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Top Most Subscribed Education Youtube channels in Brazil

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 100 most subscribed Education YouTubers and channels in Brazil. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in Brazil and get a list of the most popular Education YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From Brazil Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 NeuroVox @NeuroVoxConsultoria


Education 83.96% 1.1M 247.1K 23.5K 2.2K Preview
2 Território Conhecimento @Território Conhecimento

Território Conhecimento

Education 71.92% 0 217.9K 25.3K 1.3K Preview
3 Débora Aladim @deboraaladim

Débora Aladim

Education 88.41% 2.7M 115.4K 22.4K 1.4K Preview
4 Marcelino Colatino @Marcelino Colatino

Marcelino Colatino

Education 82.82% 819.2K 163.1K 16.7K 1.2K Preview
5 Amor Pela Comida @Amor Pela Comida

Amor Pela Comida

Education 74.19% 531K 193.4K 19.5K 379 Preview
6 Fahel Molina @Fahel Molina

Fahel Molina

Education 95.14% 232.5K 146.4K 14.9K 475 Preview
7 Luana Carolina @Luana Carolina

Luana Carolina

Education 78.44% 871.1K 89.5K 16.1K 686 Preview
8 SmallAdvantages @SmallAdvantages


Education 78.94% 1.8M 64.1K 9.9K 768 Preview
9 Chico Abelha @chicobee

Chico Abelha

Education 81.65% 803.1K 157.3K 7.2K 372 Preview
10 Kleytton Farney @kleyttonfarney1

Kleytton Farney

Education 82.62% 175.5K 48.7K 6.6K 1.1K Preview
11 Hugo de Freitas @hug0freit4s

Hugo de Freitas

Education 87.37% 228K 39.1K 7.3K 1.1K Preview
12 Ivan Maia Treinamentos @imaiatreinamentos

Ivan Maia Treinamentos

Education 77.86% 1.1M 34.3K 9.1K 951.5 Preview
13 Dois Dedos de Teologia @doisdedosdeteologia

Dois Dedos de Teologia

Education 87.58% 529.5K 51.8K 8.1K 618 Preview
14 Buenas Ideias @Buenas Ideias

Buenas Ideias

Education 86.43% 796.1K 68.2K 7.6K 430 Preview
15 Escola para Youtubers @escolayt

Escola para Youtubers

Education 86.8% 1.1M 28.3K 5.6K 1.4K Preview
16 Joba @Joba


Education 92.27% 556K 47.5K 7.1K 429 Preview
17 Manual do Homem @Manual do Homem

Manual do Homem

Education 77.74% 1.3M 37.1K 7.2K 552 Preview
18 Mayara Rodrigues @MayaraUno

Mayara Rodrigues

Education 58.58% 1.2M 64.3K 6.4K 407 Preview
19 SejaUmaPessoaMelhor @SejaUmaPessoaMelhor


Education 86.65% 2.1M 58.9K 8.5K 192.5 Preview
20 Estéfano Gabriel @Estéfano Gabriel

Estéfano Gabriel

Education 62.36% 992K 82.5K 6.3K 240 Preview
21 Pastora Tânia Tereza Oficial @Pastora Tânia Tereza Oficial

Pastora Tânia Tereza Oficial

Education 72.08% 304.5K 28.3K 5.4K 704 Preview
22 Lucas Felpi @Lucas Felpi

Lucas Felpi

Education 86.4% 301.2K 31.9K 6.9K 387 Preview
23 Felipe Araujo @MrFeehAraujo

Felipe Araujo

Education 88.1% 374.1K 34K 5K 452.5 Preview
24 Foca na História @Foca na História

Foca na História

Education 75.81% 552.1K 36.5K 5K 449 Preview
25 English in Brazil by Carina Fragozo @carinafragozo

English in Brazil by Carina Fragozo

Education 83.6% 1.3M 30.6K 6.2K 369 Preview
26 Escola Esotérica @EscolaLuzDaLua

Escola Esotérica

Education 75.67% 1.3M 25.3K 6.4K 390 Preview
27 Umberto Mannarino @exatasexatas

Umberto Mannarino

Education 87.38% 884.1K 22.3K 4.2K 539 Preview
28 Tim Explica @Tim Explica

Tim Explica

Education 77.11% 1.2M 30.3K 5K 346.5 Preview
29 Encontros Astrológicos: Débora Mechica @Encontros Astrológicos: Débora Mechica

Encontros Astrológicos: Débora Mechica

Education 85.29% 211.6K 38K 5K 220.5 Preview
30 Psychic Minutes @minutospsiquicos

Psychic Minutes

Education 83.45% 918K 37.7K 6K 170 Preview
31 Verdade Mundial @Verdade Mundial

Verdade Mundial

Education 83.33% 287K 19K 4K 492 Preview
32 Pit Money @Pit Money

Pit Money

Education 90.81% 342.1K 33.9K 4.1K 216 Preview
33 Ask Jackie @Ask Jackie

Ask Jackie

Education 80.97% 683.2K 23.5K 4.6K 279 Preview
34 Heitor Castro @heitorcastro

Heitor Castro

Education 83.98% 1.6M 24.7K 3.1K 350.5 Preview
35 Canal do Holder @Canal do Holder

Canal do Holder

Education 93.32% 248.1K 32.3K 5.7K 131 Preview
36 Geronimo Theml @Geronimo Theml

Geronimo Theml

Education 87.65% 702.6K 46.1K 2.5K 211 Preview
37 Ser Eletricista @Ser Eletricista

Ser Eletricista

Education 85.71% 504.1K 36.6K 4.6K 147 Preview
38 Professor Noslen @Professor Noslen

Professor Noslen

Education 80.14% 2.9M 22.1K 4.2K 257 Preview
39 JasonProjetoGiga @JasonProjetoGiga


Education 84.63% 444.6K 21.2K 3.2K 334.5 Preview
40 Produccine @henriquecestarolli


Education 85.36% 433.1K 18.5K 2.6K 427.5 Preview
41 Valeska Ribeiro @modaeviciosblog

Valeska Ribeiro

Education 85.14% 243.4K 19.4K 3K 345 Preview
42 Descomplica @sitedescomplica


Education 88.89% 3.2M 19.3K 1.8K 517 Preview
43 Canal R. Macário @pakitobsb

Canal R. Macário

Education 83.49% 213.5K 35.5K 3.4K 165 Preview
44 AlphaSpirit @MrKarowalawsky


Education 96.28% 129.5K 14.9K 2.7K 396 Preview
45 Celso Cavallini @WildWayTube

Celso Cavallini

Education 86.43% 936.1K 21.6K 3.4K 233 Preview
46 Luz da Serra @Luzdaserra

Luz da Serra

Education 79.74% 1.7M 21.8K 3.4K 205 Preview
47 Pamela Magalhães @Pamela Magalhães

Pamela Magalhães

Education 75.45% 337.2K 24.2K 2.6K 237 Preview
48 The English Coach @The English Coach

The English Coach

Education 21.09% 693.5K 40.3K 3.8K 340 Preview
49 DIY Compartilhando Arte @DIY Compartilhando Arte

DIY Compartilhando Arte

Education 72.69% 679.2K 25.6K 3.2K 174 Preview
50 Blog do crochê @99212349

Blog do crochê

Education 77.63% 613.1K 22.1K 2.1K 262.5 Preview
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