The Toolkit of a Real Instagram Influencer

Nick Baklanov

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HypeAuditor has conducted a survey among 1200 influencers to find out what tools do they use to be more productive as an influencer.

You can see their answers below. Read the article and you will know exactly what tools do Instagram Influencers use everyday to be more productive and gain new followers.

What tools do you use to be more productive as an influencer ?

Photo Editing Tools

I edit photos and try to write engaging captions.

Unknown Influencer

The main content on Instagram is photo.
70.3% of influencers use photo editing tools.
The most popular are Adobe Lightroom (29.30%), Adobe Photoshop Express (10%) and Snapseed (7.6%)

Post Scheduler

Consistent posting of quality content at strategized times is my secret sause

Unknown Influencer

On average Instagram Influencers publish 4 posts a week. Stability of posting plays a great role.
That is why Scheduling tools are on the second place in the Influencer’s toolkit. 26.8% of Influencers use Scheduling tools.
The most popular are Later (19.2%), Preview (12.8%) and Plannoly (8%).

Video Editing Tools

I have started to produce IGTV pieces.

Unknown Influencer

Video gets more engagement than photo.
9.6% of Influencers use video editing tools.
The most popular are InShot (35%), iMovie (10%) and Spark (7.5%).

Grid Preview Tools

Just honest work and connection with my followers.

Unknown Influencer

Some influencers believe that the entirety of Instagram gallery is more important than individual posts.
They post their photos and videos so that they form the specific structure: checkerboard, diagonal, tile and etc.
4.9% Influencers use grid preview tools.
The most popular tool for grid preview is UNUM (53%).


I have a team of 4 people working for me. Photograph, filmmaker, driver and agent

Unknown Influencer

Iphone 11 Pro (10.10%) is the leader in Other tools those Influencers use to be more productive. It is interesting that other phone brands were not mentioned in the survey.

Hashtag Analizer

Good friendship for my Followers, wrote about good things. Post often. Good energy.

Unkown Influencer

Hashtags are important. Hashtags create great visibility for a campaign, and help you reach your target audience by using relevant hashtags that you know your audience is already following.
2.9% Instagram influencers use Hashtag analizers.
The most popular are Focalmark (11.79%) , Hashtagstic (5.89%) and IQ hashtags (5.89%).

Stories Editing Tools

My sexyness and more Stories

Unknown Influencer

Instagram Stories has only been around for a few years, but it already managed to gain huge popularity, enjoyed by more than 500 million daily.
Stories are extremely important to make a stronger connections with your audience. 2.5% of Influencers use Story editing tools.
The most popular tools are Unfold (41.24%) and Mojo (17.62%).

Facebook Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a valuable tool. It allows you to track and manage content performance, even across different Pages if you manage many. The inbox view allows you to manage comments and messages directly from within Creator Studio.
2.5% of Influencers use Facebook Creator Studio.

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