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Top Most Subscribed Youtube channels in Saudi Arabia

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 1000 most subscribed YouTubers and channels in Saudi Arabia. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in Saudi Arabia and get a list of the most popular YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From Saudi Arabia Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 BanderitaX @BanderitaX


Video Games 28.06% 7M 1.5M 220.3K 11.3K Preview
2 TheSaudiReporters | سعودي ريبورترز @thesaudireporters

TheSaudiReporters | سعودي ريبورترز

Entertainment 24.68% 6.5M 2.4M 232.4K 13.3K Preview
3 دستور DSTOR I @dsstooryh

دستور DSTOR I

Entertainment 27.61% 5.7M 2M 198.6K 3.6K Preview
4 Yousef Ahmed @GamesSt4TioN

Yousef Ahmed

Entertainment 25.02% 5.6M 649.3K 59.7K 1.4K Preview
5 قناة سعود Saud Channel l @قناة سعود Saud Channel l

قناة سعود Saud Channel l

Entertainment 35.71% 5.5M 2.3M 224.8K 10.4K Preview
6 zSHOWz @zSHOWzz


Entertainment 43.33% 5.2M 762.3K 109.6K 5.9K Preview
7 d7oomy_999 | دحومي٩٩٩ @d7oomy999

d7oomy_999 | دحومي٩٩٩

Entertainment 32.33% 5.1M 284.5K 47.6K 1.8K Preview
8 S7S @hussain9


Entertainment 25% 4.9M 1.7M 133.7K 11.7K Preview
9 BarryTube @BarryTube


Movies and TV 22.02% 4.8M 1.9M 401.9K 44.4K Preview
10 تايقر | t1GGEEr @t1GGEEr

تايقر | t1GGEEr

29.89% 4.8M 934.9K 101.5K 6.1K Preview
11 انيينكم | ANINNKM @انيينكم | ANINNKM

انيينكم | ANINNKM

People & Blogs 47.54% 4.5M 1.8M 196.5K 9.3K Preview
12 Joe HaTTab @jehadhattab

Joe HaTTab

People & Blogs 13.68% 4.4M 1.7M 125.5K 7.5K Preview
13 صالح - oPiiLz @DiVel4201

صالح - oPiiLz

Entertainment 20.4% 4.2M 1.1M 127K 4.1K Preview
14 أوسمز oCMz @iioCMz

أوسمز oCMz

Video Games 22.03% 4.1M 938.9K 105.9K 4.2K Preview
15 Spacetoon @spacetoononline


Entertainment 16.88% 4.1M 79.2K 1.2K 573 Preview
16 توبز TOPZ @ard19819

توبز TOPZ

Entertainment 30.6% 4.1M 1.2M 202.9K 16K Preview
17 Fahad Sal @MrFahadSalBlog

Fahad Sal

Entertainment 29.38% 4M 458.5K 67.3K 7.4K Preview
18 TMFaisal @TMFaisal1


Video Games 25.45% 3.6M 687.8K 103.9K 3.5K Preview
19 صاحي Sa7i @sa7iChannel

صاحي Sa7i

Entertainment 65.88% 3.5M 825.7K 1.5K 180 Preview
20 KhalafZone | خلف زون @xTiiGeIR

KhalafZone | خلف زون

People & Blogs 32.82% 3.4M 484.7K 53.3K 3K Preview
21 MAX HD @pepsiALARB


Entertainment 31.49% 3.3M 1.2M 144K 7.6K Preview
22 Fir4sGamer @Fir4sGamer


Video Games 29.15% 3.3M 242.3K 20.4K 685 Preview
23 تكسلر | Txlir @aliomar1sa

تكسلر | Txlir

Entertainment 24.71% 3.3M 349.6K 27.3K 1.6K Preview
24 Kwili @kwiliVEVO


People & Blogs 27.55% 3.2M 2M 205.2K 14.2K Preview
25 Rakanoo @lRAlKAN


Video Games 33.37% 3.2M 701.4K 82K 3K Preview
26 عائلة رياض @riyadrzq

عائلة رياض

People & Blogs 53.85% 3.2M 318.4K 4.7K 189 Preview
27 Lift and Cheat channel @Lift and Cheat channel

Lift and Cheat channel

Entertainment 25.18% 3.1M 755.8K 49.8K 1.8K Preview
28 Bjlife @Bjlife


People & Blogs 22.31% 3M 1.8M 67.1K 11.7K Preview
29 xxYjYxx @xxYjYxx


Video Games 44.9% 2.9M 1.8M 148K 7.7K Preview
30 UTD Saudi فيصل السيف @uptodateksa2

UTD Saudi فيصل السيف

Technology & Science 34.6% 2.8M 175.9K 11.1K 552 Preview


Entertainment 57.08% 2.7M 365.7K 53.4K 4.5K Preview
32 مزيون قيمز - GamesMzuuoon @مزيون قيمز - GamesMzuuoon

مزيون قيمز - GamesMzuuoon

Video Games 47.81% 2.6M 162.2K 18.3K 732 Preview
33 Moha @imosx


22.7% 2.4M 348.5K 57.4K 10.5K Preview
34 ArabGT.com @ArabMotorstv


Cars & Motorbikes 22.86% 2.3M 260.5K 23.2K 1.1K Preview
35 ممباوي | Mmbawe @1wailking

ممباوي | Mmbawe

Entertainment 19.62% 2.3M 225.6K 30.4K 2.7K Preview
36 Abdoh4Magic @ABDOH4MAGIC


Entertainment 37.78% 2.3M 312.9K 48.6K 3.4K Preview
37 زومبي كيلر ZKHQ l @adam64641

زومبي كيلر ZKHQ l

Entertainment 22.31% 2.3M 2.2M 225.5K 6.6K Preview
38 Ayatee @Ayatee


How-to & Style 14.81% 2.3M 3M 273.8K 635.1K Preview
39 SHoNgxBoNg @SHoNgxxBoNg


Video Games 47.28% 2.2M 3.2M 286.7K 11.5K Preview
40 Zee Alwan Tv Channel @Zee Alwan Tv Channel

Zee Alwan Tv Channel

Entertainment 42.86% 2.2M 327.8K 3.6K 147 Preview
41 عامر/3AMR @عامر/3AMR


People & Blogs 47.26% 2.2M 56.7K 7.5K 375 Preview
42 قرية العجائب @قرية العجائب

قرية العجائب

Entertainment 25.08% 2.2M 1.2M 82.3K 4.2K Preview


People & Blogs 33.1% 2.1M 721.4K 138.1K 13.6K Preview
44 Five Lights | خمسة أضواء @DSHATHAa

Five Lights | خمسة أضواء

Music 25.74% 2.1M 223.4K 8K 0 Preview
45 FFearFFul @FFearFFul


Video Games 38.94% 2.1M 1.2M 153.3K 9.8K Preview


Movies and TV 27.76% 2.1M 680.6K 73K 5.7K Preview
47 عبدالاله Abdulelah l @GYHUNJ

عبدالاله Abdulelah l

People & Blogs 32.84% 2.1M 9.5K 1.3K 109 Preview
48 اكسمسح - xms77 @xms77sa

اكسمسح - xms77

Movies and TV 34.94% 2M 1.8M 176K 6.1K Preview
49 Ahmed Show @Ahmed Show

Ahmed Show

Video Games 30.67% 2M 387.1K 61.5K 2.3K Preview
50 The Datis @The Datis

The Datis

Entertainment 13.4% 2M 147.8K 13.5K 656 Preview
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