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Top 100 News & Politics Youtube channels in United States

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential News & Politics YouTubers and channels in the United States. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From United States Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 DramaAlert @NewDramaAlert


News & Politics 49.43% 5.5M 1.8M 106.7K 8.3K Preview
2 Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanetLive

Paul Joseph Watson

News & Politics 40.66% 1.8M 566K 56K 12.9K Preview
3 Philip DeFranco @sxephil

Philip DeFranco

News & Politics 58.67% 6.4M 914.6K 41.5K 4.8K Preview
4 Mark Dice @MarkDice

Mark Dice

News & Politics 66.18% 1.5M 271.6K 38.6K 5.2K Preview
5 Derek Van Schaik @Derek Van Schaik

Derek Van Schaik

News & Politics 53.41% 363.5K 664.9K 32.5K 3K Preview
6 Fleccas Talks @Fleccas Talks

Fleccas Talks

News & Politics 67.09% 416.5K 299.1K 16.3K 6.2K Preview
7 The Right Opinion @The Right Opinion

The Right Opinion

News & Politics 48.77% 512.1K 478.9K 20.3K 2.4K Preview
8 Brian Tyler Cohen @briantylercohen

Brian Tyler Cohen

News & Politics 62.03% 321.1K 414.8K 12.8K 3.3K Preview
9 Black Conservative Patriot @semajthethird

Black Conservative Patriot

News & Politics 70% 398.1K 175.3K 22.4K 3.5K Preview
10 Tim Pool @Timcasts

Tim Pool

News & Politics 62.22% 651.1K 213.5K 15.5K 4.5K Preview
11 Vox @voxdotcom


News & Politics 41.73% 6.9M 571.6K 24.8K 1.2K Preview
12 Scarce @GoScarce


News & Politics 53.07% 2.8M 331.3K 15.7K 1.4K Preview
13 Don't Walk, Run! Productions @Don't Walk, Run! Productions

Don't Walk, Run! Productions

News & Politics 66% 244.5K 148.8K 9.9K 2.9K Preview
14 Black Pilled @Black Pilled

Black Pilled

News & Politics 61.25% 200.5K 115.9K 12.8K 3K Preview
15 CNBC @cnbc


News & Politics 50.34% 1.2M 467.1K 6.9K 1.6K Preview
16 Edwins Generation @edwinsgeneration

Edwins Generation

News & Politics 51.25% 185.1K 285.5K 10.8K 1.6K Preview
17 Dan Bongino @DanBongino

Dan Bongino

News & Politics 69.92% 310.1K 142.3K 10.2K 2.2K Preview
18 Conservative Twins @Conservative Twins

Conservative Twins

News & Politics 70.83% 265.1K 113.8K 11K 2K Preview
19 Lovelyti TV @lovelyti2002

Lovelyti TV

News & Politics 73.16% 828.9K 144.6K 7.1K 2K Preview
20 John Stossel @rickjohn12000

John Stossel

News & Politics 67.89% 280.1K 128.5K 9.5K 1.7K Preview
21 China Uncensored @NTDChinaUncensored

China Uncensored

News & Politics 41.38% 914.1K 134.4K 9.6K 2.3K Preview
22 Business Insider @businessinsider

Business Insider

News & Politics 46.88% 2.4M 403.9K 6.9K 883 Preview
23 Brandon Tatum @btcruiser34

Brandon Tatum

News & Politics 75.03% 402.1K 69.4K 8.6K 2.5K Preview
24 The Jimmy Dore Show @TYTComedy

The Jimmy Dore Show

News & Politics 61.14% 645.1K 113.4K 7.2K 2.2K Preview
25 1791 @1791


News & Politics 55.14% 407.9K 146.9K 9.6K 1.1K Preview
26 The Amazing Lucas @The Amazing Lucas

The Amazing Lucas

News & Politics 68.15% 460.5K 79.3K 7.3K 2K Preview
27 Jason A @NoLife127

Jason A

News & Politics 53.08% 1.1M 143.2K 5.1K 1.9K Preview
28 SGTreport @SGTbull07


News & Politics 61.19% 573.5K 95.8K 8.2K 1.5K Preview
29 Its Mike Luso @Its Mike Luso

Its Mike Luso

News & Politics 66.31% 39.6K 84.7K 5.3K 2.2K Preview
30 Sargon of Akkad @SargonofAkkad100

Sargon of Akkad

News & Politics 31.31% 966.9K 118K 9.2K 1.9K Preview
31 James Freeman @James Freeman

James Freeman

News & Politics 75.52% 70.2K 130.6K 3.7K 1.7K Preview
32 Amazing Polly @Amazing Polly

Amazing Polly

News & Politics 49.73% 182.5K 66.5K 7.9K 2.2K Preview
33 John Ward @John Ward

John Ward

News & Politics 68.06% 173.5K 63.9K 9.3K 1.4K Preview
34 Dj Joe Catador @djjoecatador

Dj Joe Catador

News & Politics 40.35% 20.3K 455.9K 9.5K 414 Preview
35 Dr. Steve Turley @Dr. Steve Turley

Dr. Steve Turley

News & Politics 47.49% 230.1K 79.7K 8.3K 1.7K Preview
36 CNBC Make It. @CNBC Make It.

CNBC Make It.

News & Politics 68.21% 225.1K 279.9K 5.2K 538.5 Preview
37 -Wen Zhao Official文昭談古論今 @-Wen Zhao Official文昭談古論今

-Wen Zhao Official文昭談古論今

News & Politics 25.34% 399.1K 329.9K 5.1K 1.2K Preview
38 The Rageaholic @xRazorFistx

The Rageaholic

News & Politics 58.72% 230.5K 75.4K 9.4K 1.2K Preview
39 Fox News @FoxNewsChannel

Fox News

News & Politics 66.08% 3.8M 144.4K 3.2K 1.6K Preview
40 RedPill78 @votezaktaylor


News & Politics 68.92% 179.5K 72.5K 9.1K 1K Preview


News & Politics 62.76% 7.9M 155.7K 2.3K 2K Preview
42 Secular Talk @SecularTalk

Secular Talk

News & Politics 64.82% 759.5K 94.5K 5.4K 1.4K Preview
43 Liz Crokin @Liz Crokin

Liz Crokin

News & Politics 64.15% 75.8K 53.7K 6.4K 1.9K Preview
44 The Economist @EconomistMagazine

The Economist

News & Politics 28.81% 1.1M 191.4K 6.3K 1.2K Preview
45 Robert Reich @Robert Reich

Robert Reich

News & Politics 64.95% 169.5K 67.3K 6.9K 1.2K Preview
46 Matt Christiansen @LibraryOfCODRage

Matt Christiansen

News & Politics 66.23% 205.5K 65K 6.5K 1.3K Preview
47 Jericho Green @Jericho Green

Jericho Green

News & Politics 76.3% 164.5K 46K 6.5K 1.5K Preview
48 Streamers Reloaded @Streamers Reloaded

Streamers Reloaded

News & Politics 45.41% 207.5K 162K 4.4K 1K Preview
49 江峰时刻 @江峰时刻


News & Politics 29.33% 262.1K 209.2K 5.2K 1K Preview
50 The Red Elephants Vincent James @The Red Elephants Vincent James

The Red Elephants Vincent James

News & Politics 65.02% 295.5K 43.4K 5.6K 2.1K Preview
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