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Top 100 Sports Youtube channels in Spain

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October 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Sports YouTubers and channels in the Spain. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Spain Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Cosmin WHAT @cosmintraceur1

Cosmin WHAT

Sports 39.79% 435.2K 462.3K 52.9K 3.2K Preview
2 GuilleWhat @guillefreerunner94


Sports 39.05% 716.1K 663.5K 40.4K 866.5 Preview
3 Shifer @ShiferXQ


Sports 35.47% 1M 417.8K 33.5K 999 Preview
4 The Titan @The Titan

The Titan

Sports 38.44% 894.1K 181K 15.5K 723 Preview
5 El canal de Gavi @elcanaldeguilleygavi

El canal de Gavi

Sports 45.68% 723.1K 229.3K 21.3K 312.5 Preview
6 DoctorePoLLo @DoctorePoLLo


Sports 23.03% 2M 333.8K 20K 285 Preview
7 Ibon Zugasti Arrese @ibonzugasti

Ibon Zugasti Arrese

Sports 59.79% 167.4K 107K 3.7K 461 Preview
8 Efeuno @f1infoyt


Sports 48.31% 89.4K 99.2K 4K 334.5 Preview
9 Francesc Boix @Francesc Boix

Francesc Boix

Sports 31.14% 313.5K 80.6K 5.2K 431 Preview
10 ValentiEstaLoco @valentiestaloco


Sports 55.66% 316.1K 115.4K 3.8K 225 Preview
11 Álex Segura LR @Álex Segura LR

Álex Segura LR

Sports 51.66% 728K 57.9K 7K 248 Preview
12 Álvaro Benito @Álvaro Benito

Álvaro Benito

Sports 67.05% 64.3K 49.2K 4K 318 Preview
13 Alberto Barberá @almi2ag

Alberto Barberá

Sports 29.47% 647.6K 41.6K 4.1K 540 Preview
14 Reykob 7.0 @Reykob20

Reykob 7.0

Sports 29.52% 960.4K 155.6K 5.8K 100 Preview
15 Mundo Maldini @Mundo Maldini

Mundo Maldini

Sports 74.32% 259.2K 58.2K 2.6K 211 Preview
16 The Saiyan Kiwi @The Saiyan Kiwi

The Saiyan Kiwi

Sports 58.13% 95.6K 67.4K 3.1K 186.5 Preview
17 Fútbol Emotion @soloporterostv

Fútbol Emotion

Sports 28.92% 1.1M 89.1K 5.5K 126.5 Preview
18 Jesús López Trainer @PikerTrainer

Jesús López Trainer

Sports 27.94% 654.2K 58.4K 4K 259.5 Preview


Sports 62% 39.2K 31.8K 2K 383.5 Preview
20 El Chiringuito de Jugones @deportesatresmedia

El Chiringuito de Jugones

Sports 41.5% 1.1M 80.5K 2.1K 200 Preview
21 Nachette10 @Nachette10


Sports 54.82% 108.4K 59.8K 3K 138 Preview
22 Powerexplosive @Powerexplosive


Sports 42.17% 1.3M 45.2K 3.7K 143 Preview
23 angel7real | Fitness y rendimiento @angel7real

angel7real | Fitness y rendimiento

Sports 49.1% 113.5K 31K 2.3K 295.5 Preview


Sports 33.64% 357.6K 45.1K 2.2K 290 Preview
25 diSandro10 @diSandro10


Sports 13.84% 192.4K 73.9K 3.5K 269 Preview
26 El Día Después en Movistar+ @eldiadespuesplus

El Día Después en Movistar+

Sports 49.62% 1.1M 105.7K 2.5K 73 Preview
27 Experience Endesa Tv @Experience Endesa Tv

Experience Endesa Tv

Sports 81.82% 68.1K 42.1K 1.1K 221 Preview


Sports 48.44% 74.3K 30.3K 2K 292 Preview
29 Drafteados - NBA en español @Drafteados - NBA en español

Drafteados - NBA en español

Sports 42.57% 102.4K 41.2K 2.7K 157.5 Preview
30 Campeones - Canal de Fútbol @Campeones - Canal de Fútbol

Campeones - Canal de Fútbol

Sports 24.86% 578.5K 48.9K 3.4K 164 Preview
31 demas6Basket @demas6basket


Sports 23.21% 271.5K 60.1K 3.8K 124 Preview
32 Strongman Tarrako @StrongmanTarrako

Strongman Tarrako

Sports 54.03% 241.6K 33.4K 2.1K 169 Preview
33 Bilbo Team @bilbopower

Bilbo Team

Sports 63.97% 57.2K 32.4K 1.5K 201.5 Preview
34 Joel Alonso @Joel Alonso

Joel Alonso

Sports 27.17% 49.2K 34.3K 2.8K 245 Preview
35 Delantero09 @Xdelantero09X


Sports 39.22% 2.6M 36.5K 4.4K 85 Preview
36 FTotal @FTotal


Sports 37.01% 88.3K 37.2K 1.5K 233 Preview
37 Desirée Vila Bargiela @Desirée Vila Bargiela

Desirée Vila Bargiela

Sports 46.59% 35.2K 26.8K 1.7K 193.5 Preview
38 David De las Heras - Periodista Deportivo @David De las Heras - Periodista Deportivo

David De las Heras - Periodista Deportivo

Sports 23.71% 789.6K 42.2K 2.1K 180 Preview
39 Fuerza Explosiva @Fuerza Explosiva

Fuerza Explosiva

Sports 26.57% 360K 43.9K 2.6K 127 Preview
40 Real Madrid @realmadridcf

Real Madrid

Sports 11.42% 5.1M 56.3K 3.4K 166 Preview
41 Rod Montana @Rod Montana

Rod Montana

Sports 23.28% 141.4K 22.8K 2.1K 298 Preview
42 Pol Alberdi @Pol Alberdi

Pol Alberdi

Sports 52.86% 165.5K 43.2K 2.6K 56 Preview
43 Yerai Street Workout @Yerai Street Workout

Yerai Street Workout

Sports 24.07% 260.6K 29.9K 2.1K 207 Preview
44 VictorPalaciosVIDEOS @VictorPalaciosVIDEOS


Sports 48.12% 101.4K 24.9K 1.2K 219 Preview
45 javifreestyle @javifreestyle


Sports 28.31% 316.1K 46.8K 3K 76.5 Preview
46 nordinWORKOUT @nordinBARBARRIO


Sports 34.51% 308K 35.9K 2.2K 104 Preview
47 mistermarkinos | Fitness y Ejercicio Físico @mistermarkinos

mistermarkinos | Fitness y Ejercicio Físico

Sports 60.62% 102.4K 22.5K 1.2K 162.5 Preview
48 Capsule Airsoft España @capsulecorpairsoft

Capsule Airsoft España

Sports 66.74% 115.4K 28.7K 1.2K 111 Preview
49 Ignacio Alvarez @Ignacio Alvarez

Ignacio Alvarez

Sports 65.65% 17.1K 23.8K 1.2K 137.5 Preview
50 Toniemcee @therealtoniemcee


Sports 39.8% 391.1K 29.6K 2.6K 75 Preview
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