Can Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Get you Banned?

Harshita Agrawal

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Buying Instagram followers and likes is one of the easiest things on the Internet. Just type “buy Instagram followers” on your search engine and you will get thousands of sites claiming to sell credible Instagram followers and likes.

Can Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Get you Banned?

The surprising thing is that everyone including individuals, brands, and influencers are involved in buying followers. There are two reasons why everyone is buying followers and likes:

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  • Likes are being bought in an attempt to rank higher in the Explore page. Instagram algorithm works in a way that the higher engagement posts are shown at the top of the Explore page and have a better reach.
  • Followers are bought to create a perception that an account is followed and liked by a lot of other Instagram users. 

These sites offer everything from buying video views, story views, post likes, comments, and followers. Basically, there’s no engagement metric of Instagram that can’t be bought online.

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The question is: What has Instagram been doing to protect their platform from the fake engagement? And can you lose your Instagram profile by buying false engagement?

What happens when you Buy Instagram Followers and Likes?

  • Instagram can warn you to change your password:

Since November 2018, Instagram has been auto-detecting and removing Instagram accounts involved in buying “inauthentic” likes, followers, and comments. If Instagram catches you using any of these third-party apps, they give you a warning to change your password. This makes sure that any existing false engagement is discontinued from your Instagram account. 

Can Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Get you Banned?
  • You may lose all your fake engagement:

You might often notice sudden drop in your Instagram followers despite no changes from your side. This usually happens because the Instagram algorithm keeps getting rid of all the fake accounts from their platform. If you use any service that adds fake accounts to your account, don’t expect them to stay for long. Any new Instagram algorithm update, and you may lose your followers and waste your money for nothing.

  • You will be shadowbanned on Instagram:

Being shadowbanned on Instagram means that your posts are not visible to people who are not following your account. If an Instagram bot catches any aggressive engagement behavior on your Instagram account, they can shadowban you. Sometimes, shadowban can also mean that your posts have a lower reach than usual.

Being shadowbanned on Instagram can be pretty bad because it begins to hurt your organic reach and it can be really hard to gain it back.

  • Your Instagram account may be banned:

If you continue to buy engagement despite the above actions taken by Instagram bot on your account, then there’s a high chance of Instagram simply banning your account. You will receive an error message stating that your account has been disabled for violating their policies.

Can Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Get you Banned?

These are some of the major actions taken by Instagram to protect spamming and ingenuine behavior on the platform. If you ever wonder if any Instagram profile has genuine growth or not, you can use tools like HypeAuditor to detect fake engagement.

HypeAuditor is a free tool that can help you analyze any Instagram account for their fake followers and engagement. Especially, if you’re looking to trust an influencer or a brand, HypeAuditor is the perfect tool for you.

If you have any questions regarding buying Instagram followers and likes, you can let me know in the comments below.

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