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Top 100 Sports Youtube channels in France

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Sports YouTubers and channels in the France. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From France Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Tibo InShape @OutLawzFR

Tibo InShape

Sports 73.24% 6.6M 1M 82.2K 4K Preview
2 IbraPlus @IbraPlus


Sports 73.44% 2M 1.4M 57.5K 4.3K Preview
3 Juju Fitcats @Juju Fitcats

Juju Fitcats

Sports 73.52% 1.7M 406.2K 35.3K 4.3K Preview


Sports 49.62% 281.1K 3.7M 30K 675 Preview
5 Mohamed Henni @Mohamed Henni

Mohamed Henni

Sports 74.3% 1.5M 429.5K 28.4K 2.7K Preview
6 Pauleta @PauletaFUT10


Sports 78.15% 558.5K 260.6K 28.9K 1.5K Preview
7 KhanSeb @KhanSeb


Sports 48.02% 399K 512.8K 16.3K 875 Preview
8 Téléfoot @Téléfoot


Sports 74.82% 1M 194.3K 9.3K 1.3K Preview
9 Hit the Road @ParkourhitstheRoad

Hit the Road

Sports 83.33% 422.2K 157K 13.4K 511.5 Preview
10 Wiloo @Wiloo


Sports 70.22% 317.6K 132.8K 11.6K 765 Preview
11 VINSKY @Viinsky360


Sports 76.27% 1.2M 256.5K 15.1K 251 Preview
12 Les Vidéos de Riles @RilesUchiwa

Les Vidéos de Riles

Sports 66.24% 747K 136.5K 8.4K 946.5 Preview
13 Wass Freestyle @wassfreestyle

Wass Freestyle

Sports 70.12% 2.9M 145.7K 11K 557 Preview
14 Philippe Cantenot @Philippe Cantenot

Philippe Cantenot

Sports 82.09% 197.1K 155.3K 11.7K 383 Preview
15 Nico Mathieux @Nico Mathieux

Nico Mathieux

Sports 81.37% 110K 161.4K 12.3K 354 Preview
16 Aliotop @Aliotop


Sports 64.65% 1.2M 158.5K 11K 494.5 Preview


Sports 71.09% 357.6K 106.6K 6.8K 932 Preview
18 FromHumanToGod @FromHumanToGod


Sports 75.72% 372K 110.6K 6.6K 654 Preview
19 Candide Thovex @Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex

Sports 24.33% 321K 369.4K 10.8K 291 Preview
20 Foot Mercato @Foot Mercato

Foot Mercato

Sports 65.41% 992K 163.1K 6.4K 403 Preview
21 Val Lienard @Val Lienard

Val Lienard

Sports 79.78% 63.5K 171.6K 5.5K 322 Preview


Sports 72.18% 236.5K 185.5K 4.8K 341 Preview
23 Charles & Mélanie @CharlesPoujadePK

Charles & Mélanie

Sports 38.1% 15.6K 185.4K 7.7K 358 Preview
24 Les Chemineaux @Les Chemineaux

Les Chemineaux

Sports 81.93% 24.1K 56.1K 5.6K 615.5 Preview
25 Mister freeride @Mister freeride

Mister freeride

Sports 78.7% 237.5K 60.6K 5.9K 448 Preview
26 Coach Séan Garnier @Coach Séan Garnier

Coach Séan Garnier

Sports 61.95% 637.4K 120.7K 5.3K 310.5 Preview
27 Karaté Bushido Officiel @karatebushido1

Karaté Bushido Officiel

Sports 80% 305.6K 87K 6.3K 274 Preview
28 Nassim Sahili @NassimSahili

Nassim Sahili

Sports 76.81% 546K 88.9K 5.7K 295 Preview
29 Eric Flag @Eric Flag

Eric Flag

Sports 74.11% 147.1K 76.4K 5.5K 367.5 Preview
30 Foot Familya @Foot Familya

Foot Familya

Sports 72.16% 390.5K 116.5K 5.7K 171.5 Preview
31 Lexity @Lexity


Sports 67.39% 617.1K 72.4K 4.9K 331.5 Preview
32 Top Mercato @Topmercato

Top Mercato

Sports 67.69% 617K 125.3K 4.5K 204 Preview
33 Kylian Mbappé @Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé

Sports 54.21% 123.5K 130.5K 3.5K 285 Preview
34 Brisco Basket Freestyle @brisco94

Brisco Basket Freestyle

Sports 77.3% 318.6K 112.6K 5.5K 136 Preview
35 Auco @Auco


Sports 73.37% 71.9K 93.7K 3.7K 251 Preview
36 Riding Zone @Riding Zone

Riding Zone

Sports 79.2% 689K 113.3K 6.6K 90.5 Preview
37 Jean Onche Le Musclay @JeanOncheLeMusclay

Jean Onche Le Musclay

Sports 75.34% 188.5K 67.8K 5.1K 204 Preview
38 Sissy MUA @SissyCleo

Sissy MUA

Sports 78.28% 1.3M 70K 3.2K 248 Preview
39 TrashTalkProduction @TrashTalkProduction


Sports 74.9% 121.4K 68.1K 2.7K 263 Preview
40 Pierre_ Garnier_ @Pierre_ Garnier_

Pierre_ Garnier_

Sports 82.3% 42.3K 16.5K 783 3.3K Preview
41 Choubatuck @Choubatuck


Sports 75.35% 87.1K 46K 3.2K 272 Preview
42 Oh My Goal - France @Oh My Goal - France

Oh My Goal - France

Sports 63.87% 297.1K 79.3K 2.9K 198 Preview
43 Kilian Hagen @Kilian Hagen

Kilian Hagen

Sports 75.14% 95.3K 48.7K 2.8K 265 Preview
44 Loic Durand @Loic Durand

Loic Durand

Sports 88.1% 14.5K 56.4K 2.6K 207 Preview
45 Ilies Mkt @Ilies Mkt

Ilies Mkt

Sports 68.06% 52.9K 43.9K 1.9K 405 Preview
46 Boxing Academy France @Boxing Academy France

Boxing Academy France

Sports 69.7% 112.6K 34.4K 2.9K 313 Preview
47 Pierre SORIOT @Pierre SORIOT


Sports 80.66% 65.9K 57K 3.6K 121 Preview
48 Carnet d'une Cavalière @Carnet d'une Cavalière

Carnet d'une Cavalière

Sports 82.3% 69.4K 36.3K 3.2K 180 Preview
49 Le Crossover - NBA @Le Crossover - NBA

Le Crossover - NBA

Sports 71.79% 68.2K 52.1K 2.5K 174.5 Preview
50 Today it's Football @Today it's Football

Today it's Football

Sports 74.61% 140.5K 49.7K 4.5K 94.5 Preview
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