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Top 100 Pets Youtube channels in Brazil

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Pets YouTubers and channels in the Brazil. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Brazil Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Papo de Biólogo @papodebiologo

Papo de Biólogo

Pets 81.55% 419.1K 333.1K 25.4K 1.8K Preview
2 Cantinho da Cigana Rosa @Cantinho da Cigana Rosa

Cantinho da Cigana Rosa

Pets 71.26% 156.2K 37.9K 10.6K 421 Preview


Pets 78.07% 240.6K 85.2K 5.1K 270 Preview
4 Aguia news @Aguia news

Aguia news

Pets 76.47% 143.6K 65K 3.2K 478.5 Preview
5 Lfsa - Binho & Mel @Lfsa - Binho & Mel

Lfsa - Binho & Mel

Pets 52.83% 356.2K 328.5K 6.9K 63 Preview
6 Lulu Animais @Lulu Animais

Lulu Animais

Pets 55.72% 582.2K 74.2K 5.6K 309.5 Preview
7 Bora Brasil @Bora Brasil

Bora Brasil

Pets 70.39% 589.2K 45.6K 6.1K 267 Preview


Pets 76.37% 2.1M 36.4K 6.4K 261 Preview


Pets 76.34% 413.1K 66.5K 3.8K 235 Preview
10 Moto'Car Escapes @Moto'Car Escapes

Moto'Car Escapes

Pets 76.47% 272.2K 72.9K 7.2K 110 Preview
11 Bicho do Mato @Bicho do Mato

Bicho do Mato

Pets 78.72% 307.5K 44.8K 4.8K 195.5 Preview
12 Uni @Uni


Pets 73.9% 237K 33.7K 4.7K 285 Preview
13 Stivanelli 愛 ! Free Fire @Stivanelli 愛 ! Free Fire

Stivanelli 愛 ! Free Fire

Pets 66.1% 29.7K 25.2K 2.9K 553 Preview
14 Estopinha Capixaba @Estopinha Capixaba

Estopinha Capixaba

Pets 63.85% 176.6K 40.9K 3.3K 267 Preview
15 Josuel Pescador @Josuel Pescador

Josuel Pescador

Pets 60% 83.7K 163.1K 3.3K 64.5 Preview
16 Brena Braz @brenabraz

Brena Braz

Pets 69.84% 437K 21.2K 2.5K 425 Preview
17 Isa Gateira @Isa Gateira

Isa Gateira

Pets 80.12% 235.6K 17.1K 3.7K 255 Preview
18 Bandog Brasil - Adestramento de cães @Bandog Brasil - Adestramento de cães

Bandog Brasil - Adestramento de cães

Pets 81.49% 151.5K 14.3K 2.7K 296 Preview
19 Raymundinho Furacão @Raymundinho Furacão

Raymundinho Furacão

Pets 72.25% 83.9K 12.1K 2.4K 374 Preview
20 Guria Do Sul @Guria Do Sul

Guria Do Sul

Pets 63.19% 65.6K 33.1K 2.7K 120 Preview
21 O Filho Do Sertão @O Filho Do Sertão

O Filho Do Sertão

Pets 75.78% 214.2K 12.1K 2.7K 270 Preview
22 Pedro Têia @pedroteia

Pedro Têia

Pets 77.19% 88.4K 14.8K 2.1K 272.5 Preview
23 Pandinha Avakin @Pandinha Avakin

Pandinha Avakin

Pets 48.71% 40.7K 18.3K 1.7K 340 Preview
24 Tudo Sobre Cachorros @TudosobreCachorros

Tudo Sobre Cachorros

Pets 73.25% 630K 13.8K 2.1K 244 Preview
25 Você já sentiu o Cosmo @Você já sentiu o Cosmo

Você já sentiu o Cosmo

Pets 79.75% 43.9K 25.6K 1.4K 171 Preview
26 Dragons Pit Kennel @Dragons Pit Kennel

Dragons Pit Kennel

Pets 71.96% 283.4K 19.1K 2.8K 102 Preview
27 Baw Waw Oficial @Baw Waw Oficial

Baw Waw Oficial

Pets 78.83% 120.1K 15.9K 2.1K 141 Preview
28 Roberto Cardoso @cardosorl

Roberto Cardoso

Pets 81% 76.7K 11.6K 2.4K 164 Preview
29 equipe de caça só no pulo jose barbosa @equipe de caça só no pulo jose barbosa

equipe de caça só no pulo jose barbosa

Pets 84.21% 31.6K 45.9K 1.3K 63.5 Preview
30 Gutejando @Gutejando


Pets 70.69% 32.3K 8.2K 1.6K 271.5 Preview
31 Magic Rainbow @Magic Rainbow

Magic Rainbow

Pets 62.15% 109.4K 7.7K 1.6K 313 Preview
32 Thyago Emerson @Thyago Emerson

Thyago Emerson

Pets 76.92% 99.2K 12.1K 2.1K 126.5 Preview
33 Adestramento De Bezerros @Adestramento De Bezerros

Adestramento De Bezerros

Pets 59.02% 147K 24.8K 2.1K 64.5 Preview
34 Mauricio Bellini - Bellini's Bull Kennel @mauriciobellini

Mauricio Bellini - Bellini's Bull Kennel

Pets 75.17% 188.5K 13K 1.5K 119 Preview
35 Nocaute @Nocaute


Pets 76.39% 122.4K 16.2K 1.5K 94 Preview
36 José Maria Mielnik @josemielnik

José Maria Mielnik

Pets 74.58% 40.5K 27.4K 836.5 81 Preview
37 Manejo e Criação de Passaros de Fibra @Manejo e Criação de Passaros de Fibra

Manejo e Criação de Passaros de Fibra

Pets 66.2% 156.6K 6.9K 1.6K 153 Preview
38 saalada @saalada


Pets 84.43% 361.5K 8.5K 1.3K 104 Preview
39 Estopinha & Alexandre Rossi @estopinhaealexandre

Estopinha & Alexandre Rossi

Pets 87.3% 163.6K 10.7K 1.4K 61.5 Preview
40 Falcão GFM @Falcão GFM

Falcão GFM

Pets 73.33% 29.3K 11K 1.8K 56.5 Preview
41 Bancada Rubro Negra @Bancada Rubro Negra

Bancada Rubro Negra

Pets 65.41% 49.3K 8.3K 1.1K 135 Preview
42 Thiago Sá @Thiago Sá

Thiago Sá

Pets 78.17% 141.4K 6.2K 1.3K 94.5 Preview
43 E.Miranda no Sítio @E.Miranda no Sítio

E.Miranda no Sítio

Pets 74.65% 15.2K 5.2K 720.5 225 Preview
44 Claudete Azevedo Crochê @claudeteaz

Claudete Azevedo Crochê

Pets 78.57% 369.2K 11.1K 1.3K 56.5 Preview
45 Pets Na Net @Pets Na Net

Pets Na Net

Pets 58.77% 295.4K 9.8K 1.3K 82.5 Preview
46 David canario @David canario

David canario

Pets 83.78% 11.2K 13.3K 865 65 Preview
47 Juliano Pescando e Aprendendo. @Juliano Pescando e Aprendendo.

Juliano Pescando e Aprendendo.

Pets 75.72% 58.2K 9K 949.5 75 Preview
48 Mamys Poderosa @Mamys Poderosa

Mamys Poderosa

Pets 75.86% 25.8K 6K 1K 109 Preview
49 TrincaParana @trincaparana


Pets 82.81% 291.5K 46.3K 522.5 25 Preview
50 CRIADOURO SANTA ANNA 21-99935-1500 @thalescurio


Pets 78.79% 20.8K 8.4K 807 87 Preview
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