How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

Anna Komok

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Engagement Rate or ER is a metric that helps you understand how engaged is an influencer’s audience. Low ER indicates that the audience does not like the content. Extremely low ER says that most of the creator’s followers are bots or inactive accounts.

How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate?

In plain language, ER is the likes and comments divided by the follower count. Although it might sound like a duck soup, in reality, you will need to make analysis yourself, post by post. And believe us, nobody got time for that.

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Instagram Engagement Rate Formula

There are two formulas typically used for calculating ER:

Post Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments)/Followers * 100%

For example, the post below has 570,289 likes and 2,856 comments.

Thus, the ER of this post would be (570,289+2,856)/86,280,695 *100% = 0.66%

Where 86,280,695 is the number of followers.

Post engagement rate is a good metric if you want to compare posts, but if you want to compare two influencers, you should use the Average Engagement Rate.

Average Engagement Rate = ((Likes + Comments)/Followers)/Count of Posts* 100%

Firstly, you should determine how many posts you want to include in the Average ER. Usually, it’s 12, but if influencer makes posts very often, e.g. 3 times per day, better analyze all posts for the last 30 days.

Well, let’s look at the same account and calculate the average ER

(2,794,424+410,871+360,196+485,698+147,586+320,658+270,635+354,257+450,235+354,698+264,874+2,896,547) / 86,280,695 / 12 * 100% = 0.88%

Calculating ER takes a lot of time, that’s why we advise using tools like HypeAuditor were you can find ER in a second.

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