How to Work with Tik Tok Influencers

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal is the Founder at eSocMedia. She is a social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

When a social media app gets celebrated, so does all the famous brands and influencers on that platform. As Tik Tok gained popularity, the Tik Tok influencers who were busy amusing users with their engaging videos outshined too. 

There are Tik Tok influencers like Saloni Singh who have more than 10 million Tik Tok followers. These influencers are loved by their followers for the amazing content they post. As Tik Tok is a video-sharing platform, all Tik Tok influencers are video creators. Some of them are home-based influencers where they create Tik Tok videos from their daily lives. Others are travelers, artists, fashionistas, dancers, teachers, or just funny people making exciting content. 

To work with Tik Tok influencers, first, you need to learn about Tik Tok and how the app differs from other social media platforms. You cannot be too promotional on Tik Tok as it’s an app used by Gen Z and they do not like any traditional advertising methods. To promote your brand on Tik Tok, you need to focus on storytelling and competitions. 

Let’s look at some of the popular brands and Tik Tok influencer collaborations. We will also look at some important tips for a brand to start working with Tik Tok influencers.

Examples of Brands and their Tik Tok Influencer Collaborations:


Gymshark is that iconic brand that has mastered influencer marketing on every platform be it Instagram or Tik Tok. With more than a million followers on Tik Tok, Gymshark has not missed the opportunity of partnering with influencers. They started a “66 day” change your life challenge to increase their brand awareness amongst Tik Tok users. 

In the campaign, they partnered with 6 influencers with more than a million followers. The campaign was a huge success and they were able to reach more than 20 million fans and gain more than 120 million views. 

Takeaways from Gymshark influencer campaigns on Tik Tok:

  • Make sure your advertisement is subtle. Let the influencers do what they do best without much focus on advertising.
  • Create a unique hashtag to promote your challenge. As more and more users pick up your challenge, your hashtag begins trending on the platform. 

Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren started a #WinningRL challenge to promote the US Open. In this challenge, users were asked to share the real-life challenges they won in their everyday lives. Ralph Lauren collaborated with Tik Tok influencers to promote the challenge. The #WinningRL picked up really fast and many other Tik Tok users also began participating. 

Takeaways from the Ralph Lauren influencer campaign:

  • Create campaigns that everybody can participate in. Start campaigns that can move beyond Tik Tok influencers and gain popularity amongst common Tik Tok users too.
  • Pick influencers with high followers to reach wider audiences. Ralph Lauren hired influencers with a total following of more than 11 million followers.  


Guess started a #InMyDenim campaign where they asked influencers to go from a mess to best-dress outfits with Guess in the song “I’m a mess”. The campaign got Guess’s newly created Tik Tok account of more than 15,000 followers and 39.1 million views. 

Takeaways from the Guess Influencer Campaign:

  • If you’re launching your brand on Tik Tok, influencer campaigns could be the best way to fast-track your follower growth. 
  • You can incorporate a famous song in your hashtag campaign that would motivate your creators to create more interesting videos. 

Tips to Begin your Ideal Influencer Campaigns on Tik Tok:

  • Analyze Influencer’s Profile to check if it Resonates with your Brand:

One of the most famous Tik Tok influencers, Loren Gray, has more than 35 million followers on Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok profile is filled with videos related to teens, makeup, and fashion. So, if your brand is looking for a fashion influencer, she would be a good fit. You can analyze videos of each influencer before hiring them as your influencer.  Search for influencers from your niche by searching for right hashtags and keywords. 

  • Give Influencer their Creative Freedom:

The influencers have amassed more than a million followers and views because Tik Tok users like their content. The influencers know what works well and would create just that. So, when you collaborate with influencers, don’t give them too many details on how to promote. Give them the gist and let them create their content. 

  • Create Hashtags to Promote Influencer Campaigns:

Most of the major brands create their own hashtags before they begin their influencer campaigns. Creating a hashtag will allow other users to create videos with your hashtags too. This can have a long-term effect even after your influencer campaigns are over in raising brand awareness. 

Final Words:

Influencer marketing is still catching up on Tik Tok and not as popular as on platforms like Instagram. So, it’s the best time to join Tik Tok and start collaborating with the influencers now. Make sure your influencer collaborations are mutual and your influencers are benefitting too from the partnership. It’s also important to track views and likes of each influencer post to know how it performs for your brand. 

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