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Top 100 Education Youtube channels in Mexico

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January 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential Education YouTubers and channels in the Mexico. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Mexico Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 El Robot de Platón @ElRobotdePlaton

El Robot de Platón

Education 20.83% 1.7M 418K 29.2K 1.5K Preview
2 Diego Saul Reyna Español @diegomontenegro24

Diego Saul Reyna Español

Education 34.38% 979.1K 222.7K 19.2K 1.6K Preview
3 Alfredo Jalife @MrJalife

Alfredo Jalife

Education 62.69% 257.1K 218.4K 10.1K 921 Preview
4 los amigos de la llanura @los amigos de la llanura

los amigos de la llanura

Education 59.03% 250.1K 98K 13.2K 897 Preview
5 Areh @ElblogdeSamvel


Education 16.95% 282.1K 161.8K 9.6K 1.3K Preview
6 Antonio García Villarán @MrCangrejoPistolero

Antonio García Villarán

Education 19.15% 712.1K 142K 13.4K 865.5 Preview
7 Core Tops @Core Tops

Core Tops

Education 15.8% 1.7M 205.6K 15.7K 518 Preview
8 Un Dentista En Youtube @Romu2007

Un Dentista En Youtube

Education 19.87% 985.1K 108K 8.7K 873 Preview
9 El Robot de Colón @El Robot de Colón

El Robot de Colón

Education 25.19% 477.1K 91.7K 9.6K 505.5 Preview
10 Alberto City . VLB3RTO @Alberto City . VLB3RTO

Alberto City . VLB3RTO

Education 68.94% 10.6K 91.7K 1.6K 872 Preview
11 Marco Creativo @marcocreativo

Marco Creativo

Education 16.5% 299.5K 90.2K 8.4K 688 Preview
12 【 DRAMARAMA RANDOM 】 @Chibimunki


Education 19.5% 90.6K 67.7K 7.3K 742 Preview
13 Main Watchers @snootyaaron

Main Watchers

Education 70.51% 278.1K 84.4K 2.9K 384.5 Preview


Education 44.81% 2.9M 74.7K 7K 235 Preview


Education 16.97% 1.5M 231.9K 4.5K 288 Preview
16 ChamucaTATTOOS @ChamucaTATTOOS


Education 51.41% 482.1K 41K 4.1K 424 Preview
17 Ginecologa Diana Alvarez @mdiana2007

Ginecologa Diana Alvarez

Education 19.67% 340.1K 118.2K 3.1K 494 Preview
18 Kale Anders @Kale Anders

Kale Anders

Education 24.22% 376.1K 57.1K 5.4K 463 Preview
19 Inglés Kike Rodríguez @english4students

Inglés Kike Rodríguez

Education 28.57% 297.1K 159.5K 3.3K 211 Preview
20 CuriosaMente @CuriosaMente


Education 28.84% 1.4M 56.9K 4.7K 367.5 Preview


Education 67.19% 66.8K 48.6K 2.5K 336 Preview
22 Dr. Agustin Landivar @Dr. Agustin Landivar

Dr. Agustin Landivar

Education 15.61% 2.5M 45.1K 4.9K 755.5 Preview
23 Yolo Camotes @Yolo Camotes

Yolo Camotes

Education 65.4% 301.1K 32K 3.9K 273 Preview
24 Padre Arturo Cornejo @Padre Arturo Cornejo

Padre Arturo Cornejo

Education 27.03% 166K 47.5K 6.6K 252 Preview
25 DW Documental @DW Documental

DW Documental

Education 19.52% 1.2M 148.3K 2.3K 313 Preview
26 El Mapa de Sebas @El Mapa de Sebas

El Mapa de Sebas

Education 12.75% 209.1K 70.3K 3.3K 640 Preview
27 Keon y Emi @Keon y Emi

Keon y Emi

Education 18.52% 22.9K 80K 3.2K 364 Preview
28 parodiadoranimado @parodiadoranimado


Education 23.33% 96.3K 26.6K 4.2K 623 Preview
29 Dimension B @Dimension B

Dimension B

Education 19.62% 262.1K 42.5K 4.6K 406 Preview
30 Adderly Céspedes @adderly2dd

Adderly Céspedes

Education 20.54% 376.1K 31.8K 4.6K 440 Preview
31 inglesamericano101 @inglesamericano101


Education 19.33% 1.4M 42.3K 3.5K 349 Preview
32 El Diario De Un Emprendedor @El Diario De Un Emprendedor

El Diario De Un Emprendedor

Education 16.14% 877.1K 66.8K 4.4K 183 Preview
33 Comercio y Aduanas @comercioyaduanascom

Comercio y Aduanas

Education 60% 54.7K 77.9K 1.9K 91.5 Preview
34 Tuiwok Talento @tuiwoktalento

Tuiwok Talento

Education 12.31% 2.4M 115.3K 5.9K 82 Preview
35 guitarraviva @escuelaguitarra


Education 19.65% 3M 35.6K 2.9K 322 Preview
36 ChordHouse @academiafontv


Education 37.69% 916.1K 24.2K 2.7K 250 Preview
37 Bully Magnets @BullyMagnets

Bully Magnets

Education 47.96% 306.5K 23K 2.5K 221 Preview
38 EmprendeAprendiendo @EmprendeAprendiendo


Education 19.35% 1.2M 45.9K 3.1K 218 Preview
39 Hanns @Hanns


Education 19.58% 70.7K 57.8K 3.4K 144.5 Preview
40 El Gato Historiador. Cus Channel @El Gato Historiador. Cus Channel

El Gato Historiador. Cus Channel

Education 28.25% 61.3K 49.2K 2.1K 180.5 Preview
41 Inmuebles Qn @Inmuebles Qn

Inmuebles Qn

Education 36.36% 68.1K 134.1K 1.5K 72 Preview
42 Ahora Sí Paso @Ahora Sí Paso

Ahora Sí Paso

Education 79.43% 112.5K 22K 1.2K 221 Preview
43 julioprofe @julioprofe


Education 21.53% 3.8M 21K 3K 331.5 Preview
44 Ozone Dance Fit @Ozone Dance Fit

Ozone Dance Fit

Education 22.86% 91.7K 46K 1.8K 230.5 Preview


Education 16.74% 930.5K 28.1K 2.3K 363 Preview
46 Fachadas de casas @Fachadas de casas

Fachadas de casas

Education 25% 362.1K 43.8K 1.8K 192 Preview
47 Fiore & Faby @Fiore & Faby

Fiore & Faby

Education 31.12% 165.1K 25.2K 2.4K 204 Preview
48 Alvaro Reyes @alvarodaygame

Alvaro Reyes

Education 13.8% 937.1K 35.7K 2.4K 286 Preview
49 Familia JLOV @Familia JLOV

Familia JLOV

Education 55.83% 30.8K 22.1K 1.2K 231.5 Preview
50 Plano de casa @planodecasa

Plano de casa

Education 30.35% 270.5K 39.7K 2.1K 127 Preview
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