YouTube TV vs YouTube Premium

Harshita Agrawal

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You want to upgrade your video experience online but can’t decide if you need to go with YouTube Premium or YouTube TV? Though many people are confused between the two, both are quite separate YouTube services. YouTube TV offers cable-free live TV experience while YouTube Premium offers an ad-free YouTube app. 

Let’s explore the different ways of how these two services differ: 

Product Offerings

YouTube TV: As suggested by the name, YouTube TV is more like a TV service that replaces your traditional TV experience by viewing your TV channels live on YouTube TV. YouTube TV currently streams more than 70 channels.

YouTube Premium: YouTube premium is the premium plan offered to the YouTube app users to watch YouTube videos without ads and to download YouTube videos from the site. It also lets its users play YouTube in the background and grants free access to YouTube music. 

Customer Segment

YouTube TV: The target audience for YouTube TV is viewers looking for alternate ways to watch TV online or on their mobile phones. 

YouTube Premium: The target audience for YouTube Premium are existing YouTube users who spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos online. 

App Usage

YouTube TV: Viewers can watch YouTube TV on Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast-TVs, mobile devices, or more. To access YouTube TV, you need to use the YouTube TV app and cannot watch it with the YouTube app.

YouTube Premium: YouTube premium can be also used on all devices that can play YouTube videos for you. To use a YouTube premium, you just need to sign in to your YouTube app. 

On-demand Videos

YouTube TV: You can watch on-demand videos and shows on YouTube TV. Other than this, you have full access to all YouTube videos and YouTube original videos on YouTube TV.

YouTube Premium: You cannot watch on-demand videos on YouTube. However, YouTube premium users do get access to all YouTube original videos. 

Add more Members to your Account

YouTube TV: The YouTube TV subscription plan includes 6 member accounts wherein 3 members can use the TV at the same time.

YouTube Premium: YouTube Premium allows you to add five other members at an extra charge of $8 per month. 

Content Download

YouTube TV: Allows you to record unlimited shows for up to 9 months on your YouTube TV app. Users can record their shows and watch them on-the-go. 

YouTube Premium: It allows you to download unlimited YouTube videos and YouTube originals on your device. You cannot record live TV shows on YouTube premium. 


YouTube TV:  YouTube TV is available at $49.99 per month. There’s a separate fee for selected premium channels.

YouTube Premium: YouTube Premium is available for $11.99 per month. 

Advertising as a Business

YouTube TV: YouTube TV is a great advertising channel for businesses as it has a masthead ad box at the top that displays ads to all its viewers. YouTube masthead ads are 970 x 250 pixels rich media ads that occupy the top third of the home page thus giving it a phenomenal reach.

Research indicates that YouTube masthead ads have a 10% higher recall than traditional ads. Advertisers can also reach YouTube TV subscribers through traditional channel ads as YouTube TV users cannot skip an ad during live channel streaming. 

YouTube Premium: YouTube Premium is an ad-free platform, hence, it is not a place where businesses can advertise. Any business that wants to reach YouTube viewers can promote ads on YouTube, but they won’t be shown to YouTube premium subscribers. 

To Sum up

You can either subscribe to YouTube TV or YouTube Premium or both. 

When you subscribe to YouTube TV, you get access to over 70 TV channels like CNN, Discovery, sports channels, news channels, and more. You can also use it to watch YouTube videos and originals. 

When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you get access to the ad-free YouTube app along with the options to download YouTube videos, play them in the background, and access YouTube music. But, it does not allow you to access any other channels or live TV shows. 

When you are subscribed to both, you can enjoy ad-free YouTube videos on both YouTube and YouTube TV. 

I hope all the above points have helped you in learning the difference between both YouTube TV and YouTube Premium. If there are queries, you are welcome to share them in the comments below.

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