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October 2019

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# @username Topics From Mexico Followers Auth Eng from MX
1 Aidan R Gallagher @aidanrgallagher

Aidan R Gallagher

Actors Vegan 466.9K 2.7M 14.8K Free report
2 kiwilimón @kiwilimon


Food 1.4M 2.7M 4.3K Free report
3 Tasty @buzzfeedtasty


Food Cooking Restaurants 1.2M 34.5M 2.4K Free report
4 Oscar Meza @oscarmezar

Oscar Meza

Chef 293.6K 556K 7.7K Preview
5 Bien Tasty @bientasty

Bien Tasty

Chef Food 636K 3.9M 4.2K Preview
6 Starbucks Coffee ☕ @starbucks

Starbucks Coffee ☕

Food Lifestyle 638.3K 18.3M 2.1K Preview
7 Benito Molina @benito_molina

Benito Molina

Chef 238.6K 374.8K 3.4K Preview
8 YOVANA MENDOZA🇲🇽🇺🇸 fka Rawvana @yovana

YOVANA MENDOZA🇲🇽🇺🇸 fka Rawvana

Vegan 338.2K 1.2M 2.8K Preview
9 Antoni Porowski @antoni

Antoni Porowski

Food Recipes Health 123.2K 4.2M 3.9K Preview
10 Recetas Nestlé @recetasnestle

Recetas Nestlé

Chef Actors 328.3K 563.7K 1.6K Preview
11 TIPSY BARTENDER 🍻🍹 @tipsybartender


Cooking Food Recipes 224.2K 4.4M 3.2K Preview
12 Alya Césaire @alya.ladyblogger

Alya Césaire

Fashion Food 27.8K 390.4K 6.2K Preview
13 Love Food @love_food

Love Food

Food Restaurants Cooking 455.9K 7.2M 1.1K Preview
14 Food @foodys


Food 505.4K 10M 859 Preview
15 Nicole Aniston @realnicoleaniston

Nicole Aniston

Modeling Fitness Vegan 87.5K 2.7M 2.1K Preview
16 Proper Tasty @proper_tasty

Proper Tasty

Food Restaurants Recipes 307.4K 9.9M 1.1K Preview
17 el chef herrera @chefherrera

el chef herrera

Chef Food 246.3K 309.2K 902 Preview
18 YO NO SOY UN CHEF @yonosoyunchef


Chef Food 111.7K 166.1K 1.9K Preview
19 Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade @tinykitchentm

Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade

Food Chef Cooking 107.7K 2.2M 2K Preview
20 Natasha Yi 🦄💗🦋 @natashayi

Natasha Yi 🦄💗🦋

Food Fashion 47.2K 1.5M 892 Preview
21 Rosanna Pansino @rosannapansino

Rosanna Pansino

Chef Baking 120.4K 4.6M 1.6K Preview
22 NutriólogaMelissaHerrera @nutriologamelissaherrera


Recipes Food Health 123.8K 189.5K 1.1K Preview
23 RoxQuintana @roxquintanamx


Actors Chef 74.2K 88.4K 1.5K Preview
24 Amaury Guichon @amauryguichon

Amaury Guichon

Chef 77K 1.9M 2.1K Preview
25 Gordos Por El Mundo @gordosxelmundo

Gordos Por El Mundo

Chef Food Restaurants 93.9K 199.6K 1.2K Preview
26 Andrea Navarro ♡ @andreanavarro2

Andrea Navarro ♡

Moms Food 62.8K 95.1K 1.5K Preview
27 Tastemade @tastemade


Recipes Food Health 291.2K 7.6M 489 Preview
28 Cocina Fácil @cocinafacil

Cocina Fácil

Chef Food 352.1K 1.2M 355 Preview
29 Chef Oropeza @chef_oropeza

Chef Oropeza

Chef 194.1K 362.9K 492 Preview
30 RebeO @soyrebeo


Chef Food 59.6K 86.8K 1.9K Preview
31 Gourmand @degourmand


Chef Food 133.1K 173K 710 Preview
32 elsie hewitt @elsie

elsie hewitt

Food Photography 57.8K 815.6K 1.6K Preview
33 Paulina Abascal @paulinabascal

Paulina Abascal

Chef 97K 265K 701 Preview
34 Pujol @pujolrestaurant


Chef Actors 98.6K 260.1K 791 Preview
35 Buddy Valastro @buddyvalastro

Buddy Valastro

Chef 154.5K 3.2M 447 Preview
36 Peluche Torres @peluchesk8

Peluche Torres

Chef Actors 49.1K 66.9K 1.2K Preview
37 J o s e @naturally.jo

J o s e

Vegan 75.6K 1.7M 1.1K Preview
38 Matt Adlard @mattadlard

Matt Adlard

Food Recipes 25.8K 617.5K 1.6K Preview
39 Tasty Japan @tastyjapan

Tasty Japan

Food Cooking Chef 241.7K 6.1M 1.1K Preview
40 Churrería El Moro @churreriaelmoro

Churrería El Moro

Chef Food 71.5K 101.1K 914 Preview
41 NETO CRAVES @therawboy


Recipes Food Vegan 63.9K 737.7K 1K Preview
42 Robert Sandberg @robertsandberg

Robert Sandberg

Food 45.5K 880.7K 411 Preview
43 Chefclub México @chefclubmx

Chefclub México

Chef Food 51.3K 817.5K 1.1K Preview
44 DINNER 🍕 @dinner


Food Restaurants Chef 158.8K 3.9M 536 Preview
45 Gabriela 🇧🇷🇺🇸 @gabi.castrovinci

Gabriela 🇧🇷🇺🇸

Vegan 20.5K 1.3M 222 Preview
46 Yolanda Gampp @yolanda_gampp

Yolanda Gampp

Chef 122.2K 2.9M 420 Preview
47 Foody Fetish @foodyfetish

Foody Fetish

Food Restaurants Chef 158.1K 3.5M 387 Preview


Recipes Cakes Food 106.7K 4.3M 319 Preview
49 Carlo's Bakery @carlosbakery

Carlo's Bakery

Cakes 105.9K 2M 223 Preview
50 Auxy📍en 🇪🇸de 🇭🇳 @postressaludables

Auxy📍en 🇪🇸de 🇭🇳

Chef Food Recipes 51.2K 483.1K 592 Preview
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