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Top 100 Sports Youtube channels in United Kingdom

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Sports YouTubers and channels in the United Kingdom. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From United Kingdom Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 skillNshoot @skillNshoot


Sports 22.69% 79.3K 2.4M 63.8K 1.9K Preview
2 Kieran Brown @Footballskills98

Kieran Brown

Sports 23.38% 1.2M 2.1M 51.3K 1.6K Preview
3 442oons @442oons


Sports 22.6% 2.7M 902.4K 26.6K 1.8K Preview
4 F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel @F2Freestylers

F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

Sports 25.98% 10.9M 797.8K 34.7K 1.3K Preview
5 Spencer FC @officialfifaplaya

Spencer FC

Sports 49.27% 2M 270K 13K 1.4K Preview
6 Eddie 'The Beast' Hall @TheUkstrongest

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Sports 27.25% 334K 508.7K 12.2K 1.4K Preview
7 Liverpool FC @LiverpoolFC

Liverpool FC

Sports 30.25% 3.2M 585.7K 9.8K 532 Preview
8 The Kick Off @The Kick Off

The Kick Off

Sports 60.19% 174.1K 187.7K 5.7K 559 Preview
9 SV2 @SynxcV2


Sports 31.63% 1.1M 276.8K 6.6K 505.5 Preview


Sports 14.45% 1.3M 724.3K 11.2K 247 Preview
11 Sky Sports Boxing @Sky Sports Boxing

Sky Sports Boxing

Sports 59.77% 384.1K 208.9K 2.7K 816 Preview
12 FORMULA 1 @Formula1


Sports 14.07% 3M 270.3K 7.4K 676 Preview
13 Sam Pilgrim @leopardheadking

Sam Pilgrim

Sports 20.65% 784.1K 251.5K 7.9K 460 Preview
14 Sky Sports Football @Sky Sports Football

Sky Sports Football

Sports 49.83% 1.5M 203.6K 3K 527 Preview
15 Hashtag United @spencerbets

Hashtag United

Sports 47.4% 476.4K 172.1K 5.8K 327 Preview
16 Chain Bear @chainbearf1

Chain Bear

Sports 19.47% 283.4K 193.4K 8.1K 503 Preview
17 ArsenalVideosHD @ArsenalVideosHD


Sports 24.72% 358.1K 272K 3.8K 475 Preview
18 Expressions Oozing @Expressions Oozing

Expressions Oozing

Sports 54.55% 76.9K 87.6K 2.9K 752 Preview
19 WTF1 @WTF1


Sports 23.82% 428.1K 135.8K 5.5K 566.5 Preview
20 HITC Sport @HITC Sport

HITC Sport

Sports 47.91% 315K 127K 4.1K 392 Preview
21 Nile Wilson @MrNMW

Nile Wilson

Sports 26.28% 1.3M 170K 8.3K 262 Preview
22 Tifo Football @Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Sports 30.43% 623.1K 163.9K 4.3K 338 Preview
23 Harry Main @harrymain

Harry Main

Sports 56.83% 900.5K 83.7K 2.4K 510 Preview
24 Smiv @smivadoo


Sports 76.55% 79K 40.6K 5.2K 346 Preview
25 Chelsea Football Club @chelseafc

Chelsea Football Club

Sports 20.95% 1.4M 190.9K 4.7K 295 Preview
26 StuntPegg @StuntPegg


Sports 77.48% 67.7K 42K 3.3K 435.5 Preview
27 Autosport @AUTOSPORTdotcom


Sports 22.37% 230.4K 152.2K 3.3K 335.5 Preview
28 ASComps - Match Compilations @ASComps - Match Compilations

ASComps - Match Compilations

Sports 18.4% 63.2K 172.2K 4.6K 235 Preview
29 England @fatv


Sports 53.02% 1.1M 126.3K 2.7K 179.5 Preview
30 donstrapzytv @donstrapzytv


Sports 74.81% 138.6K 77.3K 2.4K 232.5 Preview
31 Soccer AM @SkySportsOfficial

Soccer AM

Sports 52.02% 1M 147.2K 2.3K 180.5 Preview
32 Football Daily @TheFootballDaily

Football Daily

Sports 38.88% 1.7M 97K 2.3K 300 Preview
33 Arsenal @ArsenalTour


Sports 34.31% 1.5M 103.7K 2.9K 249 Preview
34 The United Stand @The United Stand

The United Stand

Sports 43.41% 568.1K 80.9K 1.7K 404.5 Preview
35 Squidge Rugby @Squidge Rugby

Squidge Rugby

Sports 33.41% 99.1K 82.8K 2.9K 249 Preview
36 Thogden @Thogden


Sports 57.87% 180K 38.3K 1.9K 468 Preview
37 Premier League @Premier League

Premier League

Sports 32.6% 445.1K 95.1K 2.9K 213 Preview
38 Man City @mcfcofficial

Man City

Sports 22.65% 2.1M 105.6K 3K 258.5 Preview
39 Statman Dave @Statman Dave

Statman Dave

Sports 36.47% 174.5K 54K 2.1K 445.5 Preview
40 Adebayo da BEAST Akinfenwa @Adebayo da BEAST Akinfenwa

Adebayo da BEAST Akinfenwa

Sports 53.94% 278.5K 124.6K 1.8K 149 Preview
41 Ryan Taylor @Ryantaylorbmx

Ryan Taylor

Sports 48.52% 1.8M 87.6K 2.4K 166.5 Preview
42 FilthyFellas @PoetAndSkribz


Sports 65.03% 73.4K 56.7K 1.9K 214 Preview
43 AFTV @arsenalfanstv


Sports 52.55% 1.1M 58.3K 1.2K 354 Preview


Sports 47.8% 54.1K 22.9K 1.8K 672 Preview
45 Pro:Direct Soccer @prodirectsoccer

Pro:Direct Soccer

Sports 46.85% 127.4K 81.6K 2.5K 131.5 Preview
46 HITC Sevens @HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

Sports 35.62% 199K 66.4K 2.1K 239.5 Preview
47 Manchester United @Manchester United

Manchester United

Sports 29.03% 2.1M 84.2K 2K 224.5 Preview
48 Carl and Alex Fishing @CarlandAlexFishing

Carl and Alex Fishing

Sports 41.9% 117.6K 61.5K 1.6K 244 Preview
49 Palmers FC @smivadee

Palmers FC

Sports 67.69% 233.5K 54.3K 2.3K 118.5 Preview
50 UnitedPeoplesTV @UnitedPeoplesTV


Sports 34.48% 144.6K 43K 1.3K 514 Preview
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