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With HypeAuditor Instagram Analytics, you can analyze the quality of influencer’s audience, engagement rate, comment authenticity, and get in-depth audience insights such as country, age, gender, interests, and many more.

  • Over 10M influencers in the database
  • 35+ metrics for influencer vetting
  • Best in class AI Fraud Detection
HypeAuditor Instagram Reports

In-depth Instagram Stats made with machine learning algorithms and computer vision

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Basic info and Contact details

Get to know where does an influencer lives, what type of content they produce, and contact details to reach them.

On the HypeAuditor report, you can also find the place of a particular influencer in the country, global and category rankings.

  • Country and City
  • Content topics
  • Email and phone number
  • Local & Global Rank

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Instagram influencer’s Basic info and Contact details
Instagram Audience Demographics

Accurate Audience Demographics

With HypeAuditor Instagram Analytics, you can get in-depth information about an influencer’s audience. Including country and city, age and gender distribution, audience languages as well as ethnicity.

HypeAuditor Instagram reports also show audience interests to help you target your sponsored posts better.

  • Audience Location
  • Age and Gender
  • Ethnicity and Languages
  • Audience Interests

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Audience Type & Quality

Audience Type helps to check any Instagram account for fake followers, evaluate the quality of an influencer’s audience, and choose only authentic creators for your marketing campaigns.

Audience quality analysis divides influencer audiences into four categories: real people and other influencers, as well as mass followers and suspicious accounts (fake followers). The latter of which shows the percentage of low-quality audiences.

  • Audience Type
  • Audience Authenticity
  • Audience Reachability
  • Audience Quality

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Instagram Audience Type & Quality
Instagram Engagement Analyses

In-depth Engagement Analyses

The engagement section of the report provides data on an influencer’s Engagement Rate in relation to the industry benchmark. HypeAuditor is the only tool that checks engagement authenticity and detects Engagement Pods.

  • Engagement Rate
  • Engagement Pod detection
  • Comment authenticity
  • Giveaway detection

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Instagram Followers Growth Analyses

With Instagram followers growth analyses, you’ll get historical data on an influencer’s audience growth. To help you understand the Follower Growth Graph better, we have implemented an automatic analysis performed by our machine learning algorithm.

Followings growth graph helps to detect whether an influencer uses Follow/unfollow trick to grow their audiences.

  • Suspicious growth pattern analysis
  • Follow/unfollow trick detection

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Instagram Growth Analyses
With many more amazing features to boost your performance:

Audience Quality Score

AQS was developed by HypeAuditor to help advertisers understand the overall quality of an influencer’s audience. AQS is the result of over 15 metrics, which are split into 4 key categories.

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Estimated Post Reach

With the help of AI technology, HypeAuditor estimates the potential number of unique people who see an Instagram post. This data helps to estimate the overall reach of your marketing campaign.

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Post and Story Prices

To calculate an influencer's post and story prices we use information about their country, number of followers, engagement rate, and overall audience quality. The estimations are made using a machine learning algorithm trained with market values.

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Brand Mentions

Find out brands an Instagram influencer has worked with in the past 180 days and analyze their sponsored post-performance. Determine which brand categories resonate with an influencer's audience.

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  • Over 10M influencers in the database
  • 35+ metrics for influencers’ vetting
  • Best in class AI Fraud Detection

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