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Top 100 Sports Instagram Influencers in Mexico

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June 2019

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# @username Topics From Mexico Followers Auth Eng from MX
1 Gabriel Montiel @werevertumorro

Gabriel Montiel

Lifestyle Soccer Sports 3.2M 5.1M 46.3K Free report
2 Rayito⚡️ @debryanshow


Sports 3.1M 6.7M 41.2K Free report
3 Saul Alvarez @canelo

Saul Alvarez

Boxing 1.6M 5.4M 55.5K Free report
4 Real Madrid C.F. @realmadrid

Real Madrid C.F.

Soccer 2.2M 73.4M 30.4K Preview
5 Javier “Chicharito” Hernández @ch14_

Javier “Chicharito” Hernández

Soccer 2.6M 5.2M 42.3K Preview
6 Miguel Layun @miguel_layun

Miguel Layun

Soccer 2M 2.8M 34.1K Preview
7 NormaPalafox @normapalafox_


Soccer Actors 739.1K 1.1M 45.3K Preview
8 🇫🇷 André-Pierre Gignac @10apg

🇫🇷 André-Pierre Gignac

Soccer 633.5K 977.5K 42.8K Preview
9 Selección Nacional de México @miseleccionmx

Selección Nacional de México

Soccer 1.7M 3.1M 18K Preview
10 Carlos Vela @carlosv11_

Carlos Vela

Soccer 636.6K 1.4M 32.8K Preview
11 Club América @clubamerica

Club América

Soccer 1.2M 1.9M 14.7K Preview
12 Paulo Dybala @paulodybala

Paulo Dybala

Soccer 412.9K 30.8M 10.9K Preview
13 Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a

Guillermo Ochoa

Soccer 699.1K 1.9M 10.1K Preview
14 Ro Loz @hirvinglozano

Ro Loz

Soccer 480.4K 1.2M 23.7K Preview
15 Andres guardado @andresgua18

Andres guardado

Soccer 450.7K 1.3M 11.7K Preview
16 PULIDO 9️⃣ #AP9 @alan_pulido17


Actors Soccer 531.8K 767.3K 18.3K Preview
17 raulalonsojimenez9 @raulalonsojimenez9


Soccer Actors 715.9K 1.6M 16.9K Preview
18 James Rodríguez @jamesrodriguez10

James Rodríguez

Soccer Sports 1.5M 41.6M 31.2K Preview
19 Chivas @chivas


Soccer 1M 1.5M 12.1K Preview
20 Vanessa Huppenkothen @vanehupp

Vanessa Huppenkothen

Soccer Actors 962.8K 1.6M 8.9K Preview
21 Hector Herrera @h.herrera16

Hector Herrera

Soccer 353.9K 918.6K 12.6K Preview
22 Diego Reyes @diego_reyes13

Diego Reyes

Soccer 562.4K 1.1M 13.1K Preview
23 Jordan @jumpman23


Basketball Sports 846K 17.8M 4.8K Preview
24  @brizuela27_cone

Soccer Actors 404.2K 545.3K 13.6K Preview
25 Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe

Kylian Mbappé

Soccer N/A 30M 899.4K Preview
26 Gerard Piqué @3gerardpique

Gerard Piqué

Soccer Sports 538K 17.2M 9K Preview
27 Maria Fernanda @marifer_cracks

Maria Fernanda

Soccer Actors 194K 415.1K 19.1K Preview
28 Isco Alarcon Suarez @iscoalarcon

Isco Alarcon Suarez

Soccer 475.1K 17.3M 9.3K Preview
29 Alex Morgan @alexmorgan13

Alex Morgan

Soccer 336K 6.3M 8.1K Preview
30 Sergio Ramos @sergioramos

Sergio Ramos

Soccer Sports N/A 32.5M 458.1K Preview
31 Mauricio Abad @soymauricioabad

Mauricio Abad

Soccer Actors 222.4K 449.6K 13.7K Preview
32 Ryan Garcia @kingryang

Ryan Garcia

Boxing 254.9K 2.9M 12.6K Preview
33 Esteban Martínez @estebanshow13

Esteban Martínez

Volleyball 401.1K 1.3M 5.8K Preview
34 Matheus Uribe @matheus_uribe

Matheus Uribe

Soccer Actors 288.5K 566.9K 9.9K Preview
35 vans @vans


Shopping Skateboarding Sports 816.7K 16.3M 2.4K Preview
36 Andres Iniesta @andresiniesta8

Andres Iniesta

Soccer Sports N/A 30.3M 122.5K Preview
37 EDUARDO LÓPEZ 10 👑 @eduardolopezchofis


Soccer Actors Music 267.6K 348.5K 9.5K Preview
38 Vans México @vans_mx

Vans México

Events Skateboarding 730K 905.8K 2.9K Preview
39 Cruz Azul FC @cruzazulfc

Cruz Azul FC

Soccer 372.4K 526.2K 5.2K Preview
40 Jesús Gallardo @jesusgallardo17

Jesús Gallardo

Soccer 182.1K 215K 12.3K Preview
41 Pato Araujo 5 @araujo.patriciog

Pato Araujo 5

Soccer Actors Virtualization 265.5K 355.7K 7K Preview
42 Rayados @rayados


Soccer Journalists 348.2K 452.8K 5.2K Preview
43 Jesus Corona @jjesuscorona01

Jesus Corona

Soccer Actors 336.1K 497K 4.6K Preview
44 Henry Martin @henrymartinm

Henry Martin

Soccer Actors 236.4K 344.9K 6.6K Preview
45 Toni Kroos @toni.kr8s

Toni Kroos

Soccer Sports N/A 21M 257K Preview
46 Nike Football (Soccer) @nikefootball

Nike Football (Soccer)

Soccer Footwear Sports 1.1M 38.8M 6.1K Preview
47 Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Boxing 416.9K 22.8M 2K Preview
48 Wardell Curry @stephencurry30

Wardell Curry

Basketball 396.6K 25.9M 4K Preview
49 Álvaro Morata @alvaromorata

Álvaro Morata

Journalists Soccer Sports 211K 10.1M 2.2K Preview
50 Blanca Felix @blancafelix

Blanca Felix

Soccer Actors 170.7K 234.4K 8.1K Preview
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