New Features in HypeAuditor

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to improve HypeAuditor. Check out our new features and let us know if you have questions and suggestions →

Enhanced geo definition

Now Auditor shows 5 countries instead of just 3.

Instagram Followers Demography in HypeAuditor

If an influencer’s audience lives in the US, Auditor will show you a breakdown by states.

Instagram Followers Demography in HypeAuditor

And now HypeAuditor also shows cities, where influencer’s followers live.

Instagram Followers Demography in HypeAuditor

This feature allows you to make a better targeting if you advertise a local brand or service. For instance, a barber shop in New York. If you find an influencer from NY that is not a guarantee that the influencer’s followers also live in NY.

Alexandra is a micro-influencer based in New York.

But her followers live in Madrid, Valencia and other cities in Spain.

Instagram Followers Demography in HypeAuditor


Some countries and big cities are multilingual. So now Auditor shows the languages of an influencer’s followers.

Instagram Followers Demography in HypeAuditor

Followers Growth

Now you can see how an influencer grows their followers and detect if they had suspicious followers boosts. Organic followers growth looks like this:

Instagram followers grouth graph

If you see that graph rapidly goes up, you should carefully study the influencer’s posts. There are 4 main reasons, why the graph could rocket:

  • Influencer started a giveaway
  • Influencer had a shoutout from another influencer with a lot of followers
  • Influencer started to promote their post using Instagram Ads
  • Influencer boosted followers number artificially with bots.

Let’s look at this graph:

Instagram followers grouth graph

You can see a quick rise of followers. The reason is a giveaway.

On the next graph, the rise more likely is due to fake followers, because we didn’t find any giveaways or shoutouts on the account.

Instagram followers grouth graph

Following Growth

Following growth, graph helps to identify whether the influencer uses the automatic mass following to grow their audience.

Normal growth — slow rises and small drops.

Instagram followings grouth graph
Instagram followings grouth graph

Suspicious growth — rocket rises and drops.

Instagram followings grouth graph