State of Instagram Influencer Marketing in Kazakhstan

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There were 10 325 000 Instagram users in Kazakhstan in September 2020, which accounted for 54.5% of its entire population.

Instagram was launched in 2010 and rapidly gained its popularity.
With its 1 billion monthly active users (June 2018) Instagram becomes not only one of the leading social networks but also the most important platform for Influencer Marketing.

In this report, we will provide you with the most current Instagram influencers insights and benchmarks and give a data-driven look into the state of Instagram in Kazakhstan.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of Kazakhstan influencers are Micro-influencers with 5K – 20K followers (54.5%).
  • Core Instagram influencers in Kazakhstan are women aged between 18 and 24 years old (38.1%)
  • The most popular Category in Kazakhstan is Beauty, 12.65% of Instagram influencers in Kazakhstan post in Beauty category.
  • Core Instagram audience in Kazakhstan are women aged between 18 and 34 years old (57.49%).
  • The average engagement of Kazakhstan influencers is much lower than the worldwide average.
  • Macro influencers can earn up to $600 per one post.
  • The most influential creator in Kazakhstan is Yerbolat Zhanabylov, his account @zhanabylov_e has 6.2M followers.

Instagram influencer Landscape in Kazakhstan

We break down influencers into five main influencer tiers by the number of Instagram followers

Mega-influencers & Celebrities (over 1M followers)
they often have a very mixed audience with various topics of interest.
Their relationships with them are more distant compared to other groups
of influencers. They have the biggest reach but the lowest trust.

Macro-influencers (100K – 1M followers)
they are famous in a local community, you can think of them as a “mini-celebrity.” Their content is usually high-quality and is comprised of a certain passion or topic.

Micro (5K-20K followers) and Mid-tier influencers (20K-100K followers)
they have more niche audience that is highly engaged with the deeper connection. Micro-influencers present in almost any sector: health and fitness, food, entrepreneurship, fashion, and beauty to name just a few prominent categories.

Nano-influencers (1K-5K followers)
They are regular consumers who are passionate and willing to share, but have little influence.

Distribution of influencers by Tiers

For this report we have analyzed 30 998 Instagram accounts from Kazakhstan.
The number of Macro and Mega-influencers is limited. There are only few Kazakhstan Mega-influencers with over 1 million followers.
The majority of Kazakhstan influencers are Micro-influencers (54.5%).

Who are these influencers?

Core influencers in Kazakhstan are women aged between 18 and 24 years old (38.1%). The highest ammount of men occurs within people aged 25 to 34 – 14.4%.

Distribution of Influencers by Categories

12.65% of Instagram influencers in Kazakhstan post in the category Beauty. It is the most popular Category in Kazakhstan.

Influencer’s audience in Kazakhstan

Core Instagram audience in Kazakhstan are women aged between 18 and 34 years old (57.49%). The number of male audience is limited and amounts to only 27.55%.

Instagram Engagement Rate

For many marketers engagement is the most important metric and a popular KPI of brand awareness. But what exactly does it mean?

What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate or ER is a commonly used benchmark of success on Instagram as it can determine if an influencer is connecting with their audience.

Highly engaged content with many likes and comments often stand a better chance of organically appearing on an Instagram feed.

Average Instagram Engagement Rate by Tiers in Kazakhstan

Nano-influencers have stronger connections with their audience thus, their ER is higher. On the chart below you can see that nano-influencers have the highest ER (3.54%).

It is also worth noting that the average engagement of Kazakhstan influencers is much lower than the worldwide average. Users in Kazakhstan are less engaged in influencers’ content.

Average interactions per post by Tiers in Kazakhstan

Compare the number of likes and comments between influencers with the similar followers number. Pay attention to Likes to Comments Ratio, this metric indicates how strongly influencer’s followers are involved in a dialogue.

Unusual to observe that nano-influencers receive more likes and comments on average than micro-influencers.

How much do influencers earn in Kazakhstan?

Influencers reward for a post or story depends on many factors, such as creator’s niche, engagement rate, content production cost and so on.
In the graph above we provide market average prices in USA dollars for a post, but you must remember that there are always exceptions.

The price does not include the production of complex content, exclusive rights and other extras that brands often inсlude in a contract with an influencer.

Top 10 Kazakhstan Instagram influencers by number of followers

We have analyzed thousands of creators and ranked them by number of followers.
According to our ranking as of October 2020 the most influential creator in Kazakhstan is Yerbolat Zhanabylov.

Yerbolat Zhanabylov is instagram influencer and a vlogger.
He started his Instagram account in 2015 and now he is the most followed instagram influencer in Kazakhstan.
His main content is family lifestyle. relationship with his wife, walks, travel, raising a son.
It is worth noting that his entire family is on Instagram. Wife Elmira Tolegenova takes 5th place in our rating with 5.41M followers and his 4 year old son account enon4ik is definitely in the top 100 accounts with 1.9M followers.

1. @zhanabylov_e

Followers: 6.2M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: no brand mentions in last 90 days

2. @erke_esmahan

Followers: 5.56M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @alhadaya_karazere, @bork_com,,

3. @sekavines

Followers: 5.47M
Engagement Rate:
Brands:, @shaurma.fastfood

4. @kair_n

Followers: 5.42M
Engagement Rate:
Brands:, @vitrage_domovoy, @auzt_kz,, @adelfi_furniture

5. @elt6i

Followers: 5.41M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: no brand mentions in last 90 days

6. @super.mamasita

Followers: 5.08M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @sofiteldubaipalm , @davidwalker_kz, @rixoswaterworldaktau, @cafe_anderson_kz, @almaty_smile_vision, @luxury_beachwear

7. @asha_matai

Followers: 4.43M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @broshkz, @sass.almaty, @kurak_asyl_mura

8. @bayanmaxatkyzy

Followers: 4.36M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @samal_water, @apple, @bork_com,, @burberry, @kazynagold, @maisonvalentino

9. @sadvakasovamadina

Followers: 3.92M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @kazuniontouroperator, @reima, @orchestrakz

10. @aidanamedenova_officialpage

Followers: 3.74M
Engagement Rate:
Brands: @nivea_kz, @pudra_kz,, @emizkz, @fitness.care_kz


The report uses data from a wide variety of sources, including market research agencies, internet, and social media companies, news media, and our internal analysis.
We have collected and aggregated open data from a variety of sources: social platforms, catalogs, websites, crowdsourcing, and many more. After that, we processed the data by anonymizing, sorting and structuring, cleaning and removing any irregularities, and enriching the data.
Then we transformed the data into intelligent estimations by using best-in-class estimation and machine learning algorithms developed by our team of leading data scientists and influencer marketing experts.

About HypeAuditor

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HypeAuditor applies machine learning to determine behavioral patterns and identify fake followers and engagement on influencer accounts. It presents users with a breakdown of demographic data for an influencer’s audience and brings benchmarks for each metric for influencers with a similar number of followers.

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