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Top 100 Education Youtube channels in Pakistan

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January 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Education YouTubers and channels in the Pakistan. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Pakistan Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Reality Tv @Reality Tv

Reality Tv

Education 76.42% 1.5M 286K 13.1K 934 Preview
2 Easypaisa @TPeasypaisa


Education 85.16% 228.4K 2.7M 5.5K 125 Preview


Education 65.38% 989K 112K 9.1K 686 Preview


Education 73.23% 1.4M 194.7K 8.7K 321 Preview
5 Haider Tv @Haider Tv

Haider Tv

Education 71.92% 1.8M 215.7K 6.1K 252 Preview
6 Adil Tanvir @Adil Tanvir

Adil Tanvir

Education 46.02% 47.7K 287.3K 4.8K 337 Preview
7 AJ Official @AJ Official

AJ Official

Education 43.77% 4.9M 226.3K 6.8K 293.5 Preview
8 Mind Boost Riddles @Mind Boost Riddles

Mind Boost Riddles

Education 80.65% 85.7K 101.8K 3.4K 557 Preview
9 Now You Know It @Now You Know It

Now You Know It

Education 91.57% 750K 194.5K 5.8K 151.5 Preview
10 Roxen @Roxen


Education 73.94% 675.1K 114.7K 3.9K 398.5 Preview
11 Discovery Point @Discovery Point

Discovery Point

Education 73.43% 313.1K 149.2K 5.3K 223 Preview
12 Islamic Releases @Islamic Releases

Islamic Releases

Education 47.86% 757K 136.4K 2.8K 338 Preview
13 Reality Stories @Reality Stories

Reality Stories

Education 80.86% 137K 58.4K 4.2K 263 Preview
14 Tariq Jamil Official @Tariq Jamil Official

Tariq Jamil Official

Education 56.96% 2.7M 67.6K 3.1K 255 Preview
15 Munno TV @Munno TV

Munno TV

Education 90% 18.2K 344K 2.5K 40 Preview
16 knowldge Factory @knowldge Factory

knowldge Factory

Education 71.19% 1.5M 58.3K 3.1K 236 Preview
17 Dr. Samra Amin Lahore @Dr. Samra Amin Lahore

Dr. Samra Amin Lahore

Education 77.74% 121.2K 54.8K 1.5K 353 Preview
18 top4U @top4U


Education 87.4% 1.1M 26.9K 2.1K 431 Preview
19 Tamoor Pardasi @tamoorpardasi

Tamoor Pardasi

Education 85.8% 528.2K 20K 1.6K 703 Preview
20 Islam Advisor @Islam Advisor

Islam Advisor

Education 56.98% 1.8M 70.7K 1.7K 279 Preview
21 GFXMentor @GFXMentor


Education 57.28% 426.1K 24.6K 2.5K 386 Preview
22 Waqar Malik @wgenius1728

Waqar Malik

Education 63.11% 176K 33.6K 2.6K 234.5 Preview
23 Rohail Voice @Rohail Voice

Rohail Voice

Education 58.3% 2.1M 54.4K 2.3K 160 Preview
24 Knowledge Power @Knowledge Power

Knowledge Power

Education 58.06% 1.2M 45K 2.2K 184 Preview
25 My eSheet @My eSheet

My eSheet

Education 33.33% 19.1K 38.6K 1.8K 426 Preview
26 Malumat Tube Official @Malumat Tube Official

Malumat Tube Official

Education 53.39% 1.7M 121K 2.1K 61 Preview
27 Islamic Teacher Official @Islamic Teacher Official

Islamic Teacher Official

Education 55.11% 4.7M 78.9K 2.2K 88.5 Preview
28 Haqeeqat Ki Dunya @Haqeeqat Ki Dunya

Haqeeqat Ki Dunya

Education 77.78% 971.1K 62.5K 1.9K 88 Preview
29 Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza - Official Channel @EngineerMuhammadAliM

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza - Official Channel

Education 57.97% 842.1K 41.4K 1.4K 229 Preview
30 Discover The World @Discover The World

Discover The World

Education 70.04% 947.2K 51.2K 1.9K 90.5 Preview
31 Naya Pakistan International @Naya Pakistan International

Naya Pakistan International

Education 45.48% 0 66.5K 2K 95 Preview
32 Urdu Center Voice @Urdu Center Voice

Urdu Center Voice

Education 47.62% 94.7K 40.6K 1.5K 187 Preview
33 Moral Story @Moral Story

Moral Story

Education 52.07% 526.5K 52.9K 1.4K 130 Preview


Education 47.39% 986.2K 53.4K 1.4K 128 Preview
35 InfoLand @InfoLand


Education 73.63% 275.6K 73.4K 1K 75 Preview
36 ilm ke moti @ilm ke moti

ilm ke moti

Education 35.44% 671.1K 107.4K 1.3K 83 Preview
37 Pakistan Affairs @Pakistan Affairs

Pakistan Affairs

Education 68.99% 668.5K 12.8K 2.3K 193 Preview
38 ALRA TV @mehdifoundation


Education 44% 147.6K 6.9K 605 1.9K Preview
39 Urdu Discovery @TheTalha7878

Urdu Discovery

Education 66.86% 1.1M 28.1K 1.9K 85 Preview
40 Astrogems Official @harisastrologer

Astrogems Official

Education 80% 226.1K 24.2K 946 159 Preview
41 Spread The Islam @yasirrajput1

Spread The Islam

Education 52.56% 2.3M 41.3K 1.3K 90.5 Preview
42 Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza (Complete Lectures Channel) @EngrMuhammadAliMirza

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza (Complete Lectures Channel)

Education 46.01% 200.5K 26.5K 849.5 251 Preview
43 Jumbo TV @Jumbo TV

Jumbo TV

Education 58.54% 666.4K 18.3K 1.2K 192 Preview
44 Followers of Islam @Followers of Islam

Followers of Islam

Education 60% 5.9K 23.2K 1.5K 143 Preview
45 Sultan Bahoo Official TV @Sultan Bahoo Official TV

Sultan Bahoo Official TV

Education 37.5% 8.7K 51K 1K 94 Preview
46 Asif Info Hub @Asif Info Hub

Asif Info Hub

Education 85.1% 419.1K 60.8K 660 57 Preview
47 Usman Info Point @Usman Info Point

Usman Info Point

Education 74.83% 208K 20.8K 1.2K 98.5 Preview
48 Mufti Tariq Masood Speeches @Mufti Tariq Masood Speeches

Mufti Tariq Masood Speeches

Education 41.9% 336.1K 23.4K 1.3K 127 Preview
49 Urdu Diary @Urdu Diary

Urdu Diary

Education 62.68% 855.5K 19.7K 1K 124.5 Preview
50 Islamic Bayan Channel @Islamic Bayan Channel

Islamic Bayan Channel

Education 50% 16.9K 38.7K 1.4K 53 Preview
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