In-depth Research of Instagram Verification: Does Verification badge Impact Engagement?

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A study of 6.5 million Instagram accounts shows that on average verified Instagram accounts have a 30% higher engagement.

A verified badge is a check sign located next to the name of an Instagram account in search and on the profile. It means that Instagram has confirmed that an account officially belongs to the public figure, celebrity or a global brand.

A verified badge simplifies the process of finding public figures, celebrities or brands. Getting a blue checkmark has become a cherished objective for many influencers and brands.

Verification helps to stand out from the crowd, gives more trust, confirms that the account is real.

Over time, several myths were born around the Instagram blue checkmark:

  • Only accounts with a quality audience and without bots may receive verification;
  • Verification mark increases engagement rate;
  • To get your account verified you should find a person who works in ‘Instagram Verification’ and send him $5-10K in Bitcoin.

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We have analyzed 210,449 influencers’ accounts with the verification mark and would like to share with you our findings.

Only 3.26% of Instagram accounts are verified

We have checked a sample of 6.5 M Instagram accounts that have over 1000 followers. Only 3.26% of them have a verification mark.

Even account with 1K followers can have a verification badge

To better understand the principle of obtaining verification we divided accounts into five Tiers based on the number of followers.

Surprisingly, we found that even a nano-influencer (accounts that have from 1K to 5K followers) may get a verification badge.

For instance, a freelance journalist Peter Yeung have only 1,006 followers and is verified.

In quantitative terms, there are almost as many nano-influencers (10,979) with verification marks as mega-influencers (14,491).

Most verified accounts have from 20K to 100K followers – 77,996 accounts have blue marks.

Every 5th macro-influencer has a verification badge

Among macro-influencers (100K-1M followers) almost every fifth has a verification badge.

73.5% of accounts with over 1M followers are verified

This means that the checkmark is almost automatically received when reaching more than a million users.

32% of verified accounts located in the US

32% of verified accounts are from the US. The chances of getting verification for an account from the US are much higher.

Verified accounts have a 30% higher engagement rate on average

Accounts with verification get a higher engagement rate in all Tiers than accounts without verification.

We don’t know exactly why it happens: it might be that Instagram gives preference to verified accounts, or users have more trust to them and are more willing to interact with their posts, or verified accounts have a higher percentage of quality audience.

Although the official Instagram account @creators denies that there are any benefits in ranking for verified accounts.

The fact is that in some tiers verified accounts get twice as much engagement as accounts without verification.

Over 58% of verified accounts are male

There are more verified male influencers than female.

Only 22% of verified accounts are brands

22% of verified accounts are the ones of brands. More brand accounts are found among nano-influencers (28%), and less among mega-influencers (15%).

If you want to apply for a verified badge you can do it right now. It is free and the detailed procedure is outlined in that article.

Instagram will never request payment for verification or reach out to ask you to confirm your verification.

The portrait of an average verified account

Anyway, you should remember, that you have higher chances to receive a cherished blue mark if you match three requirements:

  • you have over 100K followers
  • you are male
  • you live in the US.

And you have no chances to get a verification mark if you are a cute account with sweet puppy photos, like @puppymemes.

As written in the Instagram Help Centre.

We don’t verify general interest accounts (example: @puppymemes).

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