Year in Review: What Was 2021 Like for HypeAuditor

2021 - Year in Review for HypeAuditor

To be honest, 2021 was a very busy and remarkable year for HypeAuditor. As the influencer marketing industry evolves, we always stay at the forefront of all the important changes. Now, we’re thrilled to share all the major updates and improvements to our tools that help you achieve your marketing goals and drive better results with influencer marketing.

But first, we’d like to thank you for your support and help over this year. Many of HypeAuditor's product updates would not have happened without your feedback. Your thoughts and ideas on how we could improve are priceless in helping us make our product even better.

So let’s dive into the most significant 2021 updates and additions to HypeAuditor.

Influencer Discovery

Influencer Discovery is a smart search tool that helps you find relevant influencers for your marketing campaigns based on multiple criteria. A set of advanced filtering options allow you to narrow your search results to get a list of the best influencer candidates.

Influencer Discovery 2.0: Major Revamp

This autumn, HypeAuditor launched a brand-new Influencer Discovery making significant changes to the way it looks. The interface has become much more intuitive and user-friendly, while the process of influencer discovery is now even easier and smoother.

We encourage you to use key filters during each discovery so you can get the most relevant results. These key filters that we display below the search bar by default include:

  • Audience location.

  • Audience age and gender.

  • Influencer size.

  • Categories and keywords — allow you to find niche influencers based on their content topics and keywords used in their bio and content.    

Filters for discovering influencers

All other filters are available to the right of the influencer list (your search results) or you can access them by clicking the filter button.

Additional filters for influencer vetting

Enhanced Search by Keywords

In HypeAuditor, you can find niche creators by their content topic and using an option to search by keywords. To make your discovery process even more effective and successful, we upgraded our ‘Keywords’ filter.

You can now search for influencers by keywords used either in their content, bio or anywhere. This will help you narrow down your results and quickly find creators from specific niches. Find keyowords inside the content or bio o a Instagram profile

New Social Media Platforms in Influencer Discovery

We wanted to provide our customers with all the tools they need for their influencer marketing activities. This year, we’ve added two new social platforms to our Influencer Discovery tool. Our users can now search for Twitch and Twitter accounts in our extensive influencer database.

Search for social media creators for your business with the largest influencer database! Try out Influencer Discovery.

Twitch is one of the biggest social media platforms these days and a whole new kind of entertainment. Esports are becoming increasingly popular, while streamers are gaining more influence both in the gaming community and the entire world. They don’t limit themselves to game live streaming only but produce various content, like music, lifestyle, and DIY content, which can make esports influencers a powerful asset to a brand’s marketing program.

Twitter is still an important marketing channel for businesses where they can communicate with their audience. On Twitter, influencers can start trends and discussions and influence other users to try out some products and services. Twitter influencers can be industry experts and opinion leaders who have credibility and trust with the audience.

A Few More Filters in Influencer Discovery

For more efficient influencer discovery, we also added a few other search filters and updates:

  • Search by country groups. In addition to the traditional search, you can also filter your results by country groups in the Influencer Location and Audience location filters, for example, LATAM, Benelux, APAC, and others.

  • Search by categories in TikTok Influencer Discovery. Those looking for relevant TikTok creators can now sort their search results by categories — content topics. 

  • Search by AQS in TikTok Influencer Discovery. There was another addition to TikTok search filters this year. Users gained the ability to find TikTok creators based on their Account Quality Score. Simply choose the minimum level of AQS and quickly filter out low-quality accounts. 

AQS metric for Influencer Discovery

Account Analytics

Account Analytics reports provide a wealth of information about influencer accounts. This includes advanced audience demographics, account follower growth, influencer fraud detection, analysis of creators’ previous marketing campaigns, and influencer benchmarks. Based on these insights, you can select high-quality influencers for your business.

Brand Safety Analysis in YouTube Reports

How do you know that a YouTube channel is suitable for placing your sponsored content? Can you be sure that your product or service doesn’t appear next to inappropriate content compromising your brand image?

With the new Brand Safety Analysis in Account Analytics, you can check how safe or insecure content on a particular YouTube channel is. 

We released this feature to help brands choose the right and safe channels for sponsored promotions. By studying YouTuber’s content in terms of sensitive topics and off-limits subjects that can cause damage to your brand reputation we conclude whether their content is safe or dangerous. 

Currently, we use 9 different negative content markers to determine how safe the creator’s content is for your brand. For example, on the screenshot below, you can see that content is marked as neutral. It means that it’s considered neither harmful nor dangerous, but you need to be wary of this creator and pay close attention to his or her content.

The conent is not totally safe for your collaborated brand

On the other hand, if the content is healthy and doesn’t describe any sensitive or inappropriate subjects or contain harmful elements, we give it the ‘Safe’ score.

The conent is not safe for your collaborated brand

New YouTube Categories in Account Analytics Reports

This year, we’ve improved the way of how we determine and classify YouTube categories and enhanced the list of topics both for Account Analytics reports and Influencer Discovery. It means that now we classify YouTube categories more accurately making influencer search and selection more precise.

New YouTube Categories in Account Analytics Reports

Audience’s Education Level and Marital Status for Instagram Accounts

We are constantly upgrading our Instagram Account Analytics reports to provide you with the most in-depth information about Instagram influencers. Besides other audience demographic insights, you can now see the education level and marital status of the creator’s audience.

The Education Level metric represents the distribution of education levels attained by the influencer’s followers. This information helps you better understand what the audience knows and what information they might need.

Let’s say you want to promote a postgraduate school course with influencers. The Education Level metric is the best way to find creators whose audience has attained a higher education level and might want to apply for a postgraduate course. 

Audience’s Education Level and Marital Status - 1

As for Marital Status, it represents the distribution of marital statuses of the influencer’s followers and gives you a better idea of the life stage of audience members. For example, you sell baby and pregnancy products or products for new parents. So it’s worth partnering with influencers with a large percentage of followers who are married, as married people may have kids already, or they might be planning to have children.

Audience’s Education Level and Marital Status - 2

To identify the education levels and marital status of the audience, we use artificial intelligence algorithms and publicly available data.

Twitch and Twitter Account Analytics Release

As with Influencer Discovery, we released the Account Analytics reports for Twitch streamers and Twitter influencers. With these reports, you can explore Twitch channels and Twitter accounts in detail, get relevant statistics, and assess influencers’ performance.

Improvements in the Way AQS Is Calculated

Audience Quality Score (AQS) is one of the key features of HypeAuditor. The score is our proprietary metric that combines multiple elements, like audience quality, engagement authenticity, and follower growth, and shows you the overall quality of the Instagram account.

AQS allows you to save time on manual checks and quickly pick out quality Instagram creators.

This year, we’ve made some improvements in how we calculate the AQS metric to make it even more accurate and informative. When determining the score of a particular influencer, we take into account one more element: the score can be lowered for a negative correlation between the rapid increase in follower number and decrease in Engagement Rate.  

AQS calculation improvements

This will help you ensure that you partner only with real creators with authentic and engaged audiences.

New Campaign Management Solution

In 2021, we’ve added a whole new toolset to the HypeAuditor platform, which made us an all-in-one solution for planning and managing your influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. The tools include Media Plans, Campaign Management, and Influencer Outreach. 

Media Plans

If you work with different brands and manage many influencer marketing campaigns, Media Plans can be a huge help. The tool allows you to create a branded presentation-ready media plan for your upcoming campaign, whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, and easily share it with your client using a link.

Another good news is that all the key campaign KPIs, like target audience percentage, Engagement Rate, CPE/CPM, EMV, and ROI, are calculated automatically!

There’s no more need to waste your time on tons of Excel files. You can keep information about influencer collaborations right in your media plan.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management is a powerful solution where you can manage, monitor, and report on your influencer marketing campaigns. You can collect real-time statistics and track the success of your campaigns, analyze your campaign budget over time, and manage all influencer collaborations and events to keep your team on the same page.

Campaign Management Improvements - 1

And a set of AI-based features give you even more tools and information to monitor and optimize your campaign:

Campaign Management Improvements - 2

  • You can automate manual tasks and stay up to date with all the new Instagram posts going live by receiving instant automatic notifications on your email address.

  • Check engagement authenticity and spot potentially fraudulent activity for each piece of sponsored content to avoid wasting your money and time on fake influencers.

  • With smart sentiment analysis, you can learn how positively or negatively people react to sponsored content and discover messages that resonate with your target audience best.  

  • Using detailed insights into the audience reached and engagement, you can better understand how effectively your campaign performs and make necessary adjustments in the process.

Influencer Outreach

The Influencer Outreach tool helps you connect with influencers you want to work with. Its features allow you to reach out to creators straight from HypeAuditor and send them bulk emails saving time on routine tasks.

The whole process can be described in a few steps:

  1. Create bulk emails in the easy-to-use email builder.

  2. Make your message more personal with customization elements, like influencers’ full names, user names, and profile links.

  3. Add images to make your email stand out.

  4. Add creators from our Influencer Discovery or lists.

  5. Start conversations by sending them your message. 

Influencer Outreach Improvements

Market Analysis

Market Analysis offers a range of reports and tools that allows you to gather real-time data and market insights into the influencer marketing landscape, understand the current status and trends of the market in your country and industry, and discover the best-performing brands, in terms of their influencer marketing programs.

This information helps you better understand the opportunities you have in the influencer market and build a high-performing campaign.  

Brand-New Industry Analysis Report

One of our key goals is to make influencer marketing data-powered. To do so, we provide our clients with in-depth market insights. In 2021, we’ve invested efforts into our Market Analysis solutions as well. One of the significant results of our work is the Industry Analysis report.

Industry Analysis gives you the strategic context so you can better understand your market, audience, and competition. 

But let’s take a closer look at the capabilities the tool offers and how you can use it in your influencer marketing activities:

  • Discover the best-performing brands in a particular country and niche, in terms of their influencer marketing programs.

  • Benchmark your Instagram influencer strategy against the leaders.

  • Get the full list of Instagram creators other brands work with. These influencers might be your potential partners!

  • See what content resonates with the audience best.

One of the most interesting elements of Industry Analysis — that our entire team has fallen in love with — is the Industry Players quadrant. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of the influencer marketing landscape and shows you the industry leaders and promising market players.

New Industry Analysis Report

Equipped with these industry insights, you can build a data-powered campaign and increase your share of influence.

Mention Analytics Tool

Another new tool in the Market Analysis arsenal is Mention Analytics. It’s super easy to use and shows you mentions of any Instagram account, whether it’s a brand or an influencer.

Simply type in an Instagram account in the search bar and get a list of all the accounts that mention the given account with metrics like AQS, the number of posts with mentions and their performance, and audience reach.

New Mention Analytics Tool

If you want to see a detailed analysis of the queried account, click the ‘View full report’ button and you’ll be redirected to the Instagram Competitor Analysis report with in-depth insights into influencer marketing activities of the analyzed account. 

YouTube Competitor Analysis Release

Many of our clients love HypeAuditor’s Instagram Competitive Analysis report. Now, they can explore the YouTube influencer market as well. 

The YouTube Competitor Analysis report provides detailed data on other brands that promote their products or services with the help of YouTubers. You can keep an eye on your competition and study the influencer marketing strategies of rival businesses, as well as:

  • Estimate their influencer marketing budget and cost per mille (CPM).

  • Find out what audiences they reach with YouTube creators, including viewers’ countries, languages, age, and gender.

  • Discover all the YouTube channels your competitor partners with.

  • Find the best-performing video content that resonates with the audience.

Instagram Audience Overlap Launch

The importance of audience overlap cannot be overestimated, as it helps you decide whether you want to reach the maximum number of people on social media or you want to send the same message to the same audience but using different channels.

Audience Overlap in HypeAuditor shows you the existing overlap percentage between the audiences of multiple Instagram creators so you can build a perfect influencer list and prevent potentially mixed-up target segments. 

Instagram Audience Overlap - New Tool

Depending on your marketing strategy, there are two main approaches:

  1. If your goal is to increase your brand awareness among the audience and reach a diverse group of people, discover creators with the lowest overlapping percentage and a high number of unique followers.

  2. If your brand is focusing on a niche group of people, it’s helpful to connect with them from several points of contact reinforcing your brand message in their minds. In that case, find Instagram influencers who have the largest percentage of shared audiences. This strategy can be very effective for small businesses and those that sell their products and services via Instagram. 

More New Features and Updates to Come

Our drive and motivation to improve and upgrade our products are always tied to your needs and challenges. We are constantly working to provide you with the best influencer marketing tools so you can achieve your goals.

This post covers major HypeAuditor updates in 2021, but we add minor changes and improvements regularly. 

We have tons of ideas and ambitious plans for the upcoming year and we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in HypeAuditor. Meanwhile, you can share your feedback and thoughts with us to provide us with even more great ideas and inspiration!

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Alexander is CEO and Cofounder at HypeAuditor, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform. You can connect with Alexander on LinkedIn.
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December 22, 2021
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Alexander is CEO and Cofounder at HypeAuditor, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform. You can connect with Alexander on LinkedIn.
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