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See the factual results and performance of your Shopify influencer marketing campaign

Discover and build relationships with influencers

Our influencer marketing platform eradicates all of your management issues or inconveniences. Find the right influencers suitable for your business goals and marketing plans. Get relevant results via numerous search filters and once you discover them, reach out straight from the HypeAuditor platform.
Discover and build relationships with influencers

Plan and run Shopify influencer campaigns with the relevant content creators

Plan and manage your upcoming marketing actions with the necessary tools for smooth launch and tracking. Build a final report with campaign results and analyze the creators with the best performance results.
Plan and run Shopify influencer campaigns with the relevant content creators

Observe how your clicks, sales, and revenue metrics change over time

HypeAuditor matches the clicks, sales, revenue, and other essential E-Commerce metrics with the influencers you chose to collaborate with. Our influencer management software can automatically calculate your Shopify sales performance, providing more time on other tasks.
Observe how your clicks, sales, and revenue metrics change over time

Get the transparent stats and analyze your Shopify campaign performance

Measure total clicks, sales, and ROI for each influencer while analyzing your campaign performance to keep an eye on the top performers. Select the influencers who impacted the most on your sales and adjust your marketing strategy to optimize the budget.
Get the transparent stats and analyze your Shopify campaign performance

Step 1

Enable the Shopify integration in your Campaign management settings

Step 2

Fill in the required information

Step 3

Set the promo codes for affiliate sales, and you are ready to go

"As customer acquisition costs skyrocket, brands are looking to collaborate with creators to deepen relationships and build awareness, trust, and loyalty among their audience. HypeAuditor's integration helps Shopify merchants find authentic creator opportunities and automate workflow and measurement to optimize campaign spend and strategy, and strengthen business outcomes."

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify Integration

How to find Instagram influencers for Shopify?

If you desperately need to find Shopify Instagram influencers, stop constantly scrolling through the Instagram app, browsing thousands of candidates. You have to evaluate each potential influencer and analyze whether their audience is the right fit for the product you are selling.

You can easily find Instagram influencers for your Shopify store via the Influencer Discover tool. Search your candidate via target audience location, age & gender, influencer size, categories, keywords, and other filters. After you find the perfect fit, you can add them to your influencer marketing campaign and proceed with analyzing, messaging, and ultimately collaborating with them via our single platform.

How to use Instagram influencers for Shopify?

If you have an established E-Commerce business in your Shopify store, you can collaborate with various influencers to promote your product or services. There are a few methods that you can use with the best Instagram influencers for Shopify to effectively and productively highlight your goods. For example, you can ask a social media influencer to review your product via his Instagram Stories (a product unboxing). Or a content creator can write a post about the benefits of your product, which will stay permanently on his Instagram account.

How to apply influencer marketing in your Shopify store? 

Influencer marketing allows one to gain specific positioning in the market while spreading awareness about your brand. The best way to apply influencer marketing in your Shopify store is to collaborate with the famous and fittable Shopify Instagram influencers. You need to go through several steps, which will increase the reach of your audience and the impact of your sales. Here are the core ones:

  1. Search and filter the right social influencers - find suitable candidates with an active target audience that resonates with your business.

  2. Establish relationships - before you collaborate with the chosen influencers, you have to personally message each of them to clearly understand their terms and conditions.

  3. Create collaborations - after that, you should thoroughly describe your product. Tell them how it might connect with the influencers’ audience. And finally, launch your influencer marketing strategy that promotes products on your Shopify.

  4. Analyze the impact - if you’ve followed through each step, it is time to analyze the sales impact done on your Shopify store. You should manually collect and calculate several crucial metrics, such as ROI, CPC, CPE, clicks, and sales of your marketing campaigns.

Looking at the whole list, it does look like there is a lot of work to be done. However, with our Influencer Discovery tool, you can do all of these steps in a single dashboard, prioritizing other business tasks and saving at least a minimum of 5 hours per week.

What is a campaign management tool?

An influencer management process entails many tasks one must implement (especially if a small business team does it). That includes locating and contacting influencers, negotiating with them, monitoring influencer campaigns payments, analyzing the results, and lots of other activities.

These processes can be too difficult to process through without any tools, let alone a single person do it. HypeAuditor has a Campaign Management tool with all of the necessary features that significantly simplify influencer campaigns management. That includes locating content creators, analyzing their accounts, launching campaigns, and tracking the marketing performance.

What kind of Shopify shops will fit with HypeAuditor?

Pretty much any kind of Shopify store perfectly fits our platform. Whether you want to actively advertise trending gaming products or your new clothing brand with the right influencers, you are more than welcome to test-drive our Campaign Management tool with the Shopify integration.

How can I integrate my Shopify into the Campaign management tool?

The integration process does not take that much time. As we have already described, there are only a few steps you need to follow to connect your Shopify E-Commerce store to our campaign management tool. The following is a bit more detailed instructions on how you can integrate your Shopify store:

  1. Browse the “Campaign” tab in our “Campaign Management” tool

  2. Press the “Settings” or “Gear” button at the top right corner

  3. Enter the domain name of your Shopify store (ex. mystore.myshopify.com)

  4. Hit the “Enter” button

And that’s all you need to do. Once you save the changes you have just entered, you will be redirected to the “Campaign” page and see the sales impact data (ROI, CPC, CPE, etc.) for each influencer marketing campaign with unique promo codes to track affiliate sales. No more manual work on the paper. Everything is already in our tool!

Where can I find all of the metrics in the Campaign Management tool?

Once you have enabled the Shopify integration for your ECommerce store, all of the relevant sales metrics you can find in the “Campaign” tab right beside each social influencer that you choose to collaborate with. If you require more information on managing and connecting with the desired influencers, we suggest you get acquainted with our Campaign Management and Influencer Outreach tools.

What are the essential sales metrics for my influencer marketing campaign?

Similar to any marketing campaign out there, you need to know just how effective it is and what kind of conclusions you need to draw from it. HypeAuditor’s Campaign Management tool can monitor the performance of your campaigns, keeping track of real-time influencer statistics such as total spend, CPE or CPM, EMV, CPC, and ROI. These are most likely the essential metric to understand the efficiency of your actions and empower your decision-making with meaningful insights.