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Top 100 Video games Youtube channels in Philippines

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Video games YouTubers and channels in the Philippines. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Philippines Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 CHoOx TV @CHoOx TV


Video games 68.04% 1.7M 761.2K 20.2K 2.3K Preview


Video games 42.11% 177.1K 282.8K 6.3K 1.1K Preview
3 VonOrdonaYT @VonOrdonaYT


Video games 52.94% 173.2K 143.3K 4.4K 1.2K Preview
4 Gosu Basic @Gosu Basic

Gosu Basic

Video games 29.41% 46.9K 239.3K 5.7K 624 Preview
5 Elgin @Elgin


Video games 35.58% 1.5M 165K 3.8K 920.5 Preview
6 Akosi Dogie @pistol1

Akosi Dogie

Video games 67.16% 2.9M 153.3K 2K 652 Preview
7 Daigrock @Daigrock


Video games 34.5% 28.5K 106.2K 4.6K 753 Preview
8 Pinoy Gaming Club @Pinoy Gaming Club

Pinoy Gaming Club

Video games 44.6% 48.7K 88.4K 3.9K 730 Preview
9 Gosu General TV @Gosu General TV

Gosu General TV

Video games 30.97% 570.1K 138K 4.5K 466 Preview
10 Mavsyyy @Mavsyyy


Video games 57.85% 464.1K 86.4K 3.2K 453 Preview
11 Demonal @Demonal


Video games 29.2% 367.2K 298.6K 2.5K 322 Preview
12 Inspirasyon Gaming @Inspirasyon Gaming

Inspirasyon Gaming

Video games 54.85% 190.5K 88K 2.1K 603 Preview
13 Kanijoe Jenkins @Kanijoe Jenkins

Kanijoe Jenkins

Video games 64.23% 87.6K 93.9K 1.3K 696 Preview
14 Hororo chan @Hororo chan

Hororo chan

Video games 34.41% 2M 86.2K 2.5K 633 Preview
15 Danicx @Danicx


Video games 50.61% 117.4K 29.9K 2.5K 1.2K Preview


Video games 65.68% 102.6K 45.9K 2.4K 558 Preview
17 Mr. Razzie Binx @Mr. Razzie Binx

Mr. Razzie Binx

Video games 73.27% 208.4K 37K 2.9K 420 Preview
18 Dota Circle @Dota Circle

Dota Circle

Video games 71.5% 201K 60.5K 1.8K 378 Preview
19 NoahFromYoutube - Mobile @NoahFromYoutube - Mobile

NoahFromYoutube - Mobile

Video games 29.85% 181.1K 89.1K 2.6K 392.5 Preview
20 Dennis The Tall @Dennis The Tall

Dennis The Tall

Video games 18.99% 55.3K 165.5K 2.7K 296 Preview


Video games 30.46% 7.5K 100.9K 1.3K 453 Preview
22 NoLogic Gamer @NoLogic Gamer

NoLogic Gamer

Video games 37.5% 137.5K 134.2K 1.5K 178 Preview
23 Betosky @Betosky


Video games 32.66% 356.1K 75.4K 1.9K 287.5 Preview
24 Xiyor Xenpai @Xiyor Xenpai

Xiyor Xenpai

Video games 32.93% 115.1K 42K 1.5K 555.5 Preview
25 Jazon Gaming @Jazon Gaming

Jazon Gaming

Video games 59.83% 343.1K 73.8K 1.4K 158 Preview
26 Yasue Official @Yasue Official

Yasue Official

Video games 33.59% 322.5K 59.9K 2.1K 218 Preview
27 ShinmenTakezo YT @ShinmenTakezo YT

ShinmenTakezo YT

Video games 40.13% 319.1K 36.5K 1.7K 360.5 Preview
28 Bobong Gamer @Bobong Gamer

Bobong Gamer

Video games 65.91% 68K 54.2K 1.3K 187 Preview
29 Astre Plays @Astre Plays

Astre Plays

Video games 40.82% 29.6K 36.9K 1.5K 373 Preview
30 :extazy: @:extazy:


Video games 33.17% 85.1K 40.7K 1.7K 247.5 Preview
31 Master the Basics @Master the Basics

Master the Basics

Video games 57.14% 99.8K 37.2K 1K 256 Preview
32 Kristine Santamena @Kristine Santamena

Kristine Santamena

Video games 52.78% 91.8K 47.4K 1.1K 178.5 Preview
33 Gaming Theos @Gaming Theos

Gaming Theos

Video games 37.09% 162.5K 50.8K 1K 216.5 Preview
34 WorryBear @WorryBear


Video games 53.2% 448.5K 62.1K 879 123 Preview
35 Gabyel @Gabyel


Video games 64.36% 34.6K 31.1K 652.5 263 Preview


Video games 29.73% 76.7K 57.4K 1.8K 105 Preview
37 Daksde @Daksde


Video games 57.72% 163.1K 41.7K 711 183.5 Preview
38 BlitzSpanks @BlitzSpanks


Video games 13.22% 64.9K 38.2K 1.9K 288 Preview
39 The Q Pal @The Q Pal

The Q Pal

Video games 39.66% 107.5K 27.7K 781 291 Preview
40 Evo Kaloko @Evo Kaloko

Evo Kaloko

Video games 50.18% 296.1K 24.6K 850 237.5 Preview
41 L3bron ML @L3bron ML

L3bron ML

Video games 61.79% 240.5K 42K 639 88 Preview
42 Ask VeLL @CavellAnderson

Ask VeLL

Video games 27.76% 208.5K 21.8K 704 355.5 Preview
43 AFK Gaming Dota 2 @AFKGamingEsports

AFK Gaming Dota 2

Video games 40% 10.6K 50.7K 551 119 Preview
44 Xtian C @dcchagas

Xtian C

Video games 53.75% 117.1K 20.7K 659 171 Preview
45 GLOCO @GLOCOgaming


Video games 74.76% 772.2K 13.1K 816 132 Preview
46 Hambles @Hambles


Video games 56.03% 282.5K 18.1K 633 136 Preview
47 NoahFromYoutube @NoahFromYoutube


Video games 36.07% 1.1M 15.3K 1.2K 125 Preview
48 James Robin Q. Guirre @James Robin Q. Guirre

James Robin Q. Guirre

Video games 56.23% 185.5K 9.7K 812 182.5 Preview
49 Edwin Leo @Edwin Leo

Edwin Leo

Video games 9.25% 35.6K 44.6K 1.4K 143 Preview


Video games 19.23% 3.9K 62.7K 1.7K 34 Preview
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