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June 2020

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# @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Weedzao @weedzao


Tobacco & Smoking Sports with a ball Brazil 2.6M 74.3K Free report
2 Hitsblunt @hitsblunt


Tobacco & Smoking Lifestyle United States 3.5M 16.1K Free report
3 KIMA SOFIA PANTOJA LOAIZA 🦋 ꪜ @kimapantojaloaiza_


Humor & Fun & Happiness Tobacco & Smoking Mexico 773.6K 62.4K Free report
4 Tommy Chong @heytommychong

Tommy Chong

Tobacco & Smoking Cinema & Actors/actresses United States 2.7M 11.2K Free report
5 新垣結衣 Aragaki Yui Fanspage @aragakiyui_fanspage

新垣結衣 Aragaki Yui Fanspage

Tobacco & Smoking Japan 1.1M 32.1K Free report
6 Quỳnh Anh @quynhanh23

Quỳnh Anh

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 546.9K 46.2K Free report
7 داود غفاری | Davoud Ghaffari @davoodhazine

داود غفاری | Davoud Ghaffari

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 1.7M 12.5K Free report
8 nikkwapili @nikkwapili


Tobacco & Smoking Tanzania 4M 5.5K Free report
9 Nguyễn Tùng Xoài ✌🏻 @iamxoaii

Nguyễn Tùng Xoài ✌🏻

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 472K 42.4K Free report
10 دکتر فرهنگ هلاکویی @dr_holakuee

دکتر فرهنگ هلاکویی

Tobacco & Smoking Beauty Iran 1.1M 20.2K Free report
11 مژگانِ توت فرنگي دوست هستم🍓👸🏻🍓 @rangi__rangi_jan

مژگانِ توت فرنگي دوست هستم🍓👸🏻🍓

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 470.7K 39.4K Preview
12 BANOVAAGHA™ | ♥️بانووآقا @banovaagha

BANOVAAGHA™ | ♥️بانووآقا

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 482.6K 29.2K Preview
13 هانيه توسلى @haniehtavassoli

هانيه توسلى

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 1.3M 11.5K Preview
14 Khánh Vân ( Mây ) @cloud.dokhanhvan

Khánh Vân ( Mây )

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 512.2K 24K Preview
15 ✨ افشا خان شاه ✨ @afsha_jubin_shah_

✨ افشا خان شاه ✨

Tobacco & Smoking India 535.1K 24.7K Preview
16 ZOZO KEMPF @zozokempf


Tobacco & Smoking Hungary 286.9K 42.5K Preview
17 21 жастағы миллионерша @erbolat.gulnur

21 жастағы миллионерша

Tobacco & Smoking Kazakhstan 667.8K 18.3K Preview
18 Маxамбетов Галым @galym_makhambetov

Маxамбетов Галым

Humor & Fun & Happiness Tobacco & Smoking Kazakhstan 1.1M 10.5K Preview
19 NEGAR ROKNI | نگار رکنی @negar_rokni_real

NEGAR ROKNI | نگار رکنی

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 479.5K 22.9K Preview
20 Hoàng Thuỳ Linh @hoangthuylinhofficial

Hoàng Thuỳ Linh

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 796.3K 12.4K Preview
21 Alek Fumasa 🚬 @alekfumasa

Alek Fumasa 🚬

Shows Tobacco & Smoking Brazil 504.4K 18.3K Preview
22 Mie ❤ @mienguyen

Mie ❤

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 900.3K 10.1K Preview
23 Weed/Cannabis/Ganja @weed_cannabis_420


Tobacco & Smoking United States 802.6K 11.2K Preview
24 Mahbod 🎬 مَهبـُــــــــد‌ @mr_captive

Mahbod 🎬 مَهبـُــــــــد‌

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 203.7K 45.4K Preview
25 Mai Hà Hoàng Yến @hoang.yennn_

Mai Hà Hoàng Yến

Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 398.1K 22K Preview
26 FOOS GONE WILD ™️ @foosgonewild


Lifestyle Tobacco & Smoking United States 632.3K 13.1K Preview
27 Vahid Hashemian @vahid.hashemian

Vahid Hashemian

Tobacco & Smoking Sports with a ball Iran 370K 22.3K Preview
28 مهرزاد شجاعی 💛 تی ناز می‌ گاز @ti_naz_mi_gaz

مهرزاد شجاعی 💛 تی ناز می‌ گاز

Literature & Journalism Tobacco & Smoking Iran 280.3K 43.6K Preview
29 الميرا خاني @itselmirakhani

الميرا خاني

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 307.4K 25.9K Preview
30 فرافکت @farafact


Tobacco & Smoking Iran 349.7K 21.8K Preview
31 TNT.FACT | تی ان تی فکت @tnt.fact

TNT.FACT | تی ان تی فکت

Food & Cooking Business & Careers Tobacco & Smoking Shows Iran 1.2M 6.6K Preview
32 Dabbing Granny @dabbing_granny

Dabbing Granny

Tobacco & Smoking Humor & Fun & Happiness United States 1.5M 5K Preview
33 سجاد سلمان @sjoody2

سجاد سلمان

Tobacco & Smoking Iraq 448.4K 17.4K Preview
34 ‎فرهاد يه شكموى شاد😋 @farhadpaz

‎فرهاد يه شكموى شاد😋

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 427.9K 15.5K Preview
35 Mox,Rece,Neff,Rob,Scoot,Bosco @42_dugggg


Lifestyle Tobacco & Smoking United States 564.5K 12.2K Preview
36 Hasti Mirani @hastimr

Hasti Mirani

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 319.8K 20.9K Preview
37 DEGREY @degrey.saigon


Tobacco & Smoking Vietnam 847.6K 7.5K Preview
38 نمکستون😈 @namakstun


Tobacco & Smoking Iran 1M 5.4K Preview
39 Mozhdeh Hatami @74_mozhdeh

Mozhdeh Hatami

Food & Cooking Tobacco & Smoking Family Iran 229.4K 24.7K Preview
40 Alcoholly Cigarette @alcohollycigarette

Alcoholly Cigarette

Tobacco & Smoking India 445.8K 12.3K Preview
41 🎀 محدثه هستم❤ @mohaddese_banoo

🎀 محدثه هستم❤

Food & Cooking Tobacco & Smoking Iran 335.8K 17.2K Preview
42 @M.fitworkout @monafit.restaurant


Food & Cooking Tobacco & Smoking Iran 259.1K 20.6K Preview
43 🌸💒🌸 🦄👗👠👛 @zarii_lovely_home

🌸💒🌸 🦄👗👠👛

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 230K 23K Preview
44 ✂️✂️بوتيك قيچي✂️✂️ @gheychi.boutique

✂️✂️بوتيك قيچي✂️✂️

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 439.6K 9.8K Preview
45 🎬mostafa bazaz | مصطفی بزاز🎬 @mosi.bazaz

🎬mostafa bazaz | مصطفی بزاز🎬

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 352.8K 12.8K Preview
46 Herb @herb


Tobacco & Smoking United States 1.3M 3.3K Preview
47 Пайдалы насихат @uagyz_nasihat

Пайдалы насихат

Tobacco & Smoking Kazakhstan 799.8K 4.8K Preview
48 خانومي؛ فروشگاه اینترنتی @khanoumi_shop

خانومي؛ فروشگاه اینترنتی

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 590.2K 6.9K Preview
49 🖤 سقوط 🖤 @_soqout

🖤 سقوط 🖤

Tobacco & Smoking Iran 419.8K 9.4K Preview
50 Lê Thanh Hà Vi @vithanhle308

Lê Thanh Hà Vi

Tobacco & Smoking Lifestyle Vietnam 264.8K 13.3K Preview
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