What TikTok Trends Marketers Need to Know for 2020

TikTok was originated in China in the year 2016. In those days it was known as Douyin. It went international the very next year and became an instant hit among Generation Z. 

TikTok app has a captive audience of over 800 million active users around the world. And each user on an average spends more than an hour on this app. 

Two consecutive years 2018 and 2019 TikTok was the most downloaded app in USA. 

This Lip Sync App is mainly famous among Gen Z all over the world irrespective of what country they live in. TikTok mainly targets generation Z basically teenagers who are below 20 years. Hence marketers simply can’t ignore this app. 

TikTok is very dynamic and rapidly changing marketing platform thus making very hard for marketers to keep pace with it. 

Rise of certain trends on the Internet in last 2 years are going to shape the future of digital marketing. Thus, marketing with an online platforms is rising to new levels. This presents several exciting career opportunities in digital marketing.

As a marketer it is very important to foresee trends that are going to be very popular in coming years. One such trend is marketing through TikTok. I can bet TikTok is going to be even more popular in 2020 than previous years.  

Marketers who are staying abreast with this platform are going to dominate their competitors. 

So how a novice marketer can dominate TikTok? 

The first thing is they got to realize that TikTok has power to turn mediocre artists into stars overnight. He/she has to master the music trends and build a foolproof strategy around TikTok. 

Two important trends for dominating TikTok platform are 

  1. How marketers are going to create viral challenges?
  2. How are they going to leverage TikTok influencers to further their products and services on the internet?   

Let us learn about these two in great details. 

Viral Challenges 

The TikTok content format is users create short videos about themselves featuring popular music in the background. Videos can be sped up or slowed down by editing them. 

Generation Z understands combination of music and comedy very well. They relate to such short videos instantly. 

A viral challenge could be a task containing a popular song in the background. As a marketer you are going to decide what that task and song is going to be. 

The best recommendation would be a viral comedy challenge where you create comedic style prank videos and dance challenges. 

There is no dearth of ideas that can inspire creators to come up with new music videos each time. You have to try your best to make videos very funny and entertaining. 

If marketers are unable to create viral challenges then they can participate in someone else’s challenge to grab more eyeballs. 

Focus on Stories by Creating Episodic Content 

A lot of deliberations go into creating TikTok content. The best format is episodic content where you release videos in series just like episodes of TV soap. Series of videos is much better than a standalone video when it comes to TikTok.     

Episodic content helps followers to stay glued to your channel. Genuine followers eagerly wait and want to know what is going to happen in your next video. 

Unlike other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook where content can be created in silos in TikTok it has to be a series of videos. 

Virals videos are created using this particular strategy where people start a trend and then follow it for days to come. 

Another great reason for creating episodic content is people discover TikTok content mostly through hashtags. And the marketers know hashtags gives a great opportunity to viewers to discover and follow your video series. 

Moreover, attention given to hashtags by the people is further amplified by the TikTok algorithm and shown to more people. 

If marketers are deploying this particular strategy in 2020 than they are going to get amazing results.  

Viewers Engagement with “Behind the Scenes” Videos  

One big difference between TikTok and other social media platforms is the content on TikTok is more rustic and natural rather polished. 

Marketers got to create more the “Behind the Scenes” content because they are very natural and real. Behind the scenes content are more intimate in nature like scenes from the bedroom or your private life. 

Such content has great chances of going viral each time. 

Marketers can take a lead using this strategy and beat their competitors.     

Marketing through TikTok is going to be rustic and less aesthetic than other social media platforms. Also, you can make money with your social profiles with good marketing tactics. This is obviously going to take some pressure off the marketers helping them to lower their marketing standards. 

Influencer Collaboration 

By the end of year 2020 it is estimated that the influencer marketing is expected to reach $10 billion. Marketers are coming to realize the full potential of TikTok influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is already very huge on TikTok. More and more marketers are going to realize this in 2020. 

If marketers leverage the power of influencer marketing then they can easily beat their competition. 

TikTok influencers have their own following of loyal individuals who love to watch their videos. With the help of influence marketing marketers can get their existing followers to promote their channel. You don’t have to do much on your part.    

Marketers can start a viral challenge with influencers and build an audience from the scratch. By using TikTok’s duet chain feature you can create duet videos where you are seen with influencers. You will easily get million of views in a very short time because you are able to tap into the influencer’s fanbase.   

With a great content and right marketing strategy you can go viral in no time. 

On Tiktok every one of you is an influencer. One unique aspect of TikTok is it helps influencers irrespective of their follower base. It means whether you have 500 followers or 50,000 for TikTok both are equal. 

TikTok’s algorithm will help your videos to reach out to thousands of viewers regardless of your fanbase. Here we have noticed that in a matter of days an influencer’s followers can reach up to 100,000 from just 500. 

This is what differentiates TikTok from other social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. 

If you are able to deliver creative content on TikTok each time then you can become an Internet sensation in no time. No other platform can do so.  

If you have a budget then you can also pay influencers for promoting your products and brand. 

Marketers need to realize that the content on the TikTok is going to differentiate between a winner and a loser.  


On TikTok Duets feature can help you in collaborating with other influencers. Here you create videos with them by splitting the screen into two parts.

On the left hand side of the screen you are shown in the video and on right there is an influencer, a celebrity or a stranger. 

Marketers can grab more audience with the help of creating duet content.     

Meme Culture: Importance of Messaging  

Another trend that marketers need to know in 2020 is Meme culture. 

Social media platforms are dominated by all kinds of Memes and if you know all of them originate from TikTok.

Meme culture on TikTok uses a popular song to drive the content forward. 

There are 2 unique aspects of meme culture that every marketer needs to know. 

  1. Relatable Content 
  2. Humorous Content   

Memes attract millions of views instantly as you are shared across all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. You will be featured on the trending page. 

Hence marketers can learn the importance of memes because they are very important and going to grow in 2020. 

Finally I will conclude by saying that companies and brands regardless of what industry they are in are going to leverage TikTok for marketing their products. 

TikTok has taken Generation Z by storm. And marketers can’t afford to overlook this social media platform. 

Marketers who can tap into this demographics through TikTok are going to win big in 2020. 

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