3 Simple Ways to Track Traffic and Sales from Instagram

Harshita Agrawal

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If you’re putting all your brain and heart at your Instagram posts, you very much want to know what they bring back. Tracking traffic and sales from Instagram is important for a lot of Instagram users and businesses promoting their products and services on Instagram.

Tracking sales from Instagram is also crucial for anyone spending their time and money on Instagram influencer marketing. After spending on your influencer campaigns, you want to know if you got the ROI (Return on Investment) or not.

Tracking your traffic from Instagram can help you understand how Instagram contributes to your overall site traffic so you can plan your overall marketing strategy and budget.

In this article, I will list some easy ways to help you track your traffic and sales from Instagram.

1. Track Website Traffic from Instagram Insights:

If you’ve switched to a business account on Instagram, you will be able to access your Instagram insights. Accessing your Instagram insights, you can see how many people are clicking on your website link on Instagram.

Instagram Insights for tracking traffic from Instagram

Instagram also makes it very simple for you to know which posts are generating maximum traffic to your website. Under every Instagram post, you will read, “View Insights”, click on it and you can see website traffic for each post.

Website traffic for each post in Instagram Insights

This can help you determine your best performing posts and create similar content to send more users to your website and increase your sales.

Instagram insights is definitely one of the easiest ways to track your Instagram account performance. But, you cannot directly track sales from your Instagram insights, it can only help you with tracking the traffic sent from Instagram.

2. Track Website Traffic and Sales using Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool to evaluate the overall performance of your site and your traffic sources. To check how much traffic Instagram brings to your website, just head over to your analytics, and click on “Referrals” to check your traffic from Instagram.

Google Analytics for tracking website traffic sent from Instagram

Image via Google Analytics

Google Analytics can give you an overall view of how your Instagram performing in general but there’s no way to know if the traffic is being generated from each post or story.

However, it’s possible to track individual campaigns with the help of Google Campaign Manager. Google Campaign Manager allows you to build custom campaigns in Google Analytics by helping you create a custom URL.

Google Campaign Manager for building custom links and tracking traffic from Instagram

Image via Google Analytics

Creating custom links from Google Campaign Manager will help you create specialized links for your Instagram bio, stories, and ads. You can create several custom links and then track their performance on Google Analytics.

This might sound like an effort, but consider this as a one-time effort to easily manage your Instagram over a few weeks. You can use this URLs to check how each of your Instagram post type is performing and bringing you sales.

3. Track Website Sales from Instagram using Google Goal Setting:

If you want to know the exact number of sales that Instagram is getting for you then using Google Analytics Goal Setting is the best way to easily track who buys from Instagram on your site.

Google Analytics Goal Setting for
tracking website sales from Instagram

Image via Google Analytics

You can set referral traffic as Instagram and set a goal as sales to let Google track your sales from Instagram. You can learn everything on goal setting with this detailed guide by Google.

Referral traffic as Instagram in Google Analytics

Image via Google Analytics

Final Words:

All three methods listed above are free and simple ways to track traffic and sales from Instagram. Using the techniques above, you can track the overall performance of Instagram posts, individual performance of Instagram posts and stories, and tracking sales.

I would urge everyone who spends time growing their Instagram accounts genuinely to keep checking their insights and see how Instagram converts for them. You can improve results from your Instagram posts by using some of these Instagram marketing tips and tricks. You must also make sure that you avoid these common Instagram marketing mistakes.

If you have any questions regarding growing your Instagram account or tracking your traffic/sales from Instagram, you can let me know in the comments below.

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