Tips on How to Choose the Best Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

Adelina Michelle

Adelina Michelle is a seasoned social media strategist and marketing expert. Aside from her professional experience, she has also found success in raising two kids on her own.

Instagram influencers are now an indispensable part of internet marketing. Statista revealed that as of June 2018, there are more than a billion active Instagram accounts every month. In a time when people are dependent on social media for news, entertainment, and communication, influencers have risen to satisfy the demand for brand awareness through this particular platform.

Of course, influencers have been at the receiving end of criticism too, particularly those directed at fraudulent accounts, follower/comment purchasing, and sensational content. HypeAuditor previously revealed that among UK and US influencers, 30% have a low-quality audience. The numbers are even higher among micro-influencers, as more than 50% of their followers are of low quality. These low-quality audiences are usually from bought likers, commenters, and followers, most of which are dummy accounts made for this particular service. This is why you don’t want just any influencer to market your brand.

If you are looking to tap Instagram influencers for your brand, consider the following tips first.

Analyze the influencer’s engagements and insights

Analyze the influencer’s audience engagement, as this is usually the best way to check the influencer’s authenticity. Aside from verifying their numbers, data analysis also helps when creating a marketing plan. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the influencer as well as their target demographic is necessary for coming up with an appropriate marketing framework. HypeAuditor’s audience quality and engagement analytics tools are helpful for this purpose.

Invest in social listening

The best Instagram influencer for your brand is the one who is the most relevant to your product and services. And to determine the perfect candidates, you need to invest in social listening. Social listening is the process of finding who among the influencers are already fans of your brand. It also involves knowing the people followed by your current fans. This matches your brand’s image and your target audience. Once you have already created a solid social media portrait, the next step is to look for the best influencer that fits the bill.

Determine the influencer’s technical skills

The truth is that anyone with a decent camera and a good-looking face can become a social media influencer today. Some even compensate if they lack in the looks department with a great sense of humor or a charming personality. These are social skills, and not all Instagram influencers are gifted with them.

But while a pretty face may be enough to attract followers, remember that social media communication is not just a numbers game. It takes more than likes and engagement to successfully market a brand because it also requires technical skills. In fact, advanced web design and campaign crisis management were specified by Maryville University as critical components in mastering social media communications. Without the necessary know-how, it would be difficult to maximize a platform, much less develop a brand.

When choosing the best Instagram influencer for your brand, maintain a holistic perspective. If you’re a tech brand, consider how tech-savvy the influencer is or how important tech is to their personal brand. Get in touch with the candidate, and ask about previous campaign projects if there are any. How was the influencer able to deal with setbacks? If the person is relatively new in the business, enquire about how they handle problems in general. These are important factors that could impact the success of the collaboration.

In the end, looking for the best Instagram influencer is more like a job interview. Getting the most suitable candidate requires a lot of effort from both ends right from the very beginning.

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