What is Audience Quality Score on HypeAuditor?

Audience Quality Score (AQS) allows advertisers to check influencers before they actually work together.

This is a 1 to 100 metric which consists of three components:

  • Engagement Rate – a percentage of followers that are engaged with the influencer’s content.

Engagement Rate

  • Authentic Engagement – a percentage of real people amongst those who are engaged, determined by AI.

Authentic Engagement

  • Followers Reachability – a percentage of followers who will actually see the influencer’s post on the Instagram feed.

Followers Reachability

AQS helps to understand the overall result of the analysis. This is not always enough to make a decision. At the same time influencers with AQS 100 are most likely to have high-quality audience and bloggers with AQS 20 won’t make a real difference to your sales.

But the AQS is distributed normally so boundary values are rare. That’s why we advise you to study the detailed Auditor report:

    • Followers & Following graphs – accounts that use mass following will show sudden rises on Following graphs. Accounts that increase subscriptions number artificially will show sudden rises and hockey-stick growth on Followers graph.
  • Likes-Comment Ratio – it shows if the blogger gets more likes or more comments. The significant difference from similar accounts might mean that either comments or likes number was increased artificially.
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