Tips On How To Create A Strong Marketing Video

Duncan Kingori

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It’s very easy to create videos that help in marketing your products or services. These videos serve as relatable, real-life ways of sharing your company’s message with the public, and making potential customers comfortable with your brand. It also reminds about existing clients; why they chose- and should choose you again!

However, you might not have the means to create these videos, and where’s the time to learn how to perfect the art of video editing?  

With that premise in mind, it seems like the only option available to you, is to pay someone lots of dollars (which ought to have been invested into something else) to handle it, or risk producing mediocre videos that send clients away, rather than retain them.

What do influencer marketing companies do, that set them apart from the bunch, without spending thousands of dollars on their video campaigns? Settle in with a bottle of soda and some chips as you take notes away from this post, to help your brand soar with the right tips on creating a strong marketing video.  

Let Your Personality Shine Through

One major issue you’d face while trying to produce a breath-taking video is that you’d discover someone else has already tried something of the sort. It might even discourage to see that the idea you thought was a light bulb- someone else already implemented it 3 years ago! So here’s the key to standing out, even while doing what they have done for several years: be yourself. There are reasons authenticity sells, and that’s because the world is getting tired of how fake people have gotten.

Stop trying so hard to impress potential clients with wordy texts or videos that seem too perfectly memorized, you have to show them your personality through the videos. Therefore some marketing companies are so productive: they showcase their brands by harping on the personalities of the individuals representing those brands.

I’m sure you must have made a purchase simply because you were in love with the brand’s personality; more likely than not, it was because there was a visual representation of the brand which you fell in love with (perhaps a video). If you allow yourself to shine through in video content, you sell yourself to the people who authentically like you!

But Before You Put Yourself in Front of a Camera, be honest…

Are you comfortable on or off camera? Someone who keeps mumbling, or is so shy are more focused on themselves than on the brand they’re trying to sell, just wouldn’t work for a viral marketing video.

You’ve got to exude confidence to the point of comfortability! If you can’t do this, there are some influencer marketing software that can help you achieve this by having someone be the spokesperson for your brand, to project the kind of feel you hope your customers would associate your brand with. Want them to think class when your brand name pops up? Then your video has to exude class. It’s that simple.  

Tell A Story Which Resonates with Viewers

One quick way to grab the attention of viewers or potential clients- and maintain it, of course, is to tell short, precise stories; perhaps about a common problem and then market your brand as the solution to that problem.

This way, you are proposing the solution to a problem, while placing your product before their eyes as well. A story does more than take up time, it helps the listener to see himself or herself in you, in your brand! And that’s pretty sweet.

However, at the end of your story, make sure you tell your viewer what exactly to do. Don’t let your story end without an action point- that’s some dangerous marketing there! You could, in fact, have prepared them to go to your competitors to provide solutions to the problems you rightly identified but didn’t solve! That’d be tragic, wouldn’t it?

Creating a strong marketing video isn’t as hard as it sounds. With the right tips, your videos would stun your viewers, and place you amongst the most growing businesses in the market.

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