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June 2020

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# @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Nike @nike


Fashion Fitness & Gym Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits United States 113.2M 339K Free report
2 vans @vans


Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits United States 18.1M 43.5K Free report
3 An Actress Lah Pokoknya @cassandraslee

An Actress Lah Pokoknya

Business & Careers Shopping & Retail Beauty Fashion Indonesia 8.5M 85.4K Free report
4 New Balance @newbalance

New Balance

Shopping & Retail United States 5.5M 99K Free report
5 PUMA @puma


Clothing & Outfits Shopping & Retail United States 11.3M 33.3K Free report
6 Urban Outfitters @urbanoutfitters

Urban Outfitters

Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits Beauty Fashion United States 9.4M 23.3K Free report
7 BTS @bts.bighitofical


Shopping & Retail Music Shows Indonesia 3.3M 96.1K Free report
8 Victoria's Secret PINK @vspink

Victoria's Secret PINK

Beauty Shopping & Retail Lifestyle Fashion United States 8M 28.1K Free report
9 BTS SUGA | 비티에스 슈가 @bts.suga

BTS SUGA | 비티에스 슈가

Shopping & Retail Music Brazil 3M 106.3K Free report
10 Kardashian Clips @kardashianclips

Kardashian Clips

Shopping & Retail Humor & Fun & Happiness Cinema & Actors/actresses United States 3.3M 45.2K Free report
11 Bath & Body Works @bathandbodyworks

Bath & Body Works

Shopping & Retail United States 5.8M 25.5K Preview
12 Topshop @topshop


Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits Fashion United States 10.3M 11.2K Preview
13 HomeGoods @homegoods


Photography Shopping & Retail United States 3.2M 36.1K Preview
14 Pull&Bear @pullandbear


Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits Spain 6.9M 13.4K Preview
15 Shopee Liga 1 @liga1match

Shopee Liga 1

Shopping & Retail Sports with a ball Indonesia 3.2M 31.1K Preview
16 Bob Menery @bobmenery

Bob Menery

Shows Shopping & Retail United States 2.6M 31.4K Preview
17 ROG Global @asusrog

ROG Global

Shopping & Retail India 1.9M 49.6K Preview
18 D.O. EXO @overdokyungsoo


Shopping & Retail Music Indonesia 2.2M 33.5K Preview
19 #LivePineapple 29/05 18hs @pineapplepnpl

#LivePineapple 29/05 18hs

Shopping & Retail Music Brazil 2.4M 17.9K Preview


Shopping & Retail France 840K 63.4K Preview
21 Natalie Dormer @nataliedormerig

Natalie Dormer

Shopping & Retail Cinema & Actors/actresses India 1.6M 39.4K Preview
22 غذاها و شیرینی جات سعیده پز @ashpazi.saeede

غذاها و شیرینی جات سعیده پز

Shopping & Retail Iran 1.2M 54.2K Preview
23 Dr. Martens @drmartensofficial

Dr. Martens

Clothing & Outfits Shopping & Retail United States 2.7M 20K Preview
24 hottopic @hottopic


Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits Music United States 2.9M 20.4K Preview
25 Lojas Americanas @lojasamericanas

Lojas Americanas

Shopping & Retail Brazil 8.9M 5.9K Preview
26 Target @target


Lifestyle Shopping & Retail United States 4.5M 12.1K Preview
27 StockX Streetwear @stockxstreetwear

StockX Streetwear

Clothing & Outfits Shopping & Retail United States 1.1M 33.9K Preview
28 WH @wanyhasrita


Shopping & Retail Malaysia 2.7M 13.9K Preview
29 vans girls @vansgirls

vans girls

Shopping & Retail Modeling United States 4.2M 10.6K Preview
30 Mentes Millonarias @mentesmillonarias

Mentes Millonarias

Shopping & Retail Spain 2.1M 17.5K Preview
31 shopDisney @shopdisney


Shopping & Retail United States 2.2M 20.6K Preview
32 Daryl-Ann Denner @darylanndenner

Daryl-Ann Denner

Shopping & Retail Family Clothing & Outfits United States 552.1K 62.6K Preview
33 Trader Joe's @traderjoes

Trader Joe's

Sweets & Bakery Shopping & Retail United States 2.2M 18.5K Preview
34 EKIPATONOSI @sklepekipy


Clothing & Outfits Shopping & Retail Poland 432.5K 73.9K Preview
35 Irene The Dream @irenethedreamback

Irene The Dream

Shopping & Retail United States 2.6M 9.7K Preview
36 BTS V @kimtaehyungs.bts


Shopping & Retail Music Indonesia 1.6M 27.9K Preview
37 Rissa Toocute Caleb @rissa2cute

Rissa Toocute Caleb

Shopping & Retail Lifestyle United States 1.5M 17.3K Preview
38 pacsun @pacsun


Clothing & Outfits Shopping & Retail Beauty United States 2.5M 8.7K Preview
39 House Of CB @houseofcb

House Of CB

Shopping & Retail United States 2.7M 9K Preview
40 FILA @filausa


Shopping & Retail Lifestyle Clothing & Outfits United States 2.6M 10.7K Preview
41 Moo @moosnuckel


Shopping & Retail United States 981.8K 26.9K Preview
42 Shopee Indonesia @shopee_id

Shopee Indonesia

Shopping & Retail Indonesia 4.6M 6.9K Preview
43 Anthropologie @anthropologie


Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits United States 4.2M 6.5K Preview
44 BTS official @bts.0fficials

BTS official

Shopping & Retail Music Indonesia 1.8M 18.6K Preview
45 beccacosmetics @beccacosmetics


Shopping & Retail United States 4M 5.8K Preview
46 BİM Türkiye @bimturkiye

BİM Türkiye

Shopping & Retail Turkey 6.4M 5K Preview
47 Michael Griffiths @mac_griffiths_

Michael Griffiths

Shopping & Retail United Kingdom 1.3M 11.3K Preview
48 THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽 @foreverandforava

THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽

Kids & Toys Shopping & Retail Fashion United States 1.2M 21.3K Preview
49 Wish @wish


Shopping & Retail Brazil 6.4M 4.2K Preview
50 BADUY @tran3duy


Shopping & Retail Vietnam 463.5K 47.1K Preview
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