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Top 100 Most Subscribed Education Youtube channels in South Korea

February 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Education YouTubers and channels in the South Korea. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From South Korea Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 YongDal @YongDal


Education 92.09% 525.1K 937.7K 10.5K 1.5K Preview
2 올리버쌤 @올리버쌤


Education 79.62% 1.5M 317.8K 14.2K 2.8K Preview
3 아이템의 인벤토리 @tndlswmd

아이템의 인벤토리

Education 93.92% 366.5K 420.7K 9.4K 2.5K Preview
4 입시덕후 @입시덕후


Education 93.18% 485.1K 375.2K 8K 2.6K Preview
5 Shimiken TV @Shimiken TV

Shimiken TV

Education 88.21% 599.1K 331.8K 8.5K 1.7K Preview
6 밀덕영상 캐러브 @kaelove1234

밀덕영상 캐러브

Education 83.95% 77.9K 946.1K 7.7K 554 Preview
7 영알남YAN @영알남YAN


Education 84.82% 842.5K 354.6K 5.2K 1.4K Preview
8 조승연의 탐구생활 @Originvoca

조승연의 탐구생활

Education 88.05% 310.1K 293.4K 10K 660.5 Preview


Education 88.82% 622.1K 584.9K 6.3K 509 Preview
10 빨간생각 Red Mind @빨간생각 Red Mind

빨간생각 Red Mind

Education 95.52% 94.5K 614K 2.9K 555 Preview
11 Meguri @Meguri


Education 89.34% 291.5K 164.4K 5.5K 770.5 Preview
12 누나IT @haiipad


Education 90.36% 156.1K 348.1K 9.8K 170 Preview
13 5Min History @5Min History

5Min History

Education 76.67% 13.1K 237.2K 2.5K 922 Preview
14 잡학노트 @잡학노트


Education 90.84% 68.5K 174K 1.9K 1.1K Preview
15 지식한잔 @지식한잔


Education 87.25% 280.5K 167.1K 3.1K 563.5 Preview
16 건들건들 @건들건들


Education 89.58% 184.5K 153.9K 3.4K 481 Preview
17 닥터프렌즈 @닥터프렌즈


Education 87.31% 561.1K 109.6K 3.8K 493 Preview
18 북올림 @북올림


Education 91.11% 186.5K 294.6K 5.4K 115 Preview
19 닥터심 @닥터심


Education 86.36% 26.2K 145.6K 3.8K 335 Preview
20 디바제시카DeevaJessica @deevajessica


Education 90.44% 1.9M 160.5K 3.2K 312.5 Preview
21 갱생르서 @갱생르서


Education 91.67% 32.2K 76K 2K 906 Preview
22 황현필 한국사 @황현필 한국사

황현필 한국사

Education 88.89% 257.1K 102.1K 3K 442.5 Preview
23 연고티비 @연고티비


Education 90% 340.1K 116.6K 2.6K 365 Preview
24 잘잘법 :잘 믿고 잘 사는 법 @잘잘법 :잘 믿고 잘 사는 법

잘잘법 :잘 믿고 잘 사는 법

Education 73.91% 72.3K 121K 3.3K 329 Preview
25 조코딩 JoCoding @조코딩 JoCoding

조코딩 JoCoding

Education 89.16% 82.6K 91.5K 2.8K 392 Preview
26 약사가 들려주는 약 이야기 @약사가 들려주는 약 이야기

약사가 들려주는 약 이야기

Education 90.61% 552.1K 89.2K 2.8K 341.5 Preview
27 영어의사 알렉스 @영어의사 알렉스

영어의사 알렉스

Education 68.18% 168.5K 79.5K 3.3K 358 Preview
28 재테크읽어주는 파일럿 @Super0Min

재테크읽어주는 파일럿

Education 98.28% 73.6K 71.1K 2.3K 381.5 Preview
29 돌디 @돌디


Education 88.8% 235.5K 66.6K 3.1K 306 Preview
30 써에이스쇼 sirace show @써에이스쇼 sirace show

써에이스쇼 sirace show

Education 86.74% 206.5K 52.5K 2K 574 Preview
31 타로마스터정회도 @타로마스터정회도


Education 87.97% 92.5K 47.7K 2.9K 389 Preview
32 또모TOWMOO @keroro1004able


Education 89.17% 325.1K 90K 2.2K 256.5 Preview
33 최상천의 사람나라 @최상천의 사람나라

최상천의 사람나라

Education 85.06% 40.8K 42K 2.9K 392 Preview
34 이지성TV @이지성TV


Education 90.07% 219.5K 52.9K 3.8K 181.5 Preview
35 별별역사 @별별역사


Education 90.78% 103.1K 75.5K 1.7K 286 Preview
36 Summer Park @Summer Park

Summer Park

Education 64.21% 192.1K 63.5K 3.5K 214 Preview
37 서울대 정선생 JYW @서울대 정선생 JYW

서울대 정선생 JYW

Education 81.48% 47.5K 54.4K 1.9K 351 Preview
38 Victory @Victory


Education 76.84% 122.1K 37.8K 3.9K 254.5 Preview
39 NEO지식창고 @NEO지식창고


Education 84.43% 268.5K 58.1K 2.5K 231 Preview
40 김동호 목사 아카이브 @김동호 목사 아카이브

김동호 목사 아카이브

Education 82.76% 91K 56K 3.7K 151 Preview
41 진저 Jinger Cho @진저 Jinger Cho

진저 Jinger Cho

Education 65.24% 268.5K 77.9K 2K 235.5 Preview
42 권아나TV @권아나TV


Education 81.88% 101.5K 30.3K 2.1K 435 Preview
43 캡틴TV @캡틴TV


Education 87.03% 59.8K 29.8K 1.5K 565 Preview
44 행크TV @행크TV


Education 100% 29.4K 130.6K 1.5K 111.5 Preview
45 괴짜TV @괴짜TV


Education 90.2% 47K 82.2K 749 371 Preview
46 김재군대입컨설팅무료인강 @김재군대입컨설팅무료인강


Education 91.57% 35.2K 28.5K 1.5K 486 Preview
47 MKTV 김미경TV @artspeech0783


Education 84.8% 962.1K 69K 1.6K 202.5 Preview
48 은근한 잡다한 지식 @은근한 잡다한 지식

은근한 잡다한 지식

Education 96.14% 138.1K 56.5K 1.1K 330 Preview
49 의대의 모범생 @의대의 모범생

의대의 모범생

Education 100% 17 113K 1.3K 123 Preview
50 최민준의 아들TV @최민준의 아들TV

최민준의 아들TV

Education 91.88% 151.5K 79.2K 1.1K 202 Preview
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