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Top 100 Music Instagram Influencers in Ukraine

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August 2019

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# @username Topics From Ukraine Followers Auth Eng from UA
1 nadyadorofeeva @nadyadorofeeva


Singer 2.9M 4.7M 57K Free report
2 BILLIE EILISH @billieeilish


Singer N/A 35.1M 4.3M Free report
3 Егор Крид | #HeartBreakKid @egorkreed

Егор Крид | #HeartBreakKid

Singer 1.3M 10.8M 25.5K Free report
4 Макс Корж @maxkorzhmus

Макс Корж

Singer 888.7K 2.1M 67K Preview
5 Андрей Борисов @gan_13_

Андрей Борисов

Actors Humor Singer 570.9K 4.3M 44.3K Preview
6 Vera Brezhneva @ververa

Vera Brezhneva

Singer 1.5M 11.1M 13.4K Preview
7 Ани Лорак @anilorak

Ани Лорак

Singer 1.3M 5.8M 17K Preview
8 Катя Адушкина @katusha_adushkina

Катя Адушкина

Dance 664.2K 3.7M 39.4K Preview
9 ᴇʟɪ ᴠᴀsɪʟᴇɴᴋᴏ 🐐 @elizabethvasilenko

ᴇʟɪ ᴠᴀsɪʟᴇɴᴋᴏ 🐐

Music 583.8K 744.1K 33.4K Preview
10 Jennifer Lopez @jlo

Jennifer Lopez

Music Singer Actors N/A 98.8M 550K Preview
11 Брайн Мапс (Макс Тарасенко) @brianmaps

Брайн Мапс (Макс Тарасенко)

Entertainment Music Singer 513.7K 2.8M 44.8K Preview
12 DZIDZIO @dzidzio


Music Band 1.2M 1.4M 16.5K Preview
13 квадратный @morgen_shtern


Singer 411.7K 1.5M 52.4K Preview
14 Black Star @timatiofficial

Black Star

Singer Rap 923.9K 14.2M 10.7K Preview
15 PHARAOH @coldsiemens


Singer 350.9K 1.4M 48.8K Preview
16 Оля Цибульська @cybulskaya

Оля Цибульська

Singer 620.4K 716.8K 12.4K Preview
17 Oleksii Potapenko @realpotap

Oleksii Potapenko

Music Singer Entertainment 1.2M 1.7M 8.1K Preview
18 Masha Efrosinina @mashaefrosinina

Masha Efrosinina

Entertainment Modeling Music 957.6K 1.2M 8.8K Preview
19 LOBODA @lobodaofficial


Singer 866.5K 5.6M 7.5K Preview
20 #lowkeyfamous @kyivstoner


Musicians 502.5K 1.3M 12K Preview
21 Роман Каграманов @kagramana

Роман Каграманов

Singer 324.2K 2.4M 21.3K Preview
22 Элджей @sayonaraboy


Music 376.7K 3.1M 22.8K Preview
23 Куки @slivki_kuki


Travel Music Modeling 571.2K 1.6M 15.3K Preview
24 ULYA STANISLAVSKA @lastanislavska


Singer 287.2K 333.4K 20.8K Preview
25 ANNA SEDOKOVA @annasedokova


Singer 731.8K 5.2M 7K Preview
26 Мари Сенн 🌙 Mary Senn @marysenn

Мари Сенн 🌙 Mary Senn

Singer 421.2K 2.5M 11.9K Preview
27 Руслан Кузнецов (KUZNETSOV) @kuznetsov_music

Руслан Кузнецов (KUZNETSOV)

Singer 264.7K 739.7K 16.3K Preview
28 ☠️💀 𝐆𝐑𝐔𝐏𝐏𝐈𝐑𝐎𝐕𝐊𝐀 𝐋𝐀𝐃𝐘 💀☠️ @gruppirovka_lady


Music Singer Producers 449.2K 582.3K 10.9K Preview
29 🇺🇦🇧🇴Michelle Andrádе @mishvirmish

🇺🇦🇧🇴Michelle Andrádе

Music 425.2K 520.2K 8.3K Preview
30 Дмитрий Евтушенко @evtushenko_dima

Дмитрий Евтушенко

Music Modeling 211.4K 423.9K 16.5K Preview
31 Малышева Анастасия @dance_malyshka_offi

Малышева Анастасия

Dance 173.8K 2.1M 14.6K Preview
32 Vladimir Dantes @vladimirdantes

Vladimir Dantes

Music Modeling Singer 339.1K 533.4K 9.5K Preview
33 Oleksii @positiff Zavgorodnii @positiff

Oleksii @positiff Zavgorodnii

Basketball Music Singer 432.9K 642.9K 6.7K Preview
34 GROSU @alina_grosu


Singer 264.3K 352.2K 10.3K Preview
35 OPEN KIDS @open_kids


Music 551.3K 2M 6.5K Preview
36 ᎫUℒℐᎯ ᎶᎯℳᎯℒℐᎽ ⚜️ @gamaliiy


Musicians 235.2K 636.9K 11.1K Preview
37 Oxxxymiron @norimyxxxo


Rap Singer 299K 2.2M 11.5K Preview
38 Jamala @jamalajaaa


Music Singer Actors 546.3K 770.7K 3.9K Preview
39  @tarabarova

Modeling Music Actors 401.6K 458.5K 4.7K Preview
40 МОТ @mmott23


Singer 432K 4.8M 5.5K Preview
41 KIZARU @tommyhellatrigger


Music Entertainment Modeling 162.5K 762.8K 11.6K Preview
42 Ева Миллер 🦄 Eva Miller @miller.ev

Ева Миллер 🦄 Eva Miller

Modeling Singer Music 245.4K 1.4M 16.2K Preview
43 Shnurov Sergey @shnurovs

Shnurov Sergey

Singer 210.5K 5M 4.9K Preview
44 Irakli Makatsaria @maqatsa

Irakli Makatsaria

Actors Entertainment Music 293.8K 398.6K 4.7K Preview
45 Anna Koshmal @smorkovkina

Anna Koshmal

Actors Modeling Fashion Music 137.7K 373.3K 8.8K Preview
46 Ольга Антипова @lolo_antik

Ольга Антипова

Singer Music Songwriting 97.3K 755.3K 7.6K Preview
47 Муха Биттуев @bittuevv

Муха Биттуев

Music Modeling Actors 146.2K 1.2M 8K Preview
48 Vladimir Ostapchuk @vova_ostapchuk

Vladimir Ostapchuk

Actors Singer Modeling 230.3K 289.4K 6.1K Preview
49 JONY (RAAVA MUSIC) @jony.me


Modeling Music Singer 84.3K 898.8K 8.8K Preview
50 ALLA PUGACHEVA @alla_orfey


Singer 171.8K 2.2M 9K Preview
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