8 Free Instagram Tools You Should Use in 2020

Sirarpi Sahakyan

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Scheduling your Instagram posts, editing images, going live to Instagram… doing all of these with no tool can be a real headache. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. These 8 free Instagram tools are all you need in 2020. Start using them and all you will need to think of is creating amazing content for your audience. 

Here are the 8 free Instagram marketing tools you will need in 2020.

  1. Caption Writer for Instagram 

Type – Application 

Available on GooglePlay and APP Store

Price – Free. Offers In-App Purchases

If you want your Instagram captions to stand out, you will need to use a tool like Caption Writer for Instagram.


Create beautiful Instagram captions 

  • with line breaks 
  • character count
  • hashtag groups

Think of an outstanding caption for Instagram and once you’re done, copy it straight to Instagram. 

This is one of the best free Instagram tools that will help you grab your followers’ attention. 

2. HashTest

Type – Chrome Extension

Price – Free

Caption Writer for Instagram gives you the opportunity to create and save a group of hashtags. But if you want to know how good your hashtag performs, HashTest is the extension you’d want to check out. It’s another free Instagram tool that will help you grow your following by choosing the best hashtags. 


  • Sort hashtags according to their performance – best, good, bad, useless. Just type the desired hashtags check if it’s the best choice. 
  • Copy best hashtags to clipboard 
  • Copy best hashtags to Twitter

3. Later

Type – Application 

Available on Play Store and App Store, Web App.

Price – Free for Individuals 

Once you created a great caption and chose the best hashtags, it’s time to schedule your posts. Here’s where Later comes to help. 


With the free plan, you can plan your Instagram content in a visual way: 

  1. One profile per platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) 
  2. One Instagram profile, 30 posts 
  3. Upload and schedule posts both on the web and on the mobile app 
  4. Plan and save captions, hashtags and other texts
  5. Upload and store an unlimited number of photos and videos in your Media Library

If you don’t want to use a separate tool for finding hashtags, Later has this feature, too. 

Earlier, you could find scheduler tools with a free plan. But the most famous ones changed their plans to paid only. On the contrary, Later has a free forever plan for individuals

4. YellowDuck 

Type – Web Application

Available on:  Windows, Mac (download from the YellowDuck Homepage)

Price: Free

With the help of YellowDuck, you can go live to Instagram from your computer. The main benefit for you is a more professional live stream with a steady camera. Especially if you need to have your laptop tabs open during the live stream, you’ll need to use YellowDuck.  


  • Go live to Instagram from your laptop 
  • Disable commenting while streaming
  • Save the video to your Story once it’s finished

This is one of the best free Instagram tools that will be handy in 2020. More and more users are getting engaged in live videos. This is your chance to get your audience’s attention.

After you download YellowDuck, make sure to read their Help Center articles relevant to your needs. They will walk you through the installation process and will help you go live easily. 

5. HypeAuditor 

Type – Web Application 

Price – Free + paid plans

Whether you are a business owner, an influencer or an individual, this free Instagram tool will help you analyze your account and a lot more. 


  • Track your account performance
  • Discover Instagram and YouTube influencers
  • Create a list of influencers for your campaign 
  • Get a report of your recent searches, add your comments
  • Track any Instagram account – See followers growth, quality audience size change, Engagement rate dynamics.

HypeAuditor also enables you to compare up to five accounts and download the report as a PDF file. You can also see the list of top 1000 Instagram influencers according to the number of quality followers and their engagement. 

This is one of the best Instagram tools that will help you analyze how engaged your followers are, how many of them are quality followers. 

6. Creator Studio

When you talk about Instagram, it’s impossible not to mention Facebook or its Creator Studio. Earlier, it was available only for Facebook. But since Instagram is now a huge part of all of Facebook, Creator Studio is available for both. 


  • Sort all of your posts by content type, publishing status or unique filters.
  • Get insights from your desktop
  • Monetize your content 
  • Schedule IGTV videos

If you have a Facebook page, using Creator Studio for Instagram will be a piece of cake for you. You don’t have to be an influencer or a business owner to use it. 

It gives you scheduler options but if you want to schedule your posts in a more visual way, Later is a better choice. 

7. Canva 

Type – Web Application 

Price – Free

This is one of the free Instagram tools you might know about. What’s great about Canva, is that you can create images specifically for Instagram, as it has Instagram-size templates. 

Features for Instagram:

  • Create images for your Instagram post 
  • Create animated social media posts
  • Create a logo for your page 
  • Group your photos in a folder

Canva offers a lot more. All you have to do is to find what you need. If the features are not enough for you, switch to Canva Pro. But for basic Instagram image requirements, the features and templates are enough. 

8. SnapWidget 

Type – Web Application 

Price – Free widgets 

Last but not least – SnapWidget is a free Instagram tool you will need in 2020. If you want to display your Instagram photos and videos to your website, SnapWidget is what you will need to use. 


  • Display your Instagram photos and videos on your website
  • Automatically updates new content to your website 

Adding your recent Instagram engagement to your website gives you another opportunity to get followers, engage your target audience and offer the best you have.  

Wrapping it up 

These 8 free Instagram tools will help you get everything done like a pro. Engaging your followers shouldn’t cost you a lot if you want to grow organically. Just create the best Instagram marketing strategy for your business or influencer profile and use these free Instagram tools to get the best out of this social media platform. 

Whatever you do, make sure to provide value to your audience. That’s the best tool and the best marketing strategy you can ever implement.