preview
43 Woody & Kleiny @WoodyandKleiny

Woody & Kleiny

Entertainment 14.3% 2.8M 456.9K 24K 697.5 Preview
44 Oli White @TheOliWhiteTV

Oli White

Entertainment 55.8% 2.8M 212.4K 11.4K 966.5 Preview
45 Selected. @SelectedBase


Music 18.08% 2.8M 132.9K 4.7K 122 Preview
46 Life of Tom @SyndicateCentral

Life of Tom

Cars & Motorbikes 62.15% 2.6M 247.4K 9K 933 Preview
47 Man City @mcfcofficial

Man City

Sports 22.65% 2.6M 2.2M 26K 1.4K Preview
48 OfficialNerdCubed @OfficialNerdCubed


Video Games 35.23% 2.5M 111.4K 5.6K 408 Preview
49 JMX @xJMX25


Entertainment 52.36% 2.5M 102.6K 2.8K 152 Preview
50 Saffron Barker @Saffron Barker

Saffron Barker

Entertainment 50.97% 2.4M 488.4K 26.9K 1.3K Preview
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